The Second Step of Leo – Self vs. Not-self

Leo 2: An epidemic of mumps

mumpsJust an observation – when you go into the 2, everyone’€™s a joker and no one’™s getting the jokes. So be careful, playfulness can be met with offense taken. The jokes that come at you may feel offensive. We are still a little red around the gills from yesterday.  The anger under the skin can still erupt. It’€™s still super hot but we’™re starting to get some control over the situation.

Look back at the earlier 2’s. The qualities are both funny-ness and oppositional-ness (polarity). The problem with opposition in Leo is that the ego is bigger here.  The keywords are fiery spirit; split consciousness; action; resistance; emotional divide; tension; polarity; efficiency; making distinctions; insight; independence; upraising for increased consciousness; and purity of intention. Let’s look at the symbol with regard to this.

Here I see that an “epidemic” is a higher order of more than just a few cases. There may need to be separation (2) between whose who are dis-eased and the ones who are well. The sickness could be a matter of no longer being at one with the self. Mumps are a big red bump – from Mars to the Sun (the decanate ruler of the middle degrees of Aries and Two is Aries 13 – 24). There was apoplexy yesterday; today we have something more systemic but still understood to be temporary. Back when the symbol was intuited, mumps were a more serious situation than now-a-days. So, there is lots of excitement in keeping separation and you get the sense of contagion and spreading, which could be symbolic of a sense that the fire is out of control.

Consider sickness as a symbol. We are all separate from our whole self. We can only be a perspective at a time, not all the perspectives at once. But we know all the perspectives.   We might have a big red mump on us which is definitely not-self. We probably have jokers all around us. A sense of humor is in order. Yet Leo 3 will come to the rescue tomorrow, as it pulls back in, relating to late Aries degrees and early Taurus as it were. Keep drinking water. The moon is now in late Pisces and out of network (VOC) from 3:07 – 8:34 a.m. ET on Sunday morning. You might want to rest up from too much activity. Quiet creativity would be a good outlet for the harsher and dry fire energy of new Leo.

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A Rowdy, Fiery Spot for a Day


Leo 1: A Case of Apoplexy

OK, let’s say all the emotional energy from last month has turned inward (as would be expected for super negativity/femininity of Cancer). What would normally happen next? As it gets more and more compacted (basically we have a black hole here) – perhaps something like an explosion! And it creates…the Super Galaxy! The Sun! That Which Comes From Nothing (uh…right)! The Amazing…..SELF! Hello, Ego.

From Wikipedia

“Apoplexy (from Ancient Greek ἀποπληξία, meaning “a striking away”) is bleeding within internal organs and the accompanying symptoms. The term formerly referred to what is now called a stroke;[1] nowadays, health care professionals typically specify the type of apoplexy, such as cerebral, ovarian and pituitary apoplexy.

Informally, apoplexy is associated with being furious, especially as “apoplectic””

I pulled up a write-up for this degree written back in 2012. It was all about personal anger. I think it is the #1 most noticeable manifestation of the day. Is it a coincidence that being apoplectic is associated with being furious and that Leo 1 is an Aries degree, associated with Mars and aggressive assertion (Click here to see the other Sabian symbols associated with the first degree). It can be self-righteously angry, along with Leo 2. Remember that when the symbols were intuited, Elsie Wheeler (the psychic) did not know what sign and degree (month/day) it was associated with.  So, it’s weirdly coincidental, but once you understand how to define the degrees by correlating them with the zodiacal circle, you’ll see the symbols are eerily synchronistic with the energy they align with.

See if you observe or feel the anger or fiery excitement today. And what does it have to do with the self? Besides coming from a place of both fire and the depth of emotional human pain from last month, the certainty that results from righteous fury establishes the sense of self (with all its identities), as well as what makes our self different from other selves.

Leo is a fixed sign, even though it is fire (thus, of the spiritual nature). There’s a passion at the 7 o’clock point (where Leo stands, in the whole year), a rising up from the bottom, and expressing all that personal development that was done since the Spring equinox.  Now, the emotional stickiness that Cancer nursed should start to loosen up. By Wednesday or Thursday, you will begin to see the self that is radiating more confidence, ready to have fun and move forward.

How the day’s energy affects you is really based on who you are, of course. It’s a hot and fiery one. Drink extra water. The moon is in Pisces so it’s a good time to dream and imagine how your creativity and self-expression will play out through the rest of the year.

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