#sabiansymbols Cancer 10 – Moon-OON until 5:12 a.m. ET

Moon OON (ET) and Sabian symbols this week:


Wednesday 7/1
Cancer 10: “A large diamond not completely carved.”
(OON until 5:12 a.m.) ->Moon in Cappie
FULL MOON – 10:20 p.m. ET

OK, so it’s full at the 10rh degree this month. That is fitting, since the 10th degree correlates with Cancer. Depending on if you are the mother or the child, you will experience the energy differently. In any case, you might experience a focus on mother/child dependencies, emotions, psychology, feelings, nurturing and caring for the other person. You might be seeing how the way you nurture another is more how you would want it yourself, and try to figure out how to get what you want on a need-fulfillment level. You might be seeing the needs of the self or the other better. For yourself, to improve the whole cycle, bring in comfort when it is needed; the Holy Spirit concept. Develop a foundation of trust through having compassion for who you are and the nature of your emotions. See yourself broader.


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#sabiansymbols Cancer 9 and Today’s Moon/OON (Moon void of course #voidofcourse)

Moon OON (ET) and Sabian symbols this week:


Tuesday 6/30
Cancer 9:”A tiny nude miss reaching in the water for a fish.”
Moon in Sag.
Moon-OON 2:19 p.m. -> Wednesday at 5:12 a.m.

Similar to yesterday, there’s a little more of a sense of oppositional pull since the emotional nature makes itself known even more powerfully, when the moon in Cappie exercises its drama of duality. We start to feel the influence of the full moon now. It can bring in a big “aha!” due to the opposition that has the benefit of being able to see the other clearly (the more clear you are about yourself).


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#sabiansymbols Cancer 8

Cancer 8: “Rabbits dressed in clothes and on parade:”
Moon in Sag

Combine these two (sun and the moon) and you get the “shy” part (your inner soft belly?) of you being seen in oversight. Now is the time when your subconscious is revealed. It is up to you to choose judgment or acceptance. When you remember all things that expressed are blessed, you can gain an appreciation for the way the vulnerable aspects of you show themselves, in order for you to know this point of yourself better.


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Weekly Thoughts, #sabiansymbols and Moon-OONs (#VOC)

Self-Knowing on Two Levels

Knowing the self has two levels of knowing. The first is to know who you, as a personality are. What makes you up? Let’s say there are 360 points and you are mainly focused on x number of them. When thinking just about the personality, most people use a limited number of points (not being even remotely aquainted with the concept of these points). Yet they encounter them in other people and in the experiences that they have during the day.

So there is nothing that is really unknown. There are quite a few points that we chose to disassociate ourselves with, and there are points that we are truly ignorant of. Yet there is nothing that exists outside of being able to be defined as part of the whole. Astrology, and even moreso Sunology, thinks that knowing this – which points are emphasized or encountered, or which facets of yourself relate to what general aspects of living – is very helpful and relevant to one’s life. How am I different from others? How does my self’s drama play out? What will be the patterns of my future? All this is very helpful to know.

But the second level – getting to know the whole cycle, or even pondering this idea, is key to spiritual expansion and right use of your own energy. Do you want to develop the personality or the soul in this life? There’s no right answer (unless you said both, haha), as this is also a personal choice and probably pre-ordained. In any case, knowing the higher level of the self (since we all are everything) is another level to understanding. In Cancer, it seems to occur through recognizing that sentience is of huge value to all the levels of the self (inner and outer).

What better way to learn the whole cycle than to walk through it consciously? Yes, we are in Cancer, at the very bottom of the cycle. How do we feel? The closer we are to movement into enlightenment/realization/love, perhaps the deeper and more profound the feelings are, and the more we give deep meaning to things. Perhaps you are at the ocean or beach and you can smell, taste, hear, see, feel, even meld inn and intuit the beach all around you. You are immersed. That is what the bottom of Cancer feels like – hit by waves in the face, sometimes.

Moon OON (ET) and Sabian symbols this week:

Monday 6/29
Cancer 8: “Rabbits dressed in clothes and on parade:”
Moon in Sag

Combine these two (sun and the moon) and you get the “shy” part (your inner soft belly?) of you being seen in oversight. Now is the time when your subconscious is revealed. It is up to you to choose judgment or acceptance. When you remember all things that expressed are blessed, you can gain an appreciation for the way the vulnerable aspects of you show themselves, in order for you to know this point of yourself better.


Tuesday 6/30
Cancer 9:”A tiny nude miss reaching in the water for a fish.”
Moon in Sag.
Moon-OON 2:19 p.m. -> Wednesday at 5:12 a.m.

Similar to yesterday, there’s a little more of a sense of oppositional pull since the emotional nature makes itself known even more powerfully, when the moon in Cappie exercises its drama of duality. We start to feel the influence of the full moon now. It can bring in a big “aha!” due to the opposition that has the benefit of being able to see the other clearly (the more clear you are about yourself).

Wednesday 7/1
Cancer 10: “A large diamond not completely carved.”
(OON until 5:12 a.m.) ->Moon in Cappie
FULL MOON – 10:20 p.m. ET

OK, so it’s full at the 10rh degree this month. That is fitting, since the 10th degree correlates with Cancer. Depending on if you are the mother or the child, you will experience the energy differently. In any case, you might experience a focus on mother/child dependencies, emotions, psychology, feelings, nurturing and caring for the other person. You might be seeing how the way you nurture another is more how you would want it yourself, and try to figure out how to get what you want on a need-fulfillment level. You might be seeing the needs of the self or the other better. For yourself, to improve the whole cycle, bring in comfort when it is needed; the Holy Spirit concept. Develop a foundation of trust through having compassion for who you are and the nature of your emotions. See yourself broader.

Thursday, 7/2
Cancer 11, “A clown making grimaces.”
Moon in Cappie

The 11th degree gets us above the emotional focus of the last few days. We still might be over-focused on the past and what we had to go through. The symbol indicates we’re out of the depths but we still want to play like we’re sad. The Cancer perspective is wrapped up in psychology and the blaming of the feminine (source) typically. When enlightened, it is the divine feminine that cares beyond any other expression.

The moon late in Capricorn makes a nice placement for executive organization today. And it makes you more responsible. Remember the moon is the actual way you have things happen to you. When the moon is in Capricorn, remember how important it is, even in the potentially selfish time, to be responsible in a higher sense. Hard work pays off. Karma is real. Also, throughout the week, the moon in Cappie is the best thing we’ve got going if you are the practical type.

Friday , 7/3
Cancer 12, “A Chinese woman nursing a baby with a message.”
Moon-OON from 6:38 a.m. – 8:21 a.m.
Then moon in Aquarius

OK, things get loud regarding how we are feeling here. We might just say whatever we feel like. Or the other person might unload their feelings onto you. To be your self is a good way today, and the way the sun would take everyday, but especially today because it is the sun’s day. The moon is over it all at this point and unpredictability (in terms of what happens) reigns.

If you really want to be sunny today, blend these energies of strong self and being a step beyond the duality of the mind. A good day for the belief in what is in the Akashic records. Follow your intuition and love every choice you make. Plan something nice for the middle of July.

Saturday, 7/4
Cancer 13, “One hand slightly flexed with a very prominent thumb.”
Moon in Aquarius

The sun advances us another day and we finally see the reason for this silly cycle (whatever has been working since the solstice) in the first place. The 13 reveals the meaning at last. Whatever your focus is on will show itself for the purpose that it brings. Not only that, but you’ll get a clearer picture of what the “many within the one” is all about. Things are advanced enough now in both cycles and there is a place where ponderment and mediation are encouraged. There are lots of thought forms waiting like little gifts for you to unpack.

One more thing….

Mercury is still in Gemini. Use this to your benefit. Write, think, create. Stay out of the feelings depths unless it is helping you. The heart developed by finding meaning is an excellent approach to take through Cancer. A heart developed through the depths of the negative side of duality is pain and not necessary (although frequently utilized by spiritual seekers).

What is necessary sometimes is to undergo the challenges that are endured when immersed in the emotions, to refine the love nature to be more balanced. Once you have established the foundation of the self, there is little you can do with that side of yourself besides accept it, love it, and use it to nurture others and yourself.

Notice where Cancer is in your chart. This is where the sun is shining. Do you naturally get emotional when the sun is at the bottom of the yearly cycle? Well, yes, women in particular may suffer. Keeping your eye on the Sabian symbol allows you to see another or even a higher way to express the energy of the day.

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Day 4: A cat arguing with a mouse

Cancer 4: A cat arguing with a mouse.

 What themes reveal themselves at the 4th day in the cycle? Previous symbols include the ground-breaking Aries expression: “Two lovers strolling through a secluded walk”€ and Taurus’s “€œThe rainbow’™s pot of gold.” It is the day that honors simple and basic partnership, as well as the practical and grounded implications of such partnership. I’ve also noticed that at 4, the earthiness is expressed in some way, but there is still a fair amount of magical thinking around the matter. Keywords for 4 are basic interaction with the other and other Taurus ideas: going slowly; balance; what’s fair (the four-year-old’s, “It’s not fair!”); giving and taking; basic needs met; desire; values; safety; deliberation; steadiness; cooperative focus; concentration; insularity; integration; determination; sharing; inward-focus.

Looking at Cancer, I hope you are seeing how new ideas around meaning and emotion are revealed. Cancer wants to talk about feelings. Remember the keywords for this monthly cycle: Thought left behind in favor of feeling; psychology; loyalty; soulfulness and sensitivity; finding meaning in the things that have been building since the beginning of the yearly cycle (March 20th); worry; flow; prana; breath; paradox; the subconscious; moods; womb; security; mothering/family; domesticity; femininity.

Now, the way to interpret this symbol is by blending 4-ness with Cancer-ness to get the cat and mouse arguing. From a Taurus perspective, the cat is probably explaining the facts of life.  Now that you know to correlate the zodiacal circle to 30-steps to get the meaning of the degree, use the Sabians to further suss out the meaning behind blending the energies.

Source: Sunsignsunology

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Cancer 3: A man all bundled up in fur leading a shaggy deer

Cancer 3, “A man all bundled up in fur leading a shaggy deer.”

Haha funny one. Well, you know by now that 3  is a good number, being a connecting influence, at a basic phase in the earliest part of the cycle. Who would have thought of a shaggy deer at the start of summer?

The early numbers are packed with meaning because each point within the series (in this case, 3 points) needs to contain so many concepts. So, at the 3, the keywords are: ideas; spirit; reflection; shift to a physical orientation from a spiritual one or vice versus; passions-silence-reality; nature; beauty; stylization; concretization; growth-orientation; good fortune and luck; identity expression; stepping up; identity revealed.

We can spot that “œas above, so below”€ feel in the reflection of the fur to the shaggy deer. There also seems to be a more natural or physically-oriented feel to this symbol, the man, the animal, the fur. As unusual an image as it seems, we can approach it like a dream and might also see how it symbolizes being separate from that animal nature within ourselves, and with it being led, this shows having some control over it, when in truth it may actually be more powerful than we are and if it turns against us, it could be trouble. “Shaggy”€ is a soft word, though, and at this point, we can really see the movement into a very grounded orientation.

There is one more thing I like to direct people€™’s attention to and that is the double letters in words. I fee they are indicative of the zero-point, or that place in-between, which is life and love itself. In many of the symbols that are associated with breaking points, you’ll see the words with double letters, for example, shaggy deer.

A change comes in at this point in the cycle. Cancer manifests. Just like 1 and 2 (yesterday and the day before) were passionate Aries days and only hinted at the new energy that comes in at this time of the year, 3 is the breaking point into a much more feminine, or holding, expression. Plus we are new in Cancer, which scrapes along the bottom of the cycle (look at your clock).  Things deepen, things have more meaning now, you may even find yourself enjoying that little downturn and yielding into it. It’s a kind of negativity. It can feel good to pull back and slow down. Of course, there is little choice to slow down a little, what with leading a shaggy deer.

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Day 2: A man suspended over a vast level place

Cancer 2, “A man suspended over a vast level place.”

Keep setting caring and kind intentions to set up your month cycle properly. We are at the 2nd step (of 30 days) in this 4th monthly cycle. Looking back at previous Sun Number 2 days (March 21st and April 20th) helps you to understand this “2” energy better. The previous symbols are:

 Aries (March): A comedian entertaining a group

Taurus (April): An electrical storm

Gemini (May): Santa Claus filling stockings furtively

 The keywords are: Mid-Aries day: fiery spirit; split consciousness; action; resistance; emotional divide; tension; polarity; efficiency; making distinctions; insight; independence; upraising for increased consciousness; and purity of intention.

Notice how the keywords are manifestations or expressions of the same source energy. So, these things should the same feel and have something in common.

Look at the other ‘œ2’€ symbols. There is polarity/duality in all four of these. The comedian vs. the group, the poles of positive and negative physical forces in the electrical storm, the “good” and “naughty” that are linked to dear old Santa, along with the lifted consciousness evidenced in today’s symbol. Not only is there separation apparent in today’s symbol, but notice that the man is above the situation. In the “me vs. everything else”€ scenario, we typically do hold ourselves separate and special or lifted, compared to everything else.  But I think the symbol is also trying to point out the objectivity that continues to persist as we experience another Aries day (even though Cancer’s nature is subjective). Notice also the word “suspended” and the implication of being held by something. We know not what but what is obvious is that the man is above in observation and experience.

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Day 1: A furled and an unfurled flag displayed from a vessel

Cancer 1: €œA furled and an unfurled flag displayed from a vessel.

 This symbol has to do with the most fundamental Cancer issues, which are loyalties and meaning. There is a water reference in the background. It shows the intersection between thought and the emotional alignment that results from the thought. The vessel is in the water, of course. The water symbolism is typically associated with other water ideas such as boats (vessels), souls (sensitivities) and the types of vessels that contain water -“ feminine expressions, including mother. So, here is a water reference to remind us we are in a feminine water sign. Check.

Additionally, there seems to be a reference in all the “1”€ symbols (so far) to coming from water, The first degree is the early Aries degree. Recall how Aries is the first light, the spark of consciousness. This spark is like the smallest atom of life that makes up the fabric of the universe. From it manifests/is created all things. Before it is the vast primordial mix.

Cycle 1 (Aries Cycle, March 20 -“ April 19): “€œA woman rises out of water, a seal rises and embraces her.”

Cycle 2 (Taurus Cycle): “A clear mountain stream.”

Cycle 3 (Gemini Cycle): “€A glass bottom boat in still water.”

The water is a reference to the source (Pisces/Aries or Alpha/Omega) from which this point came. As early as the 3rd degree, you’ll see a sense of identification with this source and thus, reflection and creation are born.

 The Cancer 1 symbol also includes the flag, signifying patriotism or emotional excitement or assertiveness. It also hints at how Cancer is associated with meaningfulness. No need to get sappy yet. The real, personal emotion is yet to come a little later in the Cancer cycle. We are still at the first step in this 30 day cycle. This point of consciousness is the place in the cycle where the deep personal emotional foundation is honored from an objective perspective. It is early yet. Thus, there is no right answer. The devotions can go one way or the other but the point is, they will go one way or the other.

Still, it is a rather unromantic symbol.  Perhaps this is to highlight the objectivity of the Sabians and to show that in our new consciousness, we are able to see that there is neither good nor bad – things just are. In this case, this is the point in the cycle where the reality of loyalties exists. The difference is not which loyalty is displayed so much as whether the inevitable loyalty is revealed or not. Once you’ve hit the ground, duality is inevitable and pure source is split.

Any thoughts to add on this one?


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Happy Summer Solstice – and This Week’s Report

Let us get a general idea of where we are in the year, month, and day, and then read below for the Sabian symbols and moon-OON.

Summer Solstice (the Year)

Today is the Summer Solstice, which means that the placement of the sun in the sky, in terms of a whole year is on one of the “angles.” If you break the year into four pieces and start at 3:00 (for the Spring equinox), then the Summer and Winter solstices are at the bottom (6:00) and the top of the clock (12:00), respectively. This solar position of being on one of the angles commonly is understood to be a position of significance. I think it is because the real-life translation of the symbolism is comparable to going over a bridge, of sorts, to get from one energy to the next. It is in that in-between place that creation is realized and the answers to mysteries lie.

Cancer (the Month)

We are also at the beginning of a new astrological month. The Sun moves from Gemini to Cancer, a water sign. Obviously, due to what I’ve said about the clock,  Cancer is at the deepest point of the development of the entire cycle (6:00 on the clock). Cancer is a water sign, which means it is one of three signs which are related to emotions. There are actually a couple of signs that are more intense (the other two water signs) but Cancer is early-intense, which is more about the personal emotions, the foundation of personality, the meaning we give to things (usually based on where we’ve come from). Thus Cancer is also about the mother and the past, the womb, the source from which we come in terms of our deeper natures. There can be some self-pity here and some over-focus on the self, but that is only when and if the personal emotions overtake things of a higher nature (which is just about everything else).

Cancer is a feminine sign, so those of us that become moody and maudlin must protect our sensitivities by drinking a lot of water and liquids and staying very hydrated. Oils are also good at this time. Praying and going inward are advised, if there comes a time when you think you might start over-reacting emotionally in public. Take caution against personal stress with occasional baths.

The Day

This is also a day of an “angle” – due to being at the beginning of the new sign, at 3:00 on the clock. This placement is so new, we aren’t even quite sure what it is going to look like yet. It’s a nice time to hold lifted silence. So, the symbolism is, now is the time to set the intention – the intention that we will live in a consciousness that values meaning over data and with regard to others, we recognize that the individual’s emotional well-being sets up the entire cycle for success throughout the cycle. So, we nurture the emotional states of ourselves and of others, for the good of the whole.

Let’s quickly look at this week’s Moon Out of Network (void of course) and Sabian symbols….

Here are the Moon-OONs: – all times are ET

Today: 12:09 p.m. – 12:59 p.m. (moon from Leo to Virgo)

Wednesday 1:13 a.m. – 1:41 a.m. (moon from Virgo to Libra)

Thursday 7:33 p.m. – Friday 1:57 p.m. (moon from Libra to Scorpio)

Here are the Sabian symbols for the week:

Today (Sunday, June 21): Cancer 1: A furled and unfurled flag displayed from a vessel

New cycle. Setting up allegiances. Don’t get overly involved in the drama. It’s too early yet to know the real meaning. Moon’s in Virgo (after 1 p.m. ET). Take care of your health. Set the intention to nurture your own and others’ emotions this year. Stay busy at home today.

Monday: Cancer 2: A man suspended over a vast level place

Now the men are split from the boys. Realize that although there may only appear to be yourself and the other what-ever-it-is-you’re-observing, there is also the third place, the place in-between, and dwell in there if the drama seems stressful. Virgo moon, stay focused on your work.

Tuesday: Cancer 3: A man all bundled up in fur leading a shaggy deer

Third day is a lucky day, when things appear. There’s a clear reflection of what was started on Sunday – see if you can see it. Notice in this symbol, the reflection of the man and the deer. He’s all bundled, the deer is shaggy. And there’s a leading, so there’s a kind of pet, or an extension of the self – the life the self creates through its life.

It’s also the final day of the Virgo moon. Keep pushing for your health, work and service. This will be the best day of the week to get things done!

Wednesday: Cancer 4: A cat arguing with a mouse

Sure enough – the 4 is about conflicting needs at a very basic level. Whereas in Aries, the 4 was “two lovers on a secluded walk,” now we have the cat and mouse arguing. This is what would be obvious between Aries and Cancer, as those two signs are in angles to one another, which creates tension. It’s deeper than that but I’m just trying to get you started. Moon in Libra, yep. Between Cancer 4 and a Libra moon, better watch out today. Someone will probably want to start something with you. Remember to try to meet the needs of the other (and yourself if possible).

Thursday Cancer 5  An auto wrecked by a train

The 5 can suffer so try to be in the higher place, seeing a greater wholeness. Be like the wise owl in the tree. Look all around you. Remember how fortunate you are and give freely of yourself to others. I also say this because the moon is getting later in Libra. See yourself in another and offer nurturance where appropriate.

Friday Cancer 6: Game birds feathering their nest

The nest is the home, the place that Cancer symbolizes. Today’s creative nature is revealed in the instinctual (factual) matter of the actual need to soften and become vulnerable in order to create the things of ourselves. Here we create a safe and soft place for that which we birth. Moon’s in Scorpio. Observe yourself feeling your way through the day, and appreciating your sensitive side.

Saturday Cancer 7: Two fairies on a moonlit night

Here is the best day if the week for relating. The moon is in Scorpio so there can still be some push and pull within yourself or with someone else –but try to move into it and address its deeper meaning.  Try to see how well you can multi-task today. It’s actually been a great week for getting things done, if you were able to keep above the fray and challenges that are sure to appear now that we are at the bottom of the cycle.

I hope you have a wonderful week and that you check back here or subscribe for the next installment!


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You Can Get Your Look-Sees of the Day Here :-) #sun30

Thirty’s Holistic Look-Sees
Aries: A duck pond and its brood
Taurus: A peacock parading on an ancient lawn
Gemini: Bathing beauties
Cancer: A daughter of the American Revolution
Leo: An unsealed letter
Virgo: A false call unheard in attention to immediate service
Libra: Three mounds of knowledge on a philosopher’€™s head
Scorpio: A Halloween jester
Sagittarius: The Pope
Capricorn: A secret business conference
Aquarius: The field of Ardath in bloom
Pisces: The Great Stone Face
The Way of the Day: Gemini 30: Bathing Beauties
Day 30 represents the perspective of everything and the nothing – the summation of all the points, the vast understanding, the elusive “it”€ -“ what we are trying to grasp, how Heaven can exist -€“ and, based on the symbols, the ultimate expression of the human being, which is to create an amazing reality based on your focus and expression of  ideal self. One thing about all the symbols is that they are pictures of “œisness.”
It is a day of mirrors where any point can be expressed and reflected back to you as the truth. Even better, there is a lot of love or a sense of life and creativity in the day. The secret of the day is to realize that the perspective that you focus upon is your choice and determined by how you interact with the world. What is your attention drawn to? The theme of the day is silence and God-connection. You may not get a lot done. We are in a place that feels limbo-like. All points are incorporated and you realize that wholeness is no splits, thus silence and nothing.
Words for the 30th Day
Piscean Day, June 20; Key words: connection with “œsource”; introspection; the release of that which defines the identity; emptiness/nothingness; martyr-type of release; identity issues; fanciful escape; unaware of time; ambiguity; death; solitude; dreaming; fantasy; compassion; faith; devotion; sensitivity; acceptance; surrender; wisdom; music; art; watery flow; pauses and spaces; endings; connection with source.
Let’™s Look at the Symbols: Gemini 30: Bathing Beauties
Notice the grounded beauty that shows again in the Gemini symbol. How they have so much to say in the observation of them, and who are they? Without the words as an expression, they can actually be much more beautiful. Once they start to talk….well, here is Gemini -€“ the superficial beauty. The perspective here is beauty for the sake of showing others, and of course, the implication and innuendo of sun – wholeness. Consider the worship of the sun, here at the bottom of the big yearly cycle. Notice on the clock, we are at the 6 and this is very deep. We will actually descend even deeper as the days move forward – for the next 8 days. Enjoy this release of the things you love in order to find a deeper sense of fullness. This is of course, as feminine image, depicting a scene of reflection and quietude-€“ the depths of the bowl on the clock . A Piscean number, and a reference to water -€“ presumably they are also near the water.
Here is the write-up from the book if you were born on the 30th day of any of the month cycles and even more so if your birthday was near the Summer Solstice:
Thought barely exists here, and you are not known for this characteristic. You pull in tightly and bear a still mind. Self-conscious, many of your thoughts stem from ruminations on your image, your personal growth and how you portray yourself. You see your mental connection with others as mostly fantasy; €”they have their thoughts and you have yours. Positive aspects are musing, stillness and tongue-in-cheek control. You enjoy the beauty around you and love peace and quiet of the mind. With acceptance of your differences, which are clearly seen in contrast to others (especially in matters of self-image), you realize the truth of yourself as God’s perfect creation. Beneath every superficial experience lies a deeper meaning and it is this surface that is a reflection of what lies beneath.
A Quick Lesson
There are a lot of theories for everything. None of them are the absolute truth because they all take a perspective. It is the same with Sunology. It is a perspective. I am aware of that. It was one of the biggest hurdles to overcome –€“ investing myself into something that is split from all that is. In this case, I am perceived as being separate from science, and science having no place for Sunology. Maybe I am separate from religion, as well.  Yet Sunology has a place for science and religion. In this blog, spirituality is the all the points (2-ness) along with the whole (one-ness), ultimately expressing as love and acceptance (trinity, or 3-ness).
As far as I have experienced, everyone who reaches the end of their life is ultimately about love. Why worry that others are not love when the goal and purpose and grandest expression is about being all the pieces of the whole and then realizing this is what God as love is?
The Mini-Cycle and the Friendly Planet
The energy of 30 is shaped by an emotionally transformative power (thanks to the friendly planet, Pluto), the impact of the summarizing of all previous points, and the effect of moving into the zero-point, which holds the silence of living in the “œnow.”€ This point has a vast amount of spiritual/enlightenment potential (think: the center before the big bang). We are at the end, thus spilling us into the new beginning. Thirty ultimately realizes that only the moment exists and that staying in the present is the key to enlightened connection. Wholeness comes upon realizing that the present expression is the totality of what you are and of what can be in that place of presence. Life is a series of created moments, and where the focus is placed is what is and shapes what will come to be.


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Day 29: The first mockingbird in Spring

29 Symbols:

 Aries: A celestial choir singing

Taurus:  Two cobblers working at a table

Gemini:  The first mockingbird in spring

Cancer:  A muse weighing twins

Leo:  A mermaid

Virgo: A man is gaining secret knowledge from a paper he
is reading

Libra: Humanity seeking to bridge the span of knowledge

Scorpio: An Indian squaw pleading to the chief for the lives of her children

Sagittarius: A fat boy mowing the lawn

Capricorn:  A woman reading tea leaves

Aquarius: Butterfly emerging from chrysalis

Pisces: A prism

Since the Spring equinox, can you now feel a kind of deepening to the year? We are in the foundation-establishing phase of the year.  Think back to March 20th. Something started and you did’n€™t even know it. It was in the ethers. Perhaps many new things started and ended, in many different life categories -€“ the way you feel, the things you think, your actual, manifested experiences, the people that are coming into your life. What is going on now?

The sun is very late in the Gemini cycle today -€“ at the 29th degree. Sunday is the Solstice. That is a special day of the year, because if you are look at the 360 degree circle, the sun is posited at the bottom. Thus is depth. But the strangeness comes in the fact that there is, simultaneously, in a cycle one wheel smaller, the sense of new start, as we are just coming out of the heights of an upbeat and masculine energy (Gemini) and there was a new moon this week. This brings an aspect of lifted-ness -€“ a time when interesting, fun and exciting things happen. So dichotomy is the norm anytime, but is more pronounced (and can thus be appreciated) at certain times, like now.

 So we have highs, lows, and also the “€œzero-point” energy. From both the Solstice and the new moon comes something new and deep.  It has to do with the deepest part of you, how you feel and how you give meaning to things.  Gemini was active but somewhat superficial comparatively. Pay attention to the whole of communication – things you say and what others say to you. These will clue you in on what is important to you and will help you guide yourself in the areas needed for your best expression.

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Just the Facts, Jack

The Way of the Day: Gemini: A man trimming palms

 Twenty-five’€™s Upright Citizens

  • Aries: A double promise
  • Taurus: A large well-kept public park
  • Gemini: A man trimming palms
  • Cancer: A dark shadow or mantle thrown suddenly over the right shoulder
  • Leo: A large camel crossing the desert
  • Virgo: Flag at half-mast
  • Libra: Information in the symbol of an autumn leaf
  • Scorpio: An X-ray
  • Sagittarius: A chubby boy on a hobbyhorse
  • Capricorn: An Oriental rug dealer
  • Aquarius: A butterfly with the right wing more perfectly formed
  • Pisces: A purging of the priesthood

Twenty-Five is similar to, but more flexible and advanced than yesterday’s 24. It is known for being responsible, hard-working and focused on setting and following the rules. There is an understanding and containment of the prior 24 concepts that results in traditionalism and conservatism. This is the ultimate position for fatherly authority. This is a good number for a policeman! Still not too far past the peak of the cycle, there continues to be a clinging to what has been earned and a particular focus on things (and people) and their maintenance. Plus there can be negativity to all that which is “€œnot”€ 25 -€“ i.e. this number can represent a high point of judgment that still may not remember that one is coming from their own perspective, which can be disciplined, narrow and restrictive. It is all based on practicality and what’€™s best but surely that’€™s not all there is, right? Here is the final complete embracing of the physical world, with a focus on cultivating nature, as well as constraining to fit and honor proper societal behavior.

 Words for the 25th Day

 Capricorn type of day, June 16, maintaining excellence or superiority as one’s purpose; prudence; work and career-oriented; common-sensibility; integrity; business; veracity; trustworthy; equanimity; discernment; judicious; responsible; cynical; withholding; rule-based; honorable; respectable, realization that differing truths can co-exist, setting and following rules, boundaries; a sense for things being relative to their situation, maturity, wisdom, discipline.

 Let’™s Look at the Symbols: Gemini A man trimming palms

 No longer afraid of falling – we are now conscious of falling and determined to make the best of it. We’ll start by getting rid of that which we do not need. It could be a quiet day, punctuated by a hush. A little experience goes a long way.

Herein, the perspective of the focus is in the smart mind that takes responsibility seriously. Obviously, there is pre-thought and creating a cause instead of being the victim to an effect. Fresh off the top of the cycle and wise enough to allow the fall and encourage its placement and the fate of where it lands – this is a more mature and really grown-up energy, yet similar and playing off the 24 (“Children skating on ice”). Danger lurking yet typically averted, discipline is good. Yet, at the same time, there is a sense of being both high up and falling (the palms to the ground). Or said another way, letting go while knowing what is important – following through on established priorities.

 This day is the one that tells us we can see from the heights and yet accept the falling as a sort of inevitable truth – something you know even before there is a reason why. Notice we are talking about a natural thing – trees, palms, growth. The fronds interest me and remind me of a large open hand – the other palm. Hands do slip in here, although the real use of hands is focused on in Virgo. Here, think of extra-sensory tentacles reaching out to get more information. So far, everything makes sense. Science can prove all of it. In this perspective, the mental body sees from the heights, has a sense of purpose and strives for balance and preciseness. Everything is so perfect! How do we know what perfect is? How do we know the ideal if it does not exist? The cycle forms it and then demonstrates it and then names it. There’€™s an approach that broaches communications slowly and carefully. There’€™s also a cutting away of the nonessentials in life and a development of a belief in the basics from a higher point of view. It is this point that is a little blind to the  “Relationship” mini-cycle points, as well as the points where Identity is valued. Things are seen from above, looking down.

It is funny how Father’™s Day is around the peak of the Gemini cycle. I would think since Gemini is communications, that would call for more lectures!  The numbers that are all paternalistic are 21 – 26. Obviously, there are many different kinds of fathers. The 25 is the finest.

 The Quick Lesson

 This day validates that it is possible to express the very best of the day through yourself and leave  the rest of it behind – the negative aspects of the day as well as the part of your personality that doesn’€™t benefit you. You value the qualities of your own perspective, of course.  We all do. And I understand, you’re tired of learning the energies without any self-gratification involved. Not exactly the 25 way of being, more like the 11 or 12, – €œjust tell me already! –  lazy and selfish, haha – but nevertheless a valid perspective. Once you have discovered and actualized yourself,€“ what is there left for you to do?

Try this to realize your highest calling. Run your chart. Can you find your sun number? Do you know your birth time? If so, notice the top of the chart. Look at the points in your chart that represent the 25 as a broad swath of degrees that span the top of your personal chart. What signs and degrees span the top of your chart? Any planets up there? Study the symbols for those degrees. Did you learn anything? No? OK, call me.

 The Mini-Cycle and the Friendly Planet

The 25th step is an ultra-conservative, practical, and late placement, and the final step of the “Wisdom” mini-cycle. It is at the most sophisticated point for awareness of societal decree and paradigm. Do you see how the points can exemplify the best of something while excluding or opposing something else? That’€™s the nature of splitting wholeness. Even the best, most sophisticated and complete step is still not the whole enchilada. Yet this is a very good step indeed.

Mature for being late in the cycle, father-like for being at the top of the cycle. Associated with the structure of society and government and being the penultimate of the cycle -€“ still on earth, not actually no longer existing as that first sense of falling might have implied – in fact, stronger than ever. It controls what is kept and what is released instead of feeling like the released itself (as 24 can). Well, the mind (Gemini) is expansive even in the earth numbers. Twenty-Five’s friendly planet, Mercury, thinks sensibly and follows it up with service and reliability. I hope that man gets down off his ladder and takes a look at the whole picture. Things will look much better in the long run if he does!


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Let Go and Feel the Flow

Today’s Sabian Symbol: Gemini: Children skating on ice

Twenty-four’€™s Falling Figures

  • Aries: An open window and a net curtain blowing into a cornucopia
  • Taurus: A mounted Indian with scalp locks
  • Gemini: Children skating on ice
  • Cancer: A woman and two men on a bit of sunlit land facing south
  • Leo: An untidy, unkempt man
  • Virgo: Mary and her white lamb
  • Libra: A third wing on the left side of a butterfly
  • Scorpio: Crowds coming down the mountain to listen to one man
  • Sagittarius: A bluebird standing at the door of the house
  • Capricorn: A woman entering a convent
  • Aquarius: A man turning his back on his passion and teaching from experience
  • Pisces: Tiny inhabited island

Just past the top of the cycle, today’s perspective is holding, sophisticated and earthy. Believe me, it is grown-up here! Note, below in the keywords, that 24 is associated with Capricorn, the last of the three earth signs. There is a fear of falling, like in Taurus, but less threatening, too, as it grows into itself. I suppose at this point, there is a realization of being young/old and all the things that can be done with this knowledge. Implied in much of the 24 symbols is the idea of structure within freedom and vice versus.

The foundational consciousness of 24 is very aware of the apparent chaos and order of the physical world and when tapped into this energy, uses its free will to effect concrete manifestation. The main challenge that this perspective deals with how it gets bound up with the expression of the sign in which it is placed (this month it is Gemini, as you know by now). For example, because Gemini is an air sign,  we might expect to see communication being held back or re-expressed as flow instead. There many forms of communication and the children demonstrate this. We know now that Gemini is two -€“ or more –  at once – twins – and unpredictable unless you understand that all these different perspectives exist. Sunology seeks to define and order these different perspectives. Is the world organized or mixed up? Soon, science will come into the picture.

This symbol reminds us there is such a thing as young at heart. Communication is early in the cycle. Whereas communication is beginning to set a foundation, the meaning you give to your communication is more important than the communication itself. Are you doing the right thing? Are you in balance and on the path? You can expect few troubles. After all, the physical world is built to bind you up a bit and could lead to a fall. Wholeness is found today by being conscious of, and true to, societal values, working hard and grounding in a stable and reliable system that respects all members of society and their requests, as well as honoring the boundaries of the communication. People want to see “€œresponsible”€ today. Also, remember that judgment (finding proper balance in a too broad way, applying your perspective to others) is a tendency this late in the cycle, and is best carefully exercised.

Words for the 24th Day

Capricorn type of day, June 15: insularity; a structure within a construct; conservative; objectivity; restriction; safeguarding; conservation; need for control; boundaries; edgy testing with paybacks; tradition; pleasure in finding justification; holding on to what you have gained.

 Let’€™s Look at the Symbols: Gemini 24: Children skating on ice

One of the primary perspectives of Gemini is about wind in the face – observing and experiencing that which comes at us. Whether it is our own thoughts or the thoughts of others (perhaps made manifest as things or personalities), we choose what to internalize and how it effects us. The wind symbolizes the air, so when there is anything to do with wind, air, airplanes – all of these symbolize the mental body. This perspective has both breadth and a careful nature, conscious that going too fast is risky. There is a ever-so-slight removal from the emotions, aware that the ice could break, as well, and we could fall into the emotions.  Twenty-four stays on the path for best success. Fear may very well have to do with saying a wrong word or having a thought that can unbalance a precarious situation. See if you notice people keeping silent over risking a fall. Perhaps you keep silent, concentrating carefully to ensure the wrong word isn’t said.

In the Taurus 24 symbol and here in Gemini, there is threat. I think it is as a result of falling out of the cycle. So the Indian threatened and the children are a bit threatened -€“ or maybe it is just the idea, “€œwhat will happen next?”

Ice is frozen water, check. Water = emotions/meaning. We are above it, still, and at the present moment, are staying there. The water comes in the next 30-day cycle, and then we’ll be down in it. June/July is the bottom of the cycle and this is Cancer in astrological terms. Cancer represents the deepest sense of meaning and feeling from the most personal sense. This aligns with what we would normally think of as the bottom of the cycle, or “œhitting bottom.”€ Not in an addiction sort of way, necessarily, although I have seen it happen with Cancer, but in a way of emotionally releasing and complete hopelessness. In any case, we’ll talk about Cancer when we get there. In the meantime, the symbol is about what is opposite that (since it is a Capricorn number and Cancer is opposite Capricorn like 12 is opposite 6 on the clock) No, you don’™t get it? Look at the clock. The small hand is the month and the big hand is on the day. Top/bottom.  When the energy dominates in a person’€™s personality, it can be dark -€“ the seamy underbelly of the person’€™s deepest subconscious. If that is the true Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised. Anyway, we are lifted above it today and please enjoy the flight of fancy that can come with responsible liberation.

The Quick Lesson

Sunology explains a new time, a new awareness of a different kind of time -€“ 30 days, which we already have, but based on the sun’s movement By becoming aware of this cycle, you add an additional layer of “three-ness”€ onto your reality, bringing good luck and growth on all levels.

 The Mini-Cycle and the Friendly Planet

It might be difficult to understand how Uranus factors in when the friendly planets are Saturn and Venus. It would seem there would be conservatism and there is, for most of the signs. But Gemini is different and that is because of an influence that comes from being late in Gemini, the decanate of which is ruled by Uranus. Suffice it to say that this gives it a bit of unpredictability. The placement of the number at the top of the cycle means holding tightly to maintain what has been earned, resulting in strongly expressing the energy of the sign in which it is placed in a way that is bound up. 

[1] Signs are split into 3 parts, each being 10 degrees, and, the ruler is based on the rulers of the other signs in the same element. Thus in Gemini, Gemini 1 – 10 is ruled by Mercury. Gemini 11 – 20 is ruled by Libra’s ruler, Venus. Gemini 21 – 30 is ruled by the ruler of Aquarius, Uranus.

Source: Sunsignsunology

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Listen Up to the Great Words of Wisdom

 The Way of the Day: Gemini: Meeting of a literary society
Twenty-three’s Public Pronouncements
Aries: A woman in pastel colors carrying a heavy and valuable but veiled load
Gemini: Three fledglings in a nest high in a tree
Cancer: Meeting of a literary society
Leo: A horseback rider
Virgo: An animal trainer
Libra: Chanticleer
Scorpio: A bunny metamorphosed into a fairy
Sagittarius: Immigrants entering
Capricorn: Two awards for bravery in war
Aquarius: A big bear sitting down and waving all its paws
Pisces: Spiritist phenomena
This is the peak of the sign, so watch for communication and interaction to come to a head. This is a perspective at which we can have a real push-pull between what we relate to as the “€œtop”€ of ourselves (the identity?) with the top, outside ourselves (your father, your boss, God, a corporation, religion, the general public, etc.). Listen to your self-talk. Is there an authority that you have a passionate disagreement with? Do you see this as one of the ethical kind? It is still all talk here. There are two sides. And if you drill it down, each side has its fifteen different reasons that it’s side is right. “€œYou”€ are going to be playing one of them. The other one may be something within yourself, someone, something, some experience. There is combativeness, in a way that is discoursed.
Yesterday, Stephen commented about not really feeling the 22. Yet he was coming across a bit like it -€“ the same as me, a little masterful, complex, and interwoven. Twenty-two-ish. It’s special but overdone. Remind me to tell you about Sagittarius 30 sometime! Now we really are at the peak of the cycle. See the clock.
So, having finally reached the peak of the cycle, the 23rd day is at the top of the game and shining brightly. The 23 is a triple mix of energies. The first is a highly self-confident, passionate and fiery energy that is similar to a heightened 22 (loving philosophy and religion of all natures). Then there’s a break. This second is a blank space between the first and the third – something unfathomable, a quiet place of light silence and connection with the zero-point of breaks, rests and emptiness. The third is this authority figure I keep talking about. It’€™s strict, confined. It comes out of the expansiveness that was built at the end of the Sagittarius energy. That got very heady and convinced of the viewpoint. Again! Haha. OK, God, the Father, even. The Sun at her finest of the month.
I know you’ve been waiting for my grand prediction today. Here it is. Gemini will be noticed. It’€™s called incessant chattering. I can do it the best. And I was worried. I lost my document, see. So, I had very little to start out with. The page is rapidly filled.
Words for the 23rd Day
June 14, Sagittarius/Capricorn day: Observe your world for evidence of Gemini products, with all their steadfastness and earthiness. Things that show messages or communication or thought or curiosity, setting value or worth, knowing what your values are, enjoying, indulging, spending. Think determination, grounded-ness. At the peak of the cycle, the themes are full development; a constructive approach; control over the lower selves; at the top in society; the next step up; peaking; absolute responsibility; the issue of the sign (Gemini) coming to a head; public orientation; discipline; maintaining balance; structure; status, organization, father.
Let’€™s Look at the Symbols: Gemini 23: Meeting of a literary society
Note the dryness of the appearance of the words. Are we bored yet? From the outside looking in, it appears abstract, dispassionate and objective. However, if you were to attend this, you would find deeply-held impassioned truths based on personal beliefs and experiences under the surface. Fortunately perhaps, zealous and passionate communication about your beliefs still express more conservatively and composed than they are felt. Tapping in and explaining the self broadly may interest and expand others, pigeon-holing your point of view much more specifically. At this Sun Number, we can all be at the top of our mental game but if the emotions are ignored, there could be an uprising of the under-belly. It’s still mental here. There’€™s a meeting. It is probably open to the public. You’ve got the philosophers here, grounding down and making the rules. What’€™s good, what’€™s not. Enter the judge at this point as well.
You might look at the sign for some clue about whether this is an out-breath or an in-breath but if the sign is rather androgynous, like Gemini is (since it’s early and yet only pre-formed at this point), then it could be both. And indeed, you could as easily have women as men at the meeting.  There starts an out-breath (the expansive, openness of the meeting), and then an in-breath – sitting and listening to others. Reading. Having opinions, a way to put this creative energy (of the mental, reading and thinking, talking)  to work. Out-breath again. Perhaps the mid-point is the in-breath instead of the resting point. And again, another cycle is suggested within that resting point.
The early part of Capricorn (23) is so pure. It can be purely self-righteous taking control over the situation, based on what has been built as the ultimate truth. Because we are in an early Spring month (June), we find we can see that there are many more levels, unending cycles of meaning that can be applied within a story or the symbol of an experience. In the Taurus symbol (“A jewelry shop”€), it is no coincidence that we are talking about the subtle difference between rocks and jewels. The shop is the implication of selling, or setting a value. Thanks to Taurus being a physically-oriented (literal) , the symbol is spot-on. We are still connected to this previous energy. In fact, we are busy making it even more real by establishing a name for it, which separates it from its wholeness again, another step away from what felt so complete. We give further identity to its already formed-ness. Later on, as this energy is developed more and more, repeatedly revisited month after month, we will see that wholeness comes from having faith in something beyond the self, even while that self is at its peak. See how the top of the cycle is God – a point of above-ness, yet still not ‘wholeness?’ This very fact causes many many problems on earth with ideal vs. reality. Wait and see!
The Quick Lesson
Whereas the degree or day I am describing is a perspective or approach that is formed, that doesn’€™t necessarily mean you are going to adopt the attitude consciously. More than likely, in your consciousness of it, you will encounter it. If you realize that others may see you as it (depending on your relationship)., you may want to act accordingly. Be the sun!
OK, forget trying to memorize the signs. It was simple but you probably blew it. We will memorize the months. Oh, you already know them. OK, good. Here’s how it is laid out:
Fire (Spirit)
Earth (Physical)
Air (Mental)
Water (Emotional)
Sunology uses astrology to help explain the meaning of the months. Astrology is pretty good at laying out the progress of points along a progression. It is a tool that, at its foundation, simply strives to define the 12 different monthly cycles in a year. It has evolved into something for the Kardashian-mindset of world- entertainment oriented and lacking in “€œtrue”€ value. Yet its display of basic order and the planetary assignments ring true. Also, the Sabian symbols came in with relationship to astrological sign and degree. These are reasons that astrology is used in Sunology. As strange as it may seem, Sunology marries the natural order depicted in astrology with the most fundamental concept in Christianity, the trinity, but that is a different topic for a different day.
The Mini-Cycle and the Friendly Planet
The friendly planets are the Sun (the same as yesterday), which symbolizes a creative, outgoing and ardent nature, and Saturn, which then confines and constricts this fiery energy to result in an archetype of societal status, duty and perceived success. There’s a “looking up” to the 23 naturally – ”it is at the top of the cycle and is in the middle of the “€œWisdom” mini-cycle. The mid-point energy makes beliefs into a reality. Here is a reference to the middle man between words of full truth, and realizing it’€™s not possible – shutting down, reconsidering, thinking, organizing.
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Get Your 30-Day Cycle Here Now

The Way of the Day: Gemini 22: “A barn dance” Gemini 22

Twenty-two’s (Almost) Top Terriers

  • Aries: The gate to the garden of desire
  • Taurus: White dove over troubled water
  • Gemini: A barn dance
  • Cancer: A woman awaiting a sailboat
  • Leo: A carrier pigeon
  • Virgo: A royal coat of arms
  • Libra: A child giving birth to drink at a fountain
  • Scorpio: Hunters starting out for ducks (ambition/drive)
  • Sagittarius: A Chinese laundry
  • Capricorn: A general accepting defeat gracefully
  • Aquarius: A rug placed on a floor for children to play
  • Pisces: A man bringing down the new law from Mount Sinai.

Grab your partner and dance! Is this symbol telling us that today is about getting above it all or what?  It’s early in the yearly cycle to understand how “above it all”€ plays out in real life but hold yourself at the Twenty-second degree to align yourself with Sun’™s position today. You’ll find your perspective is elevated. The whole mood is lifted above. Whether you yourself join the day is free will. That is the choice. It is easier than you think!

Very well-placed in the cycle, today’s perspective is almost to the top of the chart, just prior to peaking. Having worked up a fervor around systems of beliefs at the 21, we’re now at the place of spiritual seeker (a sort of funny opposite in relationship to the 21, when the beliefs were so strong there is no use in seeking. By the 22, the 21 perspective alone is not enough to fill the void that naturally lives in all of us, due to not being able to be all perspectives at all times – or even in a trinity consciousness! Trinity consciousness is much easier than oneness consciousness, resulting in a mastership of a philosophical nature. All the needs are met when a philosophical outlook is taken. Think about the active engagement of unity/trinity consciousness and being above it.

It’€™s at this point that one can see over the top of the cycle all the way to the end, if one were only to look. Doing so is what takes us from religion to spirituality.

Remember that where the sun is in the cycle does not represent events that you experience, so much as an overarching “œfeel”€ or sense -€“ the creative movement of the day. I believe, and reflect this in my Sunology practice (a kind of meditation or focus), that when my attention is directed to the sun (with more intent than normal), additional creativity and joy result. Perhaps this is because it distracts my attention away from duality, which exists whether I think about it or not (and less if I don’t, of course). To reduce bad duality, solutions happen when you shine a light, not as the mind jogs around the hamster wheel. A bit more than a barn dance but comparable if you are interested and able to follow what I am saying in its complexities and inter-weavings.

I touched the water from the Spring when it flowed into my glass this morning and had a Helen Keller moment when I realized that what I say about €œwater,€ in terms of the feel of the energy of such, can be applied to actual liquids, to understand them as a symbol better, or to understand the spiritual nature of the physical presence of such whatever thing. It was a 22 moment that happened as the sun is at 22.

Words for the 22nd Day

 June 12, Sagittarian Day; travel; general mastery; a light spirit; unity consciousness; the imminent finding of what is being sought; sophistication; overview; giving a structure to higher understanding; philosophical approach to dealing with the clash of duality within your sun sign; connection with others through establishing a philosophy that rises above duality; strategy; truth-seeking and finding; fiery intention for a higher purpose; a positive and expansive approach. Being at the top yet not being so high up that you break into falling. See the clock.


Let’s Look at the Symbols: Gemini 22: A barn dance

The one thing I’€™ve missed all these years about a barn dance is that there is a caller. Hello Gemini! Today there is a lot of fun and an upbeat duality. We’re in a very bright time in the cycle and should be enjoying it, yea! If not, it i€™s because you a€™re believing the illusion that all of life joins to convince us that duality exists. Notice the numbers -€“ 2 and 2. Two twos. Tutus. It’s all good here when you know the trinity. Look at the symbol and think about the height and mastery of being at the top of the cycle, the chattiness of communication and the benefit of organization. Pairs – polarities playing. Duos and a variety of dances. Love expressed between. So, duality can be good and higher up and fun but only through understanding or experience of the whole with unending faith.


The Quick Lesson

Oh, happy day! Mars and the Sun rule the day so pay attention double-wise. Today the shining perspective, all around you, yours to see, all for you, all about you, is what I call Sun Number Twenty-two, which means the sun is at the 22nd degree in its sign. And this blog is going to define that perspective. It is going to be described in general terms – what it would look like any month –  and then in more specific terms -€“ what it looks like in this month, on this day. There’€™s a specific symbol for every day (and a systematic methodology) that  guides the defining. What you do with this is up to you although I make several suggestions throughout the blog. My intention is to teach you the whole 30-step cycle so you can experience the cycles and your interactions with them for yourself. 

You have to read to learn Sunology at this point. There’s a lot to it. Training is required. I suspect you also need to come from a particular perspective – perhaps the 17, 18, or 27, or 28, but that is out of your control until you learn the cycle. Many people are able to juggle many perspectives, so more than likely, you already have that.

Do you want the benefits of Sunology without learning the cycle? Then the benefits would not be as great, of course. Sunology is about you knowing the cycle, not me reading your chart and telling you where you are in the cycle. You’re ultimately the master of you.

The Mini-Cycle and the Friendly Planet

We’€™re at the 2nd step of the “Wisdom” mini-cycle. Here is a place of assertive beliefs and wanting to make those beliefs more concrete. However, 22 is close to the top but not quite there (and not correlated with a practical earth sign)  so frustration and anticipation is part of the package, if your perspective does not yield to this perspective. Mars is Twenty-Two’€™s “friendly planet,” and this factor contributes to the outgoing, driven, and positive energy that is expressed. There is wholeness in this point that comes from thinking the right thought (and reaping the eventual rewards) based on the philosophies that have been created. The understanding of truth is a blessing that gives back to you.


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Passion to Live By

The Way of the Day: Gemini 21: A labor demonstration

 Twenty-one’™s Taunting Telltales

 Aries: A pugilist entering the ring

Taurus: A finger pointing in an open book

Gemini: A labor demonstration

Cancer: A prima donna singing

Leo: Chickens intoxicated

Virgo: A girl’s basketball team

Libra: A crowd upon the beach

Scorpio: A soldier derelict in duty

Sagittarius: A child and a dog with borrowed eyeglasses

Capricorn: A relay race

Aquarius: A woman disappointed and disillusioned

Pisces: A little white lamb, a child and a Chinese servant

When you go from a 20 day to a 21 day, there is a considerable shift from tactical to strategic.  Whereas 20 is sensitive and emotional, 21 is fiery and passionate. This carries forth in the next couple days, at which point we peak and then begin to release to the end of the cycle. If a movement from personal death to transpersonal life sounds familiar (think religion), there should be no surprise, as 21 is now the place that philosophy and religion are emphasized. We are getting above it.

 Words for the 21st Day

Fire day, June 11; Philosophy; strategy; boyish frustrations; pointed concentration; structured belief in God through religion; heights and breadth; distancing due to a higher perspective; competition; establishment of a construct; mental endeavors; higher education; travel; fanciful mind trips; expansion; feisty and fiery; passion around ideas.

 Let’™s Look at the Symbols: Gemini 21: A labor demonstration

 You can imagine the anger here -€“ and lots of duality consciousness about how to be in a higher, better place. Arguments and debates and trying to get to upper management, which comes at the 23rd step. Taking Heaven by storm, as it were. Notice the Aries symbol, the aggression of the pugilist. Yet it is not personal – the pugilist has transcended (yet best blend) the personal issues and now it is about the “truth.” You see the same in this symbol.

 It’s easy to see the connection that this symbol has to do with being the Twenty-first step, once you know what that means. Check out the keywords. Compare and contrast. It’s a very pointed point. There is looking up to the higher, which also represents the father or the authority. Or management. (note: I don’t even feel like doing this one; it is so easy.) The 21 is close to the top but not the top.

 I feel compelled and persistent about laying things out and explaining the points (see below). In addition to the things I said yesterday, Twenty is also about cycle (the mental image of needing to eat and then what happens, etc.) and today I feel a real drive to explain the cycle as a whole – for the first time -€“ even though I am not all the way through it. Due to the end of the personal cycle yesterday, there is a sense that the whole cycle has ended. But it really has not even yet culminated. Jabbing, like the pugilist; telling my story, like the demonstrators. I might even feel a little desperate. Will “they” (the father, the boss, the public – whatever we think of as “€œabove”€ us) ever get it? The lowly little single perspective – making rules for the world and having had all this experience and still appealing to a higher authority.

The Quick Lesson


Gemini makes it relatively simple to see the relationship of the symbols to the sign and degree definitions. As yesterday, the symbol is the dry, manifested depiction (a factual kind of expression) being the basis for the concept of the mental body. The Aries symbol gives  the essence of the perspective so it is a little hidden. It could be “€œthe word,”€ or God’€™s consciousness -€“ that comes from the previous cycle (Taurus symbol) does manifest but isn’€™t named yet. In Gemini, we name it. It’€™s dry. Like yesterday’™s cafeteria food. In Cancer we’™ll get the (deeper) meaning when the feeling follows the mental gyrations.

Why does the emotional come after mental and is this always true? Look at the clock. The top is a high place, the bottom of the clock is a low place. We’™ll agree on this, since I will use the premise a way to demonstrate something. Cancer’€™s placement is at the bottom of the clock (6 o’clock, the on the clock (the bottom). At that point, there is depth and there is a quiet point between the very bottom and its lift upwards. The movement downward is into the bottom and it could be understood as the last part of 7 and the first part of 8. The movement upward is the second part of 8 and the first part of 9. The actual depths are 8, and that is the figure-8 like interplay between is the place between thought and feeling. You will see better,when we are in Cancer, but you might have noticed this at the Eighth step, which is the correlation of the intersection of Gemini and Cancer in the day.

The Mini-Cycle and the Friendly Planet

In Sunology, there’s a sense of play between the poles. There are two days forward, a quiet in-between, and two steps back. Those are the days. You’ve also got the masculine and feminine signs in action with one another, so it’€™s one sign (the masculine, for example, Aries) forward and one sign back (the feminine counterpart that internalizes what was externalized). Those are the months. There is creation from all this interplay. It’s rather scientific.  What it is between the two – that is “the life.” Sunology offers numbers that span the intersection between the signs. Two signs are equal to the five steps. There are twelve signs, so there are six sets of five steps each. The mini-cycle. We are more than 2/3rd of the way through the 30-day cycle and just starting out our fifth mini-cycle.

Is there a friendly planet? As always, with every number. Today’s is Jupiter. It’€™s big, like when it was the friendly planet for Leo and expands the current moment and brings loftiness to the perspective.

You know, you are really going to have to learn the order and elements of the signs to understand this well. I made up a song. Well, maybe next time I think of it I will record it so you can download it to your iPhone. And sing along. Hahaha.

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Mental Fulfillment Overkill #sabiansymbol Gemini 20

Day 20 The Way of the Day: Gemini: A cafeteria

Twenty’™s Tempting Telltales

  • Aries: A young girl feeding birds in winter
  • Taurus: Wind, clouds and haste
  • Gemini: A cafeteria
  • Cancer: Gondoliers in a serenade
  • Leo: The Zuni sun-worshipers
  • Virgo: An automobile caravan
  • Libra: A Jewish rabbi
  • Scorpio: A woman drawing two curtains aside
  • Sagittarius: Men cutting through ice
  • Capricorn: A hidden choir singing
  • Aquarius: A big white dove, a message bearer
  • Pisces: A table set for an evening meal

 It is at this point that a connection with your higher self is realized through complex dependencies and emotional transformation. Maybe not so much in Gemini, being so early in the yearly cycle. But there is still a strong suggestion of what can be received and the sheer volume of it. There’s a point that you make a choice on how you receive and it begins on the most superficial level of the mind.

 There are also thoughts about how one relates to other people, how one relates to the variety of energies that exist, €“too much information, difficulty in deciding. Circular dependencies, projecting and sharing, giving and becoming fulfilled and exercising control are all part of the basic consciousness of Twenty. There’€™s a growing sense of what the “other” (symbolized as food, in this case) means to you and how you know yourself based on your relationship with this “œother.”€ As you reach the heights of interactions with them, you begin to know the €œGod within (in this case, fulfillment) as a reality. As early as Gemini, the perspective assimilates something outside of yourself into yourself.

 Twenty demystifies the mystery of the 19 by knowing God through the transformation gained from blending of the variety of masculine and feminine energies within. Wholeness comes from setting a balanced stage with which to nourish and nurture the souls of others, and thus fulfill the self.

 Words for the 20th Day

 Scorpio type of day, June 10th: seeking ways to control the obsession issues of the sign’s energy (in this case,  Gemini ); the inner marriage of the twins, masculine and feminine sides; revelations; building empathy; transformation; light-focus in a dark place; the significance of power; diplomacy; ritual; agreement; others’ resources; hitting bottom and rising back up; shadows; intimacy; connection with one’s higher power.

 Let’™s Look at the Symbols: Gemini 20: A cafeteria

 Besides variety, a hallmark of Gemini due to all the mental splits, we also see things are not fancy here. A cafeteria is typically pretty basic -€“ serving the need to eat and there is tons of food. There’s nothing new under the sun. It’™s standard fare. You can imagine the huge bowls filled with chopped iceberg lettuce, big square metal pans over Sterno warming cans, jello and the chocolate pudding. Eating is receiving nurturance from something outside of ourselves – an intake. Yet at this point, it is not feeling rich because the meaningfulness and depth of Cancer is yet to arrive in full force. It will feel rich in Cancer, where the symbol is “Gondoliers in a serenade.” Now that’s sensuality. That is what Scorpio is known for. Nevertheless, here, it is all for us and all for the taking.

 Not sure what to get? Are we considering a choice among the variety? How very Gemini. Once we get to the 20th day of Gemini, there is a sense of “anything goes.” Lots of variety. Some people take a lot of a few things and others take a little bit of everything. Trying out a multitude of new things is very Gemini.

 Because we are in Gemini, this might represent all the books there are to read, or all the information there is out there, a bombardment of thought. It is the Twenty perspective where the profundities can be considered. Imagine if we did not naturally filter through the broad range of mental input that we receive everyday. There is also a slight emphasis today on what is missing. Typically, it is a money issue.

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Too vast, too Intense – Day 19

The Way of the Day: Gemini: A large archaic volume

Nineteen’s Naughty Nuances
Aries: The magic carpet
Taurus: A newly formed continent
Gemini: A large archaic volume
Cancer: A priest performing a marriage ceremony
Leo: A houseboat party
Virgo: A swimming race
Libra: a gang of robbers in hiding
Scorpio: A parrot listening and then talking
Sagittarius: Pelicans moving their habitat
Capricorn: A child of about five with a huge shopping bag
Aquarius: A forest fire quenched
Pisces: A master instructing his pupil
In Gemini, what was trying to be said yesterday (yet fell into the vast void of too weird and hard to understand), is too intense to say today. Deep within us is the knowledge of the universe – how it became. These symbols are actually a path to understanding this much better. Things are explained in the imagination when one looks to understand how one thing leads to another. For example, let’s brainstorm this symbol:
Archaic is a pun for our kayak.  This was my first foray into the storm. Archaic s not a pun for our kayak, but when the kayak is considered, there is  path along the water, perhaps laid out by the yellow brick road that plays upon the ripples, from the sun’s reflection. This perspective stays above the water of the Scorpio symbol through mental exertion. Doing something physical in order to get more information (open the large archaic volume) may be in order. On another brainstorming tact, more volume is implied. Now there’s a Gemini word in more ways than one. Why large? It does seem a bit daunting and overwhelming, this language thing. It went into the variety of foreign languages, people talking to one another, active mental activity. Here I am, trying to edit and make things more concise yet I continue to write!
I feel there is too much to tell, too much to type. That it is all just too vast. I don’t feel emotional within myself, even though we are at a Scorpio (emotions)-related number. I feel more as though there is some great roiling going on under the words that we try to say. Deep is sortof the word but it is more like meaningful. No matter how much I write and try to deliver my message, you won’t know the half of it – the emotional part that is not said!
The question is, whether the energies are read into the symbols or if the energies really exist and the symbols reflect them perfectly. What am I not seeing about this “volume” (which seems as if it must be an encyclopedia). Since it is archaic – something that has been around a long time, it must be true or why would it be kept around?
The Taurus symbol was and the write-up was A newly formed continent:
Nineteen is a perspective that foresees the peak of the cycle and wants to lift into these higher realms. However, because of a lack of actual experience (not having yet been to the top of the cycle), the idea of the lifting off into anything is a bit whatore fantastical than real. There is an optimistic sense of push, which is really needed – we’ve been climbing the cycle for a while now. With that comes a need for control.
We are seeing a lot less of this in the Gemini symbol. The later the numbers, the more flex they are going to show in understanding and expression through the signs. All of this above is still true about Nineteen in one aspect of it (the earth side) but the other element really emphasizes a different aspect. Whereas there was a feel of building from the ground up in Taurus, in Gemini, things feel heavier and more stuck, which is also a quality of Scorpio. Seen more lightly (from the light Gemini standpoint), the archaic volume brings to mind encyclopedias and the origin of defining things.
We’re in the Scorpio degrees now, into the heart of partnership which can bring some stickiness. Nineteen means that sometimes what you see is not exactly what is. The Scorpio placement also means that psychic influences are at play (they had to come in somewhere). Nineteen does seek to believe in something greater. It could be the self (vs. God) if too much was lost at the Eighteen, and that results in a need to control others. It can get stuck here. The whole thing (communication) might be put aside because there is losing mental touch with what is and believing what things seem to be. This can be a reclusive placement, especially in feminine signs, but we are in a masculine sign and it is still rather reclusive. Who really wants to turn those pages now that we have the internet?  When the symbols came in, there was no internet so the archaic volume could very well be speaking symbolically to the esoteric wisdom, which came in yesterday. Wholeness comes from the effect of the emotional realization that there are powers on other planes beyond our conscious awareness that lift and transform us to new levels.
Words for the 19th Day
Scorpio type of day, June 8: compulsion; repetition; need; psychism; reproduction; profound emotional transformation; magic; buoyancy; regeneration; control; the power hidden within the emotional.
Let’s Look at the Symbols: Gemini 19: A large archaic volume
I looked at it a lot up top already.
The Quick Lesson
What’ so special about the Sabian Symbols?The Sabians came in arbitrarily from a psychic who did not know which sign and degree it was associated with. The way things all shook out, they work out very close to perfectly. They are a mystery, to be sure. It can only be unraveled by interpreting them in your own life. Again, like the large archaic volume, it would take a year or more for you to learn how right they are.
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The Way of the Day: Gemini 18 -Two Chinese men talking Chinese

Eighteen’s Exciting Exemplars

  • Aries: An empty hammock
  • Taurus: A woman holding a bag out of the window
  • Gemini: Two Chinese men talking Chinese
  • Cancer: A hen scratching for chicks
  • Leo: A teacher of Chemistry
  • Virgo:  Ouija board
  • Libra: Two men placed under arrest
  • Scorpio: A woods rich in autumn coloring
  • Sagittarius: Tiny children in sunbonnets
  • Capricorn: The Union Jack
  • Aquarius: A man unmask
  • Pisces: A gigantic tent


Eighteen combines the more advanced mental and social skills and activity (late Libra) with an intense and internalization of relationship (resulting in the meaning of others in one’s life). There is also a quiet energy in-between the two. So, saying it a little differently, the mental energy results in a strong intellect and an ability to quickly process relationships and the connections between points. The emotional energy is feminine, fluctuating between dark feelings and profound psychological transformation. The place in-between is a zero-point—a place of silence and reassurance.

How do you deal with this? Do you love a lot of talk that may be a little above your head and foreign? Are you into the depths of emotional internalization? Do you just want everyone to shut-up? There’s something for everyone in this day. There are many possibilities in these days that incorporate all three states. Once you are able to find yourself in the overall cycle (know thyself) will you know how you naturally experience them.

Words for the 18th Day

 Key words for Day 18 (Libra/Scorpio type of day, June 8th): Lofty thought and over-emphasis on mental strength leads to emotions and meaning. Partners and relationships; other-oriented; suspicions; people-pleasing; well-mannered; high social focus; symbolism; connections; mysteries; flirtation with darkness; love of puzzles (putting things together); analysis; issues of reciprocity; control around dark emotions; meditation; slow release; change-agent.

 Let’s Look at the Symbols: Gemini 18: Two Chinese men talking Chinese

These Chinese men are back and forth, speaking, listening, and we haven’t a clue what they are saying. Here is the bright and relationally-oriented mind. The perspective takes a view that is already aspiring to the top of the cycle (a more advanced and overarching view). However, it’s not at the top yet. Nevertheless, things can be seen differently at this point. Analysis of foreign ideas, philosophies, religion, and connections are developing in the mind. A twisty, figure-8, back and forth Gemini – known for words, communicative skills and relating nature, while keeping in mind we probably don’t understand them . It’s not always easy for others to understand what is being said. Yet much can be imagined (and it’s probably about other people!), due to the quiet space. Much of the primary focus is on the partner or “the other.” Listening carefully, like a breath out and then in, there is an even give and take in the exchange. This is connection between people and how it works. Also, there is sensitivity to others in that the peace is maintained as much as possible. Large concepts can be packed in simple packages.

The difference between what you are saying and what I am saying is that you are in a perspective and my perspective acknowledges all perspectives (because of Sunology). With the Chinese men, we could imagine they are saying anything, or coming from anywhere. Because we cannot understand them, there is a lot of latitude in perceiving them. This is broad – all perspectives, the whole cycle, love even.  Yet they are still Chinese, which pigeon-holes them again. And they are also human, which gives them great potential to be gossiping. So, back to the fact that “our” view (any of us observers) of them is still limited and narrow within our own way of seeing things (as narrow as any of the other twenty-nine perspectives). And not only that but there is still an outside looking in with interpreting the symbols. See? Before I learned astrology, this was a great struggle for me. I was always looking and trying to understand others but only had my own point of view.

The Quick Lesson

The 18 would think, “What? Space to fill in? Well, I can talk but you may not understand a thing I am saying!” I am an 18 so I can vouch for this symbol – it represents my approach in writing/communicating. And it’s so true!  I start talking and people follow along, shaking their heads up and down. Eventually their eyes glaze while thinking, “what is she saying?” I have to be cognizant of this to be successful.

Do you see how you can take your personal sun number and look at the Gemini symbol and see it has elements of how you communicate? For example, speaking Chinese refers to a foreign language, which aligns with the energy of 21, which is also religion, and a lot of my “Chinese” is the religion I talked with people, day in and day out, when I was working as a chaplain in hospice. So, if you are a 15, go look at Gemini 15 and see if you can find your communication style there, If you’re a 27, go look at the symbol for Gemini 27 to understand your communications talents and foibles.

The Mini-Cycle and the Friendly Planet

We are in the middle day of this 5-day cycle. That means we are in the breaking point between the out-breath and the in-breath.

This day sees things from a broad perspective, like Seventeen, because of having a lot to do with the mind and a focus on the details (mentality and mental splits). Whereas “the details” wasn’t mentioned a whole lot back in the 14 and 15, this is when they idea first came in (maybe as early as the 13). Of course, we had to get out of the days where things were only split in a few pieces (less details, early Sun-number days) to get to the details place.

Keeping boundaries is challenging here. Because of straddling the border between two signs and being in the middle of the “Partnership” mini-cycle, all kinds of connections are important to Eighteen. There is an appreciation for the creations of others (art), as well as the emotional reflection of spiritual light (symbolism). The older Libra energies manifest as copious mental activity and young Scorpio energies can show up youthfully as  jealousy and emotional discontent and purely as clear observation and deep personal power. The mystery of what is being said here in Gemini seems to result in suspicion, if you notice in the later Eighteen symbols. Wholeness is found expanding the boundaries of the resting point between the signs to include all of life.



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Free Will Wins the Fate vs. Free Will War (For Now)

The Way of the Day: Gemini: The head of health dissolved into the head of mentality

Sunday June 7

Seventeen’s Sweet Symbols

  • Aries: Two prim spinsters
  • Taurus: A battle between the swords and the torches
  • Gemini: The head of health dissolved into the head of mentality
  • Cancer: The germ grows into knowledge and life
  • Leo: A non-vested church choir
  • Virgo: A volcano in eruption
  • Libra: A retired sea captain
  • Scorpio: A woman the father of her child
  • Sagittarius: An Easter sunrise service
  • Capricorn: A girl surreptitiously bathing in the nude
  • Aquarius: A watchdog standing guard
  • Pisces: An Easter promenade

You thought yesterday was independent for a dependent day?! Today is unique and unexpected in its independence. The Seventeen perspective would rather split than not have equality or what is fair. The unexpectedness has to do with a break from the past and how that manifests.

We are in a “Partnership” kind of day. This is the place that our perspective demands the same as it is and if everything doesn’t line up with what is fair and good, it’s going to say good-bye and move on. Funny when I woke up this morning, I just got sick of being obsessed with some of the little Gemini health issues I have and I thought, get over it already!  Then I looked at the symbol and considered the phrase, “get over it.” Right. Health is situated around 8:00 and this “head of mentality” is around 9:30.

Obviously, this day is focused on the mental body (vs. physical, emotional or spiritual). All this busy mental activity manifests to transform situations, when Day 20 comes around. It is realigning all the perspectives that have thus far built up and to dump what is not working. Again, this is a perspective itself. We are late enough in the cycle to be bouncing around perspectives. Because of the mental influence, it is broad perspective that can and will take into account most angles of personal concern. Wholeness comes through seeing the path as a dance of impartiality and love consciousness for the God in the other. After all, they are the mirror for you to know yourself better.

Words for the 17th Day

Ideals; marriage equality; uniqueness, need for space; commitment issues; independency; freedom; unpredictable and unusual; being progressive or alternative, seeing differences between people yet still relational; intellectual or highly alert approach; detachment from identity and dependency; independence in togetherness; socially aware and impersonal. 17 rules “taboo” concepts like birth, sexuality (and homosexuality) and death as well as androgyny. It also rules high tech science and conscious communities.

Let’s Look at the Symbols: Gemini 17: The head of health dissolved into the head of mentality

This is somehow literal. These heads are mindsets. The head of health is a perspective of science – the physical world. This take on the world leaves the health focus that was the development of the previous cycle and moves into a more “mind over matter” approach. Notice a focus on leaving something behind. Notice the strange and unique wording that doesn’t necessarily make sense unless you think about it. Things can get so weird at the 17 – uniqueness is its signature. Dissolved is a good word for the double “s” but, being a word commonly associated with water doesn’t seem to fit with this energy so well focused on the mental of the future and the physical of the past. Perhaps the reference to dissolution has to do with the mental body being aware of the push/pull effect of emotions and deciding to use those emotions to move to a states of mind that refuses to fall into acceptance of fate. After all, Libra is the fate vs. free will sign.

This is just one of the many reasons we say God (all perspectives) works so perfectly. Here is the difference between 15 and 17 – how we see things. Are we viewing what is from a physical standpoint – cause and reaction, or from a mental point of view – having more control over the cause by reasoning it out with others. I’m starting to run into some radical thought in the media about consciousness and science and the lack of ability to make the link. Yet another missing link. The missing link is a joke because it is all conceptual, ultimately. The trinity/love/acceptance consciousness is the missing link. When we all get that cellularly, it will be like aliens coming from the sky. A sea-change. Notice a new focus on the future. That comes at this point, as well.

The Quick Lesson

The various perspectives obviously build upon each other as they move around the cycle. Meanwhile, all perspectives exist and are therefore valid. At any point in the cycle, there are younger and older ways of seeing things. The younger ways may be missing points and be simple but remember, whereas younger is less mature, it can be luckier (7), deeper (8), more sensitive (9 and 10), and purer (15)  – etc.!

The Mini-Cycle and the Friendly Planet

The friendly planet, Uranus, is known for its independence, intuition, intangibility, unpredictability, deviations and electrical shifts. That connection to 17 gives the energy of the day more of an ability to grasp intangibilities and synchronicities better than other days. If you resonate with this energy, it can be an exciting influence. 17 asserts freedom from the dependence-oriented 16 and is prone to radical and surprising swings. There is a twist or a sense of edginess due to a kind of separate-ness and erratic nature of the basic consciousness of 17. Seventeen is also idealistic when it comes to one-on-one relating and creates reciprocity, equality and independence within dependence. This can be really good because there is a humanitarian appreciation for others that leads to self-love.

Seventeen’s Sweet Symbols

  • Aries: Two prim spinsters
  • Taurus: A battle between the swords and the torches
  • Gemini: The head of health dissolved into the head of mentality
  • Cancer: The germ grows into knowledge and life
  • Leo: A non-vested church choir
  • Virgo: A volcano in eruption
  • Libra: A retired sea captain
  • Scorpio: A woman the father of her child
  • Sagittarius: An Easter sunrise service
  • Capricorn: A girl surreptitiously bathing in the nude
  • Aquarius: A watchdog standing guard
  • Pisces: An Easter promenade
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Sweet Sixteen Gets Loud!

The Way of the Day: Gemini: A woman suffragist orating or A woman suffragist haranguing

 Sixteen’s Sweet Symbols

  • Aries: Brownies dancing in the setting sun
  • Taurus: An old man attempting vainly to reveal the mysteries
  • Gemini: A woman suffragist orating
  • Cancer: The man before a square with the manuscript scroll before him
  • Leo: Sunshine just after storm
  • Virgo: An orangutan
  • Libra: The boat landing washed away
  • Scorpio: A girl’s face breaking into a smile
  • Sagittarius: Seagulls watching a ship
  • Capricorn: Boys and girls in gymnasium suits
  • Aquarius: The big businessman at his desk
  • Pisces: The flow of inspiration



Relating works in many ways. Three come to mind. First the other person acts to reflect you and your own way of seeing things. Second, they offer a way to learn about other points of consciousness (perspectives), to make you more whole, to help you accept more. Third, profound personal transformation comes from relating. We’ll see how that works, as we progress through this new 5-day mini-cycle (see below).

Here are two halves – balance. At the Sixteen, the perspective takes pursuit, in order to get some experience with the other. The energy is about partnerships, socializing, issues of codependence, and having peace vs. tension. Well, of course it is getting complicated when you add the other into your mix, as if they were part of you! Clearly, you cannot have relationship before the self is developed, because you are going to need that strong self to figure out what the heck is going on. Now, that is an example of what is meant by natural order!

Words for the 16th Day

We[‘re in Gemini but it’s the 16th day and that’s associated with Libra. Libra is a more active, thinking and social encounter with the other, and art as a one-on-one giving of God to the other through self-expression – a more complicated kind of art.

Libra type of day, June 6: boyish and excited relational energy; co-dependency, projection and reflection; bargaining and negotiating; direct; active interest in the other; sociability; the thinking-level nature; moving from self-focus into other awareness; pursuit of relationship; seeking balance and reciprocity; directness; projection; a point of realization (aha!).


Let’s Look at the Symbols: Gemini 16: A woman suffragist orating/haranguing

 You take your pick. Is it orating or out-and-out haranguing? Funny that this day has a mix-up and is reported two different ways. It’s nice to open up the Relationship days with a little mystery and a joke about whether she’s making a debatable point or just driving us all crazy with her message. Yes, she’s a androgynous again, in a way. She’s talking about sex without really talking about it. She could symbolize a double entendre.

Nice to get so mental that we can leave sex behind on this day that we are programmed to actively pursue whatever is opposite (opposite sex or experience that reflects us?) sex or at least witness someone else doing it. Could be a misconjoined twin. The spirit is flowing through this woman. Sometimes she sounds like she is speaking in tongues. Who dareth interpret? “Come, let me tell you about how equal I am!” Who said I wasn’t, you say? What with not allowed to vote and HAVE YOUR SAY (how Gemini)?

Yeppers, we’re still in Gemini. She is a talker, alright. Why is she so…unfeminine? All the air signs, since they represent the mental body, are androgynous, in a way. The Sixteen is about the self in relationship with another. There is pursuit on the Sixteen because it is young and assertive. There is equal opportunity splitting. There can be a lot of talk about the love life although the subconscious meaning may be hard to recognize, due to the very well-hidden (not) side of the story that is chosen to be taken Is there a right way? Of course. Fairness is the right way. However, being still in duality (two pieces) leads me to think of something the Three would say to the Two, which is – You cannot judge.

The suffragist knows her side well, knowing the ways of the gender, yet not quite. Notice the Aries symbol, “Brownies dancing in the setting sun.” The dance symbolizes the dance of relationship. Being a little more than halfway through the 30-day cycle, this position is defined by its placement opposite to the beginning –  on the other side, thus a setting sun. Once the service (symbolized by the brownies) is done and fulfilled (from the last few days), there is time to get together with someone and enjoy the dance. That was the basic intention back when consciousness was letting itself be known. Awareness awake! All these things gained in Gemini will be carried through the year, which goes until next March.


Speaking as broadly as the 30-day cycle or even the yearly cycle (roughly twelve 30-day cycles), there do not seem to be “good” days and “bad” days. Some of the symbols look a little rough but this still doesn’t pan out to good and bad. Follow the cycle to find what days you resonate with. Every day is taken from a matter of perspective. We experience them for ourselves and based on previous experiences and what we naturally create.

I think there is so much assumption out there about what we, ourselves, can do. Align yourself with goodness by focusing on an extra three-based cycle, since three is the goodness. Then you can have faith that it’s all good. That is the message of the Sunology big game. It is a very similar message as the trinity in Christianity. The entire cycle is love, thus there is love in every piece. But to think anyone can be whatever they want is laughable. We are fated to our birth and our cycles. Even one’s approach is fated. You can broaden your approach, you can make much more out of your life, and you can actually transcend the cycle. You can do more than be whatever you want yet you cannot just be whatever you want. Hope that’s not too confusing. Keep on being in the cycle!

The Mini-Cycle and the Friendly Planet

We are at the first day of the 5-day “Partnership” mini-cycle. Our goal is Day 20 – at which point, there is a high potential to experience a transformation in the way that you are able to relay your message when you communicate. But today, the confident and service-ful self decides to go out and find someone else to interact with and with whom to actively engage. This part of this small cycle relates to the early part of a masculine sign (Libra), so there is a more energetic, direct and forceful drive. The friendly planet is Venus—the same as yesterday. Only this time, the feel is social, knowing better what the other wants because of observing who they are. This is art, but like galleries, which is different from 11 and 12’s creative expression because this is more about other people’s art and more mentally-based.

The 16 has loads of exuberant energy and has the full moon feeling of “aha!” Now that we are finished with the basic consciousness of task-oriented work (15), and in response to a good day’s work done (14), it is time to welcome the joys of partnership and rest on the processes of thought rather than physical activity. This results in a lifting of your thought processes and consciousness (climbing up the cycle). Keep your spirits up with love and affection for the other. One 16 day, there was a complete understanding of the need to love and care for the other as the self. We are all whole. Different points are emphasized in different people. Appreciating their points is simply a way of acknowledging the wholeness within you.

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The Week’s Update on SUNOLOGY Astrology, Sabian Symbols, and Moon-OON:

Work Smart This Week!

Monday June 1: Start of a new month! At the 12! Get out there and write and present and communicate during the mental air signs*.

Monday: 12: A topsy saucily asserting herself

  • Tuesday: 13: A great musician at his piano
  • Wednesday: 14: A conversation by telepathy (not Moon is also OON during this time)
  • Thursday: 15: Two Dutch children talking
  • Friday: 16: A woman suffragist orating
  • Saturday: 17 The head of health dissolved into the head of mentality


*if you want to see exactly when the sun moves into the new degree, look at the ephemeris over on the right-hand side of this page. The gold standard in astrology for determining what degree is to round up from anything greater than 1 minute to the next degree. Follow whatever standard you find works for you.


  •  Moon-OON today until 2:40 p.m. ET
  • Wednesday 1:59 a.m. until Wednesday 8:51 p.m.
  • Friday 6:54 a.m. until Saturday 1:03 a.m.

 Work smart! Don’t do important things during the Moon-OON.

 More on This Week’s Timing

This is a great week to work! Tomorrow and  Thursday are both awesome days for getting work done that is both productive and re-productive! Creativity and communication shine in their silence! Remember the Mercury retrograde happening throughout this week. “Please don’t misunderstand me.” Assume miscommunication. That’s a big point of Gemini and also just words and wordsmithing in general

What do you do if you can’t just *not work*? Dharma and the daily grind are always a time-passer. Pretend like your work is just your version of chop wood, carry water.No matter what, have a great day and remember, nothing’s written.


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Moon-OON or Void of Course Moon

Moon Out of Network (Moon-OON) or Void of Course Moon

Is there is a way to tell what actions to take on a particular day?

There is one major indicator that is taught and taken as a given, to be helpful to be aware of. In the Sunology Big Game of Life, it’s called the Moon Out of Network (Moon-OON). I think astrology used to call it, “Void of course moon.”

It is a timing tool that indicates when to sit in the moment and practice a certain higher consciousness, one that allows for answering the exact call of the moment. It’s the time to embrace the letting go of the end of the cycle – no plans, no commitments, just allowance for what will be to be. Whatever happens is the right thing to happen, when the moon is out of network.

It is said that “nothing” comes of actions taken during this time. It is good to  understand why this is so. The reason deals with the next major relationship the moon forms. In every case when the moon is OON, the next major relationship is to the beginning, or cusp, of the next sign. This cusp has an energy of it’s own, a altogether-ness of the ending of one cycle and the beginning of the next.  This symbolizes a type of zero-point connection (the place of everything and nothing) that is encountered. There are suitable moods for such a thing. Faith, release and trust are paramount.

Typically, things started during the Moon-OON are later discovered to have had little purpose. This is because you tried to start something at the end of a cycle! Sorry to  say, things bought during the Moon-OON come to an end quickly. Either they are forgotten, they get thrown out with the bag, they need to be returned, they get permanent stains or rips on them early in their wear, or in some way, they are soon left behind. If your acquisition is a gift, it will be the same for the receiver or he/she may not need or want the gift.

What exactly IS a Moon-OON (Technically Speaking)?

Every lunar month, the moon travels through all twelve quadrants in the sky (or “signs”). It passes through each sign in more than two, but less than three days. When the moon gets to near the end of each sign, it goes beyond its last major connection with another planet. When that happens, and until it moves into the next sign, the Moon is out of the network (OON). This happens every 2-3 days. The moon can stay there for seconds, minutes or hours of time or it may last for a day or two. Often it happens through the night. It all depends on the locations of the other planets and their interactions at the time. Usually, it lasts a few hours. All you need to know is when it is!

Tell Me More!

When the moon is out of network, release, go within and follow the moment to see how this mini-cycle (the 30-Hour Cycle) wraps up. Work in the flow of this energy, which is outward flow itself. Allow what happens to happen and take cues from the things around you.  There are things we need to do to function in life. Exercising, showering, performing domestic and nurturing activities, mowing the yard, caring for children, and cleaning closets (and things in general) are all good OON activities because they set a fresh stage for the next lunar cycle. Also remember that the end of the Moon-OON symbolizes the start of the next mini-cycle, giving you the opportunity to start the cycle out with right and optimistic, enthusiastic intention.

ADVISED: (Relax, release, trust, cleaning, plan, pray, get a sense of connection)

  • Make lists for the next cycle
  • Meditate
  • Wrap up last cycle (when you can identify it)
  • Enjoy familiar activities
  • Think of ideas
  • Outline ideas
  • Cook
  • Clean
  • Finish activities
  • Reorganize and refocus
  • Routine shopping
  • Routine chores
  • Do nothing
  • Skip out
  • File taxes



  • Shop for non-routine purchases
  • Make important decisions
  • Book flights
  • Send emails for help
  • Press your luck
  • Go overboard
  • Promise/commit
  • Begin projects
  • Schedule important events, like surgery or a wedding (scheduling sets a
  • ate, which initiates intention)
  • Take a lesson in something new
  • Spinning mind or pointless activity (obviously typically contra-advised)
  • Not accepting what is currently in your life.

If the question comes down to whether something should or should not be done, consider if it is something you would normally do (then go ahead) or something to do with a physical item or setting a value to an item (includes buying and selling), in which case, heed the warning and don’t give in to the temptation of the purchase. If it is something associated with your creative expression or is part of a larger cycle, you can move forward with confidence that the bigger cycle is where you want to be anyway.

If you decide to move forward in spite of the Moon-OON, make a note of the outcome. Another good question to ask is if you are invested in the outcome of the activity. If the answer, “Nothing will come of it” does not bother you, then move forward. When you are aware of the Moon-OON, see if you can detect a less motivated feel in the air. Some people feel wheels spinning. Some find themselves rebooting their computers a lot.

Does the Moon-OON work for you? I’ve seen it work consistently for everyone who attends themselves to it.  Make your own choices about how to spend time with a better understanding of the time you’re dealing with.

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What *is* the Clock Project? It’s free and fun.

Constant Reminder

Constant Reminder



It’s Wednesday and we are on the 7th day….If you want to follow the Gemini cycle and see if you can”feel the day” or get synchronicity, go to the teaching blog. There you will find the meaning of the day, day by day. See if you can make more synchronicity in your life by knowing the symbols for the day. Read back and see if you can see the last five days while you were having Memorial Day and the weekend. Comment, please. If you want to join but the website won’t let you,  email me!

You can join for reminders:





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Would You Like to Track the Cycle?

In 2012, I developed a thesis project, asked for volunteers, and a few brave souls were my guinea pigs. They answered a rather subjective questionnaire about how attuned they were to natural order, watched some training videos, and read a daily blog. The blog introduced them to a set of symbols – one for every day – that were meant to align them to the natural order of the day. It was a two month exercise. I kept reminding them, and they kept reading and playing along.

It was surprising how it turned out! The people who participated the most had the biggest changes in their lives. This is based upon my observation, of course. And also, in reviewing the comments that were written, the way people connected to the day was really lovely and full. If you would like to participate in a thirty-day jaunt through Gemini, please go into my sunology website and just follow along with the blog. We are already at Day 5. Please feel free to comment. Please feel free to invite your friends to play along.  If you would like to watch the training videos, please contact me!

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On Mercury Retrograde May, 2015

I know you’re asking, “What is mercury retrograde?” It is different in different signs and this time it is going through the sign of Gemini. Let’s look at how it seems so far.

Gemini is about communication, It is the 3rd of 12 signs and is the place where mental vibration, nerve “energetics”, the aural/oral connection, thinking faculties,  and other things of the mind,  are more pronounced or prevalent. Writing is more important, silence is more important, proper communication is the crutch of the issue. Since Springtime we’ve been sleeping like a seed under the earth.

Mercury retrograde when the sun in Gemini can be especially strong so do pay attention to the things “of the mind” this month, and for you who find yourself unwittingly in drama, remember it is spinning itself now through to the summer solstice (in about a month). Then we’ll be back in a direct (not retrograde) Mercury, which means you can reflect on all you learned, all the things that you revisited, and say all the things that you wanted to say but didn’t because you were trying the silence way and you learned a lot. Now the sun is shining even more strongly and even Mercury retrograde won’t stop us. Meaning that even though we are coached to wait and absorb, we still will progress along our paths, If you want to take a break this week, do it during the Moon-OON.

Saying, allow Moon-OON* to give you a break but otherwise keep going.

  • This week: Sunday 6:50 a.m. – Monday 4:52 a.m. // Then the moon is in Virgo. This is a good time to work.
  • Tuesday 11:21 p.m. ET – Wednesday 5:42 p.m. //Then the moon is in Libra. A good time to focus on your partner.
  • Friday 4:20 p.m. to Saturday 5:34 a.m. // Then the moon is in Scorpio, a good time to get closer to your loved ones.

Keep going to listen, observe, watch what happens, and stay out of the fray. There will be much verbal communication confusion and things not said right. This too shall pass. Be kind to other people’s intention.

Now the Sun always goes forward in the Sunology system and the idea is to place our focus there. Relying on the Sun’s placement to set the tone for the day, we see she/he is in a positive place and the moon as well (also tomorrow). Don’t let negativity/drama/general judgment cramp your creative style because things are on the upsweep and it is more fun to enjoy what’s good out there. Remember that when things seem most negative, this is where the highly positive is also involved and lean on that.

Or better yet, lean on the beauty and order of the Sabian symbols:

  • Sunday: Gemini 4: Holly and mistletoe,
  • Gemini 5: A radical magazine,
  • Gemini 6: Drilling for oil,
  • Gemini 7: An old-fashioned well,
  • Gemini 8: an industrial strike,
  • Gemini 9: A quiver filled with arrows.

Watch the Tweets for the meanings, but keep in mind we are early in the Gemini cycle and that makes silence even more golden.

Be sure to ask questions if you are getting confused!

*(Moon-OON is another name for the void of course moon.)

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Wrap-Up on Sun, Moon and Ascendant Differences


Learn the Energies By Knowing People

 If you are trying to learn all the energies and their various distinctions, knowing someone’s rising degree is very helpful. It shows you (i.e. they show you in their looks and their perspective) what that energy looks like in manifested form.

 Practice Makes Perfect

Hard to sort these out in yourself or another person? Don’t give up! Once you know what the energy feels like (and surely you have a feel for feminine and masculine already – and I’m not talking about male and female), you’ll be able to detect them in the actions and words of the people around you.

The blogs after this one are the details on the sun, moon and ascendant differences for women and men. The blogs I put up next (which are shown before this one!)  are going to be examples of people, celebrities and how their suns, moon and rising express themselves, so you can get a feel for how this works.

If you have any ideas or comments, I welcome your feedback!

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What a Woman Needs Astrologically for Compatibility

Girls, the most important thing to remember is to shine the sun of yourself.

MANY times, a sis-star* will attract a guy whose main point is in a hard angle to her basic energy and is therefore subjugated by her experience with him. It can be really upsetting. If you want to know if this is you or your friend, you either need to comment below, schedule an appointment or go to Sunology Life and read more. Many people promise to help you find your way through this maze but have no more understanding about your situation than the next guy because they see things from their own perspective. And they don’t realize it for what it within this girl’s perspective. The more a girl needs guidance, the more likely she is to attract a person who cannot begin to give her what is needed.

Pay attention.

This could be you.

The challenge to overcome is that whereas boys are encouraged to express their true self, (and maybe it’s just a male thing, too), women are more service-focused, feminine (lunar) and are more inwardly focused and also more duality or drama-focused, rather than having the singular focus on the sun/self. We are more naturally lunar. Notice, then, spiritually-oriented or earth-mother women will further strengthen (or exacerbate, depending on how you choose to see it) that lunar energy through a focus on the lunar cycle instead of the solar cycle.

Why Be Solar?

It’s more creative, brighter, sunnier, happier and more fun.

 In both astrology and Sunology, the Sun is a symbol of the self’s creative vitality and individuality. When you focus on your true and creative self and seek to express your sole/soul/solar purpose on a daily basis, your other personality facets fall into proper (symbolically speaking) hierarchical relationship beneath this true self-expression. Bearing a solar consciousness affirms that you are true to yourself and creates a world in which your purpose is revealed and expressed. The solar aspect of ourselves is the creative aspect, It is what we make. It is what we contribute. It is our purpose. We are already doing it….Isn’t it time to realize this? And through realization, we become even more whole and start to realize all the points.


Energy Expression, Not Gender

It hopefully goes without saying (saying it anyway): this is true for the feminine energy and not necessarily for all women, as I have met some amazing solar-focused women (although they are primarily strong masculine energies with Leo emphasis). So, to clarify, I’m talking about the objective way these types of energy will show themselves.

The Ascendant/Rising

It’s like the many mansions referred to in the Bible’s John 14.

The same as for a man, this point is how the world is approached and a perspective. Do we see the world through the eyes of the beginner, the master, the needy child, the amazing athlete, the scared perfectionist, the dependent partner, the jealous lover, the beautiful dreamer, etc? It is the initiating point of view; how women perceive the world around them, and thus by this point of perspective, show themselves as this. Again, like men, the ascendant is frequently what we look like. So, for the ascendant, it is the beginning point for the person, where they are coming from, their own personal source. The meaning and the symbolism of this degree set the tone for your personality. In the Myers-Briggs system, it would be the J/P axis – how we relate to the experiences and people in our world.

Womens’ Moons

A girl falls back on her natal moon position pretty often.

Very relevant, the moon is the experience with other people and things (as driven by the subconscious needs and day to day fatedness or IOW, the transiting moon). I suppose it also dictates our general craziness. We want what the moon wants and we are going to want to get the needs of the moon met. It’s more than who we are, it dictates our daily way. It is the kinds of actual things – hobbies, talents, interests – over just the beingness of a person. Once you see what yours is, there you will be. It is what gets us in trouble I suppose, and the transiting moon and progressed moon (30 month cycle) touch on it and on other planets to really crank up the level and kinds of experiences we have.



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How To Check Out A Guy for Astrological Compatibility


This is why men seem simpler and more direct than women.

I can literally feel a guy’s solar point when I’m sitting nearby. Men are raised to be focused on their self. They are more single-pointed due to this more prominent aspect of solar energy. When you know the various energies, you can feel them accurately. Men don’t usually have a question about “purpose” like women do. They’re doing it, and even if it’s a lazy Cancerian couch potato vibe, its discernible by what they’re doing, what they’re saying and in their general beingness. It’s consistent. It’s who they are. The degree is of utmost importance. So much of the man’s true self is revealed in the sun’s degree at birth.

 Men’s Ascendant

 It is the ascendant that usually has some weirdness and synchronicity around it.

 The ascendant is how the person perceives the world around them, and because of this point of perspective, they show themselves as this (which is why the ascendant is also what we look like, in an eerie kind of way). This perspective – one, of which there are 360 different ones – is based on which of these 360 degrees different points of view was on the horizon at the time of birth. So we come from somewhere. We’re unconsciously in a stance. It is very unlikely it is the same point as the sun (unless you were born at the exact moment of daybreak). So, as the ascendant is the perspective and not necessarily related to the solar point, it can be perceived as a tremendous annoyance about yourself and how you present yourself to yourself and the world. Finding out the Sabian symbol for your guy’s  ascendant is eye-opening and typically funny! And realizing there are 359 different other ways to see things is also broadening (understatement). Actually, this is true for both men and women. What is also true is that you really need your exact birth time to know this point.

 The Guy’s Moon

Just hope this point is positive.

 Now finally, the moon shows the natural and typical day to day habits and mannerisms of the guy. This is also the point that a man might relegate to the woman in his life, whether it fits or not. So men think this is how the feminine figure in his life does her thing but it is actually how he does his thing. It is persistent and unwavering in a way that shows itself both good and bad. Whereas men could be a wicked lunar multi-tasker like women, the point relating to their sun usually wins out and the moon in their chart manifests as their subconscious needs and desires that are projected onto the mate. Meet these and you become indispensable. Know what he thinks you’re thinking and feeling. This point is very helpful.

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