Virgo 1: A man’s head

mans headJust the Facts, Ma’am

Put the practical expression of the Virgo month together with an Aries kind of day (the first degree!) and you get this simple, basic symbol. What’€™s going on? Thinking. Mercurial activity, for sure. Virgo is known for the thoughts being brought into fruition through practical activity. It wasn’t long into Virgo (about 12 hours) that I thought of tools, and the ways in which they are Virgo-ian. So it seems like the beginning of the month is all about what the month is, in its simplest form. There’s a sense of what’s basic and a breadth of concept. Remember Leo 1 was “a case of apoplexy”. The stroke. Here we have isolated and identified a very literal type of symbol.

So, just like last month, I am building a lit of monthly manifestations – the actual things that appear more often now that their concept has become timely. Today I thought of being utilitarian, functional and analytical as all being Virgo ideas. So pay attention and look also to the details for information that you can love and appreciate. It’s a good month to do so. We will also turn all that Leo self-expression inward and take care of the self. Health and service, standard Virgo fare.

I felt the Virgo influence a little early“ as the sun went into the 13 (during the last six degrees of Leo and the first six of Virgo) in our yearly cycle.

People talk about being in the “now”. The Virgo month (from now until September 22, at which point it becomes a Libra month) is a great time to practice this practical application of spiritual life. You’re all set up for it. There’€™s the feminine quietude without the emotions and maudlin backwards-looking at the life (that were Cancer).  There’s also a sense that you want to get down to work. And it’€™s almost a relief after all that fun in Leo. Celebration and play can continue to last all year long.  Keep what you’ve learned and now make some good use of you.

Find the meditation in the routine of doing. Seeing how this is the first day of the cycle, it is also a great time to begin following the cycle again, being at the beginning.


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You Got Mail!

unsealed letterLeo 30: An unsealed letter

Dear Reader,

Here I am, the self, the whole Self, and everything/ nothing but the self. You can read between the lines, if you like. There’s probably nothing left to say about the self and the Self. Hopefully every point has been made, and I don’t have to rehash it all today. Actually, I shouldn’t. This is a quieter place of acceptance of all we might tend to sum up. Late Pisces energy with the moon in Aries. A day to catalyze and generate peace, if you will.

Well, we’ve put a lot into creatively getting the best definition, being true to the zodiac, and true to the symbol – being Leo, sharing openly from the heart. The Leo period has been a time of “ahas!” for me. This was the first year that I, as an 18 degree (partnership, Libra/Scorpio) person, really grasped the significance of the self (or, in the case of a cycle of order, the “self” of the experience) completing the foundation-setting of the cycle. For, I’m not just trying to define the degrees, but I’m trying to say what the next step would be in any 30-step cycle, typically a cycle of experience. This is where the identity is really expressed.

This does, in a way, make a case for putting the self before the other person. Of course, as we make our way out of the bottom, each point will gets its day in the sun. Libra will come and then we’ll be saying, “notice how Libra is later, more established, above the lower points of the self, a more sophisticated mind.” Then along comes Capricorn and it will be, “see how this Cappie point is at the top of the cycle, given the most value by people on earth.”  We’ll leave the past behind and use it like a camel uses water – occasional sustenance for the long haul.

I’m starting to feel that push to go down into the basement again, this time for Virgo – to organize  and order things, put my house in order, throw out what I don’t need, get my writing in order, have some pat answers I can pull when talking about my thing :-).

A 29 Movie

Funnily, I saw “The Theory of Everything” last night. Haha, I just realized I saw it on the 29, where there is that missing link, and of course, part of the struggle Hawking has is how he understands “God”. I still got the feel of the pseudo-intellect (this probably comes more from those who made the movie than Hawking himself, but that is the risk you take when you’re a genius and let someone else make a movie about you), in that he was still part of the paradigm and didn’t realize it. Another thing, it was all about his relationships and his wife’s relationships and then I read there is a tell-all by the wife and I think, who cares? How strange – there is no real way to talk to the masses in a movie about his genius or the miracle of him living so long with ALS.

 I wonder if my own personal theory of everything has a mathematical equation. I would like to talk to Stephen Hawking about base systems and consciousness.  I’d actually prefer to verify how the universe works in its current state than to know how it began – although under my theory, obviously that would hold great import. Of course it had to come from nothing-ness or/and source.

30 ultimately realizes that only the moment exists and that staying in the present is the key to enlightened connection. 30 is the perspective that where we put our focus is what is and makes what will be.  Thirty represents the “be all” and the nothing. It is the ending as well as the new beginning. It supports the astrological/sunological theory that the moment of birth (something or someone) establishes their consciousness, which drives their expression. Life is a series of created moments. Where focus is placed creates the space for the next place and on and on.


introspection; the release of that which defines the identity (typically the energy of the sign); unaware of time; ambiguity; solitude; dreaming; fantasy; compassion; faith; devotion; sensitivity; acceptance; surrender; wisdom; music; art; watery flow; pauses and spaces; connection.

Placement Analysis:

Look at the keywords to get a feeling for the energy at this point. For example, “solitude.” We are not always alone when reading a letter, but it usually a solitary and private activity. It’s typically addressed to one person from another. It tries to send the whole message by itself. Yet the other half (Virgo) needs to be properly involved to get it. You can see the pauses and spaces. We read at our own pace, reading between lines, back over again. It might be a more intense form of communication.In Leo’s case, the release is of the pure ego and moving into “cut wood, carry water”-Buddhist-type beauty of rote activity.  I should add something about communication to the keywords because you typically do see that 3-ness of love consciousness and communication in the 30. There is an unawareness of time; reading something that was written before, a sort of timelessness. You can hold onto it and read it later.

In Virgo, continue to watch the cycle. Getting the sense of the rises and falls will help you see how you personally interact with it. Of course, the moon is also relevant, but it is important to read it in a 30-step way too – meaning applying a base-3 look at its placement, too.  Have a great week, with tomorrow being the new start in Virgo! Keep it simple for a few days!

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Something Missing in the Area of Pisces?

mermaids galoreLeo 29: A Mermaid

Here’s where even wisdom falls off into the mist of sign lateness. A fantasy figure, she’s Piscean, right down to being a fish with a focus on feet. And, of course, we are correlating with the Piscean part of the zodiac.

Why is she so beautiful? Is she always beautiful? Is beauty a characteristic of 29? I would say yes. At the same time, there is some tragic missing point, which is a sense of lack of connection to feeling connected, to whatever would be the sign’s sense of “God”. In Leo, the feet are missing, perhaps symbolizing grounding the self into reality by giving it Virgo purpose. We seek a connection to what is next, propelling ourselves to it.

She (the mermaid) is almost about identification with what’s next (the 30/0). If only she could be what she wants to be. But she can’t, due to not being real (this Piscean point is way past the old Capricorn points and prior to the next sign’s Taurus points). She’s a lot like Cancer’s 29, the muse, in the way that she’s got feminine mystique working in her favor. She’s searching for being a whole person, while missing the connection to the whole which is shown symbolically to be purpose, groundedness, and manifestation of her self’s creativity. It’s not that it doesn’t exist. Clearly a magical mermaid has a purpose without having legs. She just hasn’t had the complete self-realization yet.

A Little Girl’s Favorite Mermaid

One story we all know about a mermaid is a children’s story, Arielle. I met a real life Arielle whose legs had such a problem, they weren’t growing and soon she would no longer be able to walk. The Disney story (not the all too-real life meeting, which held a sad purpose to remind me that most of life’s rewards are taken for granted) is one of making progress, having ups and downs – the regular and normal story, reflecting a cycle of a topic or experience.  Very late Leo. You either swim along in the flow of the ups and downs or you immerse yourself in what you’re missing and imagine the death of expressing your true-er self (forgetting the Self in the bargain). This can be a point of complete faithlessness in a 30-step cycle, if faith is knowing the whole thing and we are one point from it – as far away as we’ll ever get. Mermaids are associated symbolically the souls of suicide victims in some cultures.

The Sexy Mermaid

Mermaids have a rich background as both sailor fantasies and  sirens. There is music associated sometimes – a siren’s song (Pisces), someone who leads the sailor into the deep. This is a reference to the escape from the life of lacking that connection with the earth that some sailors experience. Rumor has it, nowadays, there is a whole industry about mermaid and fairy sex. Don’t go there.

Late Pisces Meanderings

I was looking through available images and saw many where our mermaid was ghoulish and dead – part of the story of her, as a ghost. Again, that’s very 29, very mid-Pisces. If one because the demise right past the peak and has been declining ever since, they’re a ghost by now, dipping into the earth realm one last time to say good-bye. If you believe one dies at the alpha/omega point between beginning and end (Pisces 30/Aries 0) – 3:00 on the clock,  and then goes directly into the next round of consciousness, then this is the point where the fact of the imminence of their death becomes apparent. Simultaneously, it is such a strong and focused point, there is no sense of connection to what is beyond. The 30th point is needed but not known yet. This can cause great suffering and struggling. It’s Pisces. What is about to die is in a very strong ending place, and it’s not pretty without that holy connection.

When I was a hospice chaplain, I saw a lot of people who were at this 29-type place in their life cycle. There can be a lot of suffering prior to death. On the other hand, just a quick education about the steps showed them that they had been through other steps in their life and they would go to the next. The next step, at the 30, is a beautiful sense of completion, wholeness and satisfaction. So, if you’re feeling the downside of 29 and it is less than wonderful, remember tomorrow is holy.


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The Fleeting Moment of Self-Expression

4177980198_988a7a8a00_mLeo 28: Many little birds on the limb of a tree*

 You know how you want to catch something fleeting on your camera and it passes you by? Sometimes – or more often! – there’s an impossibility of capturing that moment of nature’s little perfection. Perhaps the moment is that zero-point of cuspiness, where “God” or “everything” exists. It’s a place where symbolism, as intuitive impression on the soul (the whole thing) comes. In Leo, you can really feel it in the Leo things. It happens with children, the heart (meaning, a showing of love), even sunshine on a cloudy day. Easy come and easy go. The cycle is traveling fast now because of the sun late in a fire sign. Remember the symbol of birds generally means symbols and intuition because of the interface between the earth and the sky (air). Perhaps you may encounter an angel. We are so late that it is hard to pin things down unless you spring forth and make a plan of action.

The 28 starts to get a little weird, a little foreign, to normal folks. It is a silent point of the mystery of bringing everything down from on high. This enters an area beyond the pale, where correlating vibrations are understood and used. Here is where the new age dwells. Here is also the latest and the wisest mental grasp of the self, albeit fleeting.

Talk About Symbols!

I forgot to mention, although maybe it was clear, that symbols of symbolism came in two days ago with the introduction of the rainbow. These little birds continue to reference symbolism, only more advanced – that place in the high intuitive realm where there can be a little snap into silence, and a need for escape.

The image is something common, although it was very difficult to find a photo! Thus, the fleeting-ness. This symbol is also a symbol of how there is this space where the shift results in the appearance of nothingness, when it has really just moved on. It’s a good symbol for how we might see “the end” or death, at this point. Yet it is incomplete without having the final points established and processed. Here is the cusp between what you know and “knowingness.” It’s gone but not forgotten.

Get the sensitivity and immediacy of being able to tap in on the higher levels – an electrical connection that is becoming less dense – that is part of understanding how it can be so fleeting. A little shake, a noise, a wind of other thought, and off they go.

Are we tired of talking about the self yet?

For Normal People, Here’s Why

The idea of a symbol for a particular energy is foreign to most people, due to lateness not being the norm, if you imagine the cycle as a bell curve, with 12:00 at the top, like a normal clock. So if you’re wondering, why bother trying to figure out all the ins and outs of a symbol? Who made up the meanings in the first place? Why do we care about that particular energy?  Here’s why: we care because all the energies together make up all that we are and can be, in the duality of the world. Exposure to that basic concept alone shifts your cellular grasp of the world.

Leo the Little Bird?

Maybe we are feeling small, the little birds, each a  little self.  One of many, in a community, what is setting me apart? I’m acting in unison and don’t even realize it. I’m tied to mass consciousness, I’m part of the cycle,  my life force is made in the image of the cycle. Like wow.

I’m off! I hope you have a wonderful day!


PHOTO CREDS, Creative Commons


Photo by Eric Begin changes made, reduced image size.

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Leo 27: Daybreak 


Leo 27 Daybreak

Every Day a New Day, a New Self Perspective 

How can something so obvious and noticeable be the most esoteric symbol of source and enlightenment on earth, while also being something that we  “don’t look at”? Say hello to the sun where every day is a new day.

This energy is about the ephemeral rewards and renewing opportunities of change that are real every day of the year. It’s a perspective of intuition – something we inherently know and know we know while taking it for granted.  However, we are able to see that there are repeated fresh new starts as we move through life. The rewards may be intangible but they will boost the self the whole rest of the year until the peak at Christmas and through the end of winter. “Daybreak”

Love Leo Stuff

Today’s a good day for astrology and things of intangibility.   It is a good day to encourage self-love.  Leo things are right – cats, hearts, love, sunshine, happiness, playfulness, children – even the day itself, maybe especially the day. For, what is the sun known for the best? Sunrise and sunset, of course. That, and being the source and a great physical symbol for God.  So Leo is about all things of the sun – raw foods, meditation, perhaps even a sunburn – look at Leo 1, “A case of apoplexy.” But don’t have a stroke. And don’t really get a sunburn. I saw a terrible thing today on yahoo news about a perfectly complected 20-something who got one bad burn , and due to the estrogen in birth control pills, will be scarred for life with dark patches (slow news day or Leo synchronicity?).

More About 27

The 27 is at a mental strong point in the cycle, as it is the last and most advanced of the pure air (mind-oriented) signs. Like 26, it is aligned with Aquarian energy and highly intuitive and detached from its surroundings, yet it is more mature, stable and sophisticated in its expression. It looks forward to what the future holds. It is a cycle that “reaps what it sows” but 27 is the receiver of much of what is in the cycle, beneficially.

Here is a place of super-smart. This point of perspective expresses with a natural brightness.  Brightness brings light and activity. Every day is a new day. Hopefulness is contagious (sunbeams). Seeming distant at times (Aquarian detachment, sun is far away).  Approach to the people around you is sociable (air sign, so it aligns with the mental body), yet impersonal and objective (Aquarian). A combination of envisioning and making the most of what you have allows you to see the beauty in the experiences you have.


Idealistic; imaginative; surprising; communicative; independent; unique; sophisticated; objective; detached; complex; intense mental energy; futuristic; community-oriented


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Leo 26: The Rainbow


Leo 26 A rainbow

The Beautiful Wild Self

A rainbow is one of those things that is real but looks like magic.

The 26 days have a special feel.  I think it is the balance that is felt when tapped into the space between this Leo month and Aquarian day (the 26).

Like the camel, the rainbow is holding water. Correlating to early Aquarius, this is the water-bearer energy. The rainbow is colorful and prismatic – €œnow you see me – €”now you don’t! € The presentation has a spirited, willful and futuristic quality of unique and solitary detachment.  The intangible gifts that are received are to lighten your load from a larger perspective. So late in the cycle, this early masculine energy is multifaceted and reflects light so that all of the colors of the rainbow shine through the self.

The 26 retains what’s been learned recently about mastering the material world while breaking out of the conservative box that confines its freedom of individual expression. Just think of the dual rulership that Aquarius has with Saturn and Uranus and see that 26 is a boundary area that the end of Capricorn used to be.  As our consciousness expands, the 26 is able to look magical but be factual. It’s like being on the edge of physics and metaphysics.

As we really release freely (this is the spot of the true rebel at this level of selfhood), a love of the intangible sets in. Here is the beginning of the end: looking forward and seeing the end and wanting to live now, while there is time. The friendly planet, Uranus, is an energetic surprise. We can see that energy and intangibility are in a mental realm beyond the normal senses ”and that just the existence of it brings a bearing on the world. If you could make this real, it would be what is coming up.

A rainbow is a hopeful image. It’s a super-amazing symbol for all that it means. It holds a future we sense but don’t see. There is a pot of gold if you could ever hike to the end. But oh, that’s imagination. The rainbow is real but the idea of an end is make-believe. The cycle of weather (perhaps symbolizing the moods of the self) is highlighted. Magic at the 26, of course, We’ve just jumped off the edge (if you’ve been reading along through the cycle) into the questionable, which leads to the unknown.  Wholeness is further realized through accepting that the €œreal world of duality has already divided wholeness and oneness in its myriad of ways, and that, in itself, validates its natural beauty of cycle.

Key words

Conceptualization; unique; intangible; objectivity; community issues; free will; radical thrust; shocking; future-orientation; dryness; detachment; energetic expression; free-agent.

The Last Five Days

When I worked for hospice, I noticed older people suspect conspiracies more than younger people. They just have a sense that perhaps the doctor is trying to kill them or their loved one. The truth is that towards the end of the cycle whatever it is that was peaking – be it the people or the energy, that thing will be released and let go and something new will come in.

So perhaps after a certain age, a doctor might see a person as on the downside and treat them differently. He might give a medicine that will hurt in the long run for a short term gain instead of advise a weight loss or exercise program. Obviously it is not a conspiracy. It is the nature of nature. When it is realized at the 29, it really sucks – it’s the worst of the worst, missing that last piece. It’s also the best of the best, knowing with more certainty than ever the truth of the cycle. The theory of relativity tells us that. Voila, mid-Pisces. I’m only bring this up now so you can see where the cycle is headed.

Some Basic Ways to Use This to Read Your Chart

There are three levels of this that will help you grasp it.

  1. There is the self. Look at that degree of the sun.
  2. There is the progressed moon and the progressed sun – see them as somewhere in the 30 degree cycle. Whatever degree they are at. learn about these degrees and see yourself (natal sign and degree) in a cycle of creativity that lasts a year (sun’s progressed sign and degree), in an feeling/event cycle that lasts a month (progressed moon).
  3. Finally, we are going through the daily cycle (transiting sun’s sign and degree) together as a group. If you are a solar personality, everything else is secondary to this.
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Leo 25: A large camel crossing the desert

camelnessIntroducing Leo –  the Camel (?)

He’s grounded as solidly as the desert and shows just how far one can go on a little fuel, storing up for the next cycle. Here’s a reference to the promise of a new cycle in the future (planning and conserving), the late Capricorn degrees – the most stalwart and conservative energy, the amazing physical body and what it can do for you (Virgo), gathering and holding meaning (water in the humps) as the way we perceive source and the way to get through  (rather than original consciousness), dwelling under the hottest sun (late Leo) all day.  The largeness of the camel is a reference to its aged-ness.  Will we have enough as we move forward? Things can get a little tense here. It’s hot as hell, maybe scarcity in the future, and we need to conserve. On the other hand, this energy is set up for success, is following the pack, and has lots of experience.

The 25

You rarely see a camel crossing the desert alone – usually there are groups of them. Referencing “a” camel takes us back into the self. We are the final, latest, oldest Capricorn place – the most  and best manifestation of this sign we will find. Here is in-your-face paradigm. He is pulled in conservatively. The structure of the world, the rules we’ve established for the higher good (which the “self” only kinda gets since these ideas are so advanced). We don’t lose our past experiences. We build upon them.

What’s Next?

It is the last earth you’ll see until Virgo goes into the Taurus numbers, in 7 days. The moon is moving out of Capricorn and into Aquarius around 8 a.m. ET.  So expect the days after this to be about this of the self which is more esoteric, working towards wisdom of releasing, looking into the future (yet not being there), and for the early part of Virgo (first 2-3 days) to be difficult to experience what feels substantial.

Much exists beyond this earth place that there is debate about. Here is the border of scientists –  where-after everything not proven like purely mental higher connections, things of the whole of the flow – astrology, intuition, angels, paranormal, fantasy, music – even God (the whole thing)….All of these things exist as part of the whole but exist after earth is over (end of Cappie) – when the Aquarian numbers come in.  As we live through history, it is lovely to see the things that used to be past the normal paradigm being incorporated – now called “diversity” :-)!!! Science does expand the boundaries! I’m talking late now and we’re only at the 25. Dialing back….

The Patriarch in Late Capricorn

I always think of my dad when I see this symbol. He is a Libra 25, and the most responsible father ever. He has a lot of integrity. These 25 people tend to be in charge of managing the law for the rest of the scallywags. He was one of them, working with the police force. The police must feel as alienated as the astrologers at times, being so late! It’s true, based on my observation and the events in the news recently.

Yesterday’s Cool 24 Experience

My wonderful experience on the 24 was that a reader wrote in with her example of seeing the symbol in the day as reflected through a “personal sun” – a person or experience in the life. It was as simple and amusing as seeing her grandson/”sun”  sleeping until 11 and then staying in his pajamas until after 1. The picture just clicked. She saw his unkempt self.

Many people have not the slightest idea of what I am talking about and as for the ones who do, they don’t experience it enough, imo. Yet it is the piece I keep going back to as a practice for people, to have that little experience of seeing God, and knowing “God” (the sense of wholeness within, an intelligence beyond your own, everything beyond you, plus you) telling you, “Yes, I am.” So when you do get it, there’s a click, and a little cellular shift, and then once you are open to it, it starts to happen more and more.

Eventually, it becomes more about the number of the day in the sign, and not the sign and number, in a way. This is because the day, like Leo 25, today, has a consciousness that can be found in Aries 25 ( “A double promise,”  where at this point, you realize your Higher Self is much more present than you thought, so the promise is on two levels as the physical is obviously wrought from something higher), a material reality shown in the Taurus 25, a way of naming things that is shown in Gemini 25 – so there become many more places that you see can “see the day” until eventually you see that it plays out every day perfectly, in those you meet and the things that happen to you. It’s like observing the matrix.

thought 24 was a good day for some of the manifestation of what we’ve been talking about to be realized! If you want to try to find the symbol in your day, here are other 25 symbols you can also work with:

Aries: A double promise
Taurus: A large well-kept public park
Gemini: A man trimming palms
Cancer: A dark shadow or mantle thrown suddenly over the right shoulder
Leo: A large camel crossing the desert
Virgo: Flag at half-mast
Libra: Information in the symbol of an autumn leaf
Scorpio: An X-ray
Sagittarius: A chubby boy on a hobbyhorse
Capricorn: An Oriental rug dealer
Aquarius: A butterfly with the right wing more perfectly formed
Pisces: A purging of the priesthood


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Leo 24: An untidy, unkempt man

untidy mebLetting it All Go

This is what happens when the ego sees the higher truth. The man symbolizes Leo in his current state – falling out of cycle. There’s a sense that the self is flailing a little bit now that it’s commencing a week-long decline towards the 30th day and movement into Virgo.  It certainly wasn’t long after the peak that the self fell into disarray. The rest of the fall isn’t so bad (until you get to 29, which can be).  This is just the result of a combination of the initial panic and sharp pullback of falling. Here is a point of realization – creativity needs to come down into something physical so something is still needed. May as well rest until we figure out what it is.

If you recall back on Leo 13, at the end of the blog, I talked about how, when we’re in an early sign, that the daily cyclical energy goes into places that the sign’s energy hasn’t been yet. In that same way, because of this, I’m not sure the self really cares at this point. It’s getting a little complex to be fun, and things are supposed to be fun in playful, spirited Leo.  It gets a lazy here. Leo has that reputation sometimes but I think it is the 24 that does that. Remember that besides the degree showing us the day, it also shows the creative side of the 24 degree personality – those born at the sign’s 24th degree.   Leo shows the creative side of each number. So, it’s not just Leo 24, but the 24’s in general who are falling.

How It Seems To Me

So there is fear as there is now a sense of letting go to the peak. There is a stricter perception of oneself and what is required and it all must be overwhelming. We are very able to see the flaws from the top, as I said yesterday.  The restricting energy is coming in and now we might feel ashamed of not fulfilling responsibilities. This contributes further to the fallout of the energy of Leo. Capricorn comes in and all of a sudden it is very hard to play and have fun and be sunny when there are so many rules and responsibilities. This is what happens when the child is all grown up. The upcoming tasks are daunting to this particular fiery energy.  It is very complex now. The responsibilities are heavy and weigh down the light expression. Our creative expression starts to look more like work (trust me on this, haha). As we release, the singular pointed energy becomes less cohesive because there are so many other points.

So as this sign falls out, it will look like some hopelessness, but yet a push to make it not so. There becomes a concern about one’s health and a commitment to stop playing around so much and start taking care of the self. I’ve gotten to know the pure Virgo energy and I do notice it is serious and grown-up here as it gets later in the sign.

Do We Care At All About the Moon?

Yes, yes, of course! All the planets eventually play in. We are just trying to get a feel for the sun and its expression in the degree so we know what color to paint all these other personality aspects (as represented by the other planet).

The moon is in the mid-late degrees of Capricorn, so the moon’s energy is still tracking  with the sun’s.  So, the moon is helping us to get a further grasp on the day’s energy. In fact, it puts a stronger emphasis on Capricorn and brings us even more down to earth.

Funny how this unkempt man would be the opposite of what Virgo would be. Another thing is that there is a positive aspect in today’s chart that lasts until tomorrow where the sun is in a nice angle to Uranus, which can help you to better key into how this energy progresses over time.  I would expect a really nice day, beautiful, productive with some grounding of our creativity, especially when your solar energy is well-directed, i.e. when you are being your creative self.



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Leo 23: A Horseback Rider

horsebackrider I Know You, Rider*

Today is the day that holds the perspective of being more astutely aware (than usual) of the ways you, the Self, are able to be above you, the points of lower self.**  It’s a day representing having a sense of oversight regarding the nature our personality points.

In terms of the self, there are many ways to be atop our own self – in terms how we communicate, behave and treat others. One of the best case scenarios is that you’re being the self while observing from a higher perspective and respecting the other selves that you encounter. You can see from your Higher Self what is right and what is wrong – for you. You honor that although the day is tiptop, not everyone is in the day yet, so there is greater patience in slowing down the energy and allowing others to have the path for themselves. The Self has a choice, the free will, and a responsibility to behave how it will.

Giddy up, Leo 23

hbr3The Leo 23rd degree represents the self at the top of its game and shining brightly. This degree is one of those that has the triple mix of energies – Sagittarius, Capricorn and everything in-between. The Sag is a highly self-confident, passionate and fiery energy that is similar to a heightened 22 (loving philosophy and religion of all natures). The middle (very top) is a blank space between the first and the third -€”something unfathomable, a quiet place of light silence and connection with the zero-point of breaks, rests and emptiness. The third is the earthly, physical realms of success and achievement. This is where things happen on the material plane (early Capricorn).

Thus, the friendly planets are the Sun, which symbolizes a creative, outgoing and ardent nature, and Saturn, which then confines and constricts this fiery energy to result in an archetype of societal status, duty and perceived success. Because there is a constricting influence of this tiptop sign (because we grow grow grow in 20, 21 and 22, and now we have to pull back, to stop growing and start atrophying)  there is a sense of respect and responsibility that becomes strong. This is real – it comes out of  heightened, passionate and “right” positive thinking.

Look at the way you treat yourself. Do you beat the self in the places you feel you are inadequate? Don’t handle your horse that way. Introduce that zero point of the tippy top into your thoughts and be kind to yourself in all ways. Self love is a theme today as well.

As a Point of Personality

People look up to the 23 naturally, as it the top of the cycle. The 23 person will express the  beliefs that the Higher Self has about the self’s points and make them a reality. There is also a very slight implication of falling, which is of course the next step after peaking. In essence, at this step we fall into more structure, thus showing the paradigm becoming the paradigm. The cardinality has the strength of vim and fire for us to stay upright, a little like walking along the ridge of a mountain.

In terms of energy, there is very little difference between the points of the self and points of the others. Some “others” (close family members for example) are really present all the time. They are a point of reflection, surely, logically. These who are acquaintances are other lesser known or points that need less exercise? If you are completely insular, you better relate to “God” in some way -different points, like hobbies, music, films or books.

Self-Confidence in Every Case

Speaking of reading, I really like this article for today, and the lady’s nickname (Zebra) shows a certain synchronous connection. If you read to the end, you can find some good advice on being the strong confident true self to your flaws along with your beauties. Flaws are something that are identified at the top, of course.  Here’s the article: She was Teased Because of Her Skin


horsebackrider2This was my favorite horseback rider image that had the proper usage rights :-). Notice the presence of the sun. This young draw-er has a good grasp on the basic solar nature.

I hope you have a wonderful day. Think I’ll go horseback riding and see what I can see!


*It’s from a song that Jerry Garcia used to sing. He was a Leo who achieved stardom.

**The self is the singular point of duality and the Higher Self (or Self) is that whole thing inside of you that observes and knows what is right and best for the singular point.


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Leo 22: A carrier pigeon

carrier pigeonAnother bird known for its domestication and practical purposes, now there’s some flying. It sees far and wide, in a way, with the Cancer energy (“homing” pigeon) and even the Virgo energy well-managed. So, it’s a focused and directed man-like energy that is doing more than just entertaining us with its drunken antics like yesterday’s chickens (and we’ll get back to that interpretation later).

It seems the 20 really changed things, in a way.  I had this sense in my morning meditation that it (the energy 2 days ago)  really brought in a powerful personal revelation that transformed the energy into a complete expression of Leo.

The 22

The 22 is late fire, a mid-Sagittarian concept. It truly is mindfulness, in a pointy way.  There is now the ability to direct the passion of the mind better, since there is the maturity of a man, rather than the more boyish 21.  The challenges are still around the ego and the self, even once we know the Self. This is because the only way we can know the self (personality point) is to know it in the context of the whole. Now that we are above it, we have a passion for the message we are to bring.

At the 22, we are also looking at concepts around that which is basic relatedness. We’re back to the 4 – two 2s. There is a back-and-forth between the negative and feminine and high up enough to be more balanced, even though it’s a lot more complex than 4, of course.

You may notice here that there is no more fighting. There is now peace and the ability to contain the energy because there is such a good mix of masculine and feminine in the 22. 22 in the base 30 has same reputation for mastery as the double digits in numerology. The mastery is really over the self, self-love, seeing the Self, that kind of thing. It’s accessible to everyone!

At about this point, I notice that when I’m not thinking about how to define the symbol, I’m thinking how do I get my message out (my Mars on the MC at PI 21)? How do I tell people what I’m seeing here? Is the answer to get above? Go directly to the top (meditate), relay the message (in the meditation, through the connection with God) and allow it to cascade? Maybe the answer is to soar and coast a bit.

The Message is a Virgo Thing 

In being in the heights of the self, the pigeon represents the higher realization that the self has an even more meaningful purpose than just the message it brings. Virgo is coming after Leo and the health (or, wholeness, presumably fulfilled by 30 days of feminine energy) of the point is necessary. In having this wholeness, the true purpose of the self will be revealed.

So, the carrier pigeon has a double message and it operates on two levels, still a little split one from the other but complete together.  And when Virgo is finished, we’ll be half-way through, have that full-moon experience of reflection about the wholeness of the self, and take the next step into partnership. Yet here, the message is still quite high up – in flight – and has yet to be realized.

A Quick “22” Comment

We want to tell the world whatever it is we bring (the message of our self) but it ends up coming out sounding like ego talking for everybody who is still on that self level.  Which is everybody, of course, what with being human and all. That’s duality. Yet all men really are created equal.

Because All Points = Equal

It’s funny because with a trinity consciousness (“it’s all good”), it’s true that all points are equal (due to the basic positivity of oneness, and the points just reflecting variations of this oneness, like a rainbow). Yet in the duality consciousness it is not true (because all men are not equal on earth. We see some who are advantaged and some who are not). And we see some challenging points, and we see whole and complex points that take the good, bad and everything in-between into account. The trinity is now a real thing – on the top,  expressing in late Sagittarius . The 22 is the master and can see above.

Chickens Intoxicated Revisited

The 21 was a good point, especially in Leo. It is fun, it is wild, it is up and down, and ultimately, it is about love, Here we first encounter the trinity consciousness – the 2, plus the 1, of 21 = 3 – and being in Sag) is a higher way – love consciousness, and acceptance in all its true glory. It’s real.

So, that is pretty good and reshapes a lot of what was said yesterday, in a way.  One Leo 21 day, I was a non-famous extra on a famous TV show. It was my second time. There were a lot of people running around doing nothing like chickens with their heads cut off. There was lots of love on the scene, it seemed. Besides the general good vibe among the the cast and crew, there was a budding romance between extras, and the beauty of the pure solar types all around me. I was captivated. And held captive…until it was over. There was definitely a boring side to it, and also a social side and a third side that was hungry, exhausted, tired of dealing with egos and the need for attention and stardom – mine and everyone else’s side.

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Leo 21: Chickens Intoxicated

chickenHello, Transpersonal Realm

It’s a very silly place, where Leo is like a chicken. Leo is usually the cat. Or the lion. But placed in this spot in the cycle, here we have Leo the chicken. I can see the egg looking like a sun when it’s cracked. And….?

We just finished up correlating to the Scorpio degrees, where the self had an orgasmic experience with the sun – the sense of wholeness (at 20 – the Zuni sun-worshippers). Coming out of this transforming energy is the self that knows the self in terms of its potential (the Self – or the knowing of self as wholeness) and, although we are not quite there yet in terms of timing (that comes in another 10 steps – a third of the total cycle), it wants to apply the new-found knowledge to themselves and for everyone else’s life.

Leo 21

This 21 day/degree is associated with Sagittarius energy, so we have that intoxicating influence with lots of fire and spirit. Correlating, Sag is the 9th step in the 12-step cycle, and it is where religion and strong passions come in. Yet, we are still very much in the personal realm of the yearly cycle – between 7:00 and 8:00. Saying, we are late in the month/sign but not quite that advanced from a yearly perspective. Here we have fire on fire and looking like the coops been flown.

An Ego A-fired

Leo gets set in its ways, what with the energy accumulating over 20 -some days. Of course, the intoxicated chickens are making for a good show. Normally, they can’t get off the ground very easily, but lift them up with some spirit – perhaps some form of fermented berries or grapes – and freedom reigns.  I wonder if they would all be fighting each other like the pugilist of Aries 21 (A pugilist entering the ring)? I picture them all trying to fly around. I hear a lot of squawking. It is a frenetic deal.

The ego has a place. It needs to be strong such that we can make our way in life. On the other hand, too strong and it is a hindrance. Obviously, once a self gets a set of beliefs about the world, incorporating these into who they are is helpful, as a kind of roadmap for handling situations for that self.

On the less-wonderful side, there’s a self-righteous vibe here. Once we know the self as the Self and then go back to being the self again (since we’re always in a cycle we forget we’re in), there’s a holdover and we think maybe we can set up the rules  or a sense of order for others. The self’s point of falseness is typically to see all of the world as the self’s point, which it is not. The world can see this and it looks a little funny. (Think about this in terms of religion and philosophy.) This doesn’t matter to the self.  Each strong ego wants everyone to see the wisdom that they bring and only the super-wise do not expect others to adopt their way.

Flightless in Flight?

If Aquarius is the domain of symbolism, and birds in flight symbolize symbolism and the interface between Heaven and the world, then does a flightless bird, full of vim, vigor, vino and trying to fly, symbolize an opposing point (Leo) in the cycle where there is mostly flapping and squawking and little substance – like pointless fun? Too much fire might be hard to direct. It seems there’s not as much intuition (sense of community mind) this early but lots of early passion to preach things that may not make sense to others.

Chicken Videos, To Make Your Day Complete

I could not find a video of chickens intoxicated, so instead I am attaching a video of chickens made by a drunk person.

Or how about a video about a dance you can do if you are drunk, that will make you look like a chicken?

On a more serious note, I think astrology should be approached from a scientific perspective – ordering nature as it exists (which is what the zodiacal circle has already done, is the idea) in detail down to the day. If a common language was created around the yearly, monthly and daily cycles, everyone could appreciate and accept the whole of the world so much better, as well as others’ and their beautiful selves.

Note how the language is now more “seeing things from above?” In the cycle, we are at 11:00, top of the cycle. (Sorry I forgot to put the clock in the sidebar. I’ll do that now.)

Click here to read more about the 21.

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Leo 20: The Zuni Sun Worshippers

zuni3 The Zunis are an Indian tribe that have a reservation in New Mexico. There is a brief bit on their religion in wikipedia, naming the Sun Father as one of a trinity that also includes Earth Mother and Moonlight-Giving Mother. Just taken symbolically – well it’s clearly a Leo symbol. They’re worshipping the sun, for goodness sake. Where every month has its own “planet”, the sun is Leo’s (actually a luminary, of course).

I Do Need a Miracle – Every Day

You may think what is the big deal but the big deal is that the Sabian symbols were assigned randomly, you know – by the universe. I didn’t make up the symbols – they’ve been around since the 1920’s. I’m not making up meanings for them. I mean I am, but, I use a systematic method (using astrology’s symbolism and established ordering and defining) to arrive at meanings for the degree. Then I go to the Sabian symbol to see if it looks anything like that particular energy. And it always does.

zuni2So, this is a little more than a coincidence here, folks. It is perfect synchronicity, not my intuition, that causes the symbols to (practically) always reflect the sign and degree meaning – which is always assigned based on natural order.  If I used a different set of  symbols, would this work? NO. If I reworded these symbols, would this work? AGAIN, NO.It’s like a daily miracle no one is aware of – even astrologers!

What do I mean by Natural Order?

I wrote my thesis on it for my master’s so believe me, I could get into this. But for the sake of the blog…Here’s an example: What comes first, self or relationship? Natural order dictates a strong self that is then ready for partnership. Natural order. Common sense.

Another way natural order can be understood is to think of the life cycle – development through the life is very much a reflection of the natural order. What comes first, marriage or children? Religion or politics? Philosophy or society? Society or community? Or, see the clock. 

Leo 20 – What it Is and Seeing it in the Symbol

So, anyway,  Leo gets a little more dramatic every day. We’ll see when we get to Leo 30 that the creations of the self are messages from the whole (God). In the meantime….

Way beyond the sun being ruler of Leo, there are many more alignments between the meaning given to Leo and the meaning given to 20, and the Zuni sun-worshipper.

The 20…

2o is a highly feminine number and one that is most focused on intimacy and fulfillment of relationship – on all levels – emotionally, intellectually and physically. It correlates to the late degrees of Scorpio. This is a very complex energy which is quite fixed, meaning very stubborn to be changed. It’s all about fulfilling relationship to realize deep inner transformation. This is the kind of transformation that gets us above ourselves.

The symbol shows the Zunis in relationship. Is the ultimate transformation realized through relationship with the sun as a (physical) symbol for the Higher Self?


So right, the sun typically represents the whole Self, with the various days of the year symbolizing the myriad of points of perspective and personality within this. So, they’re embracing something that’s outside of themselves but something is very close to themselves, at the same time. Through the emotional passion projected into the sun, perhaps they increase the passion and energy that relays to their chakras. And they actually do realize personal transformation through this relationship with the sun.

Leo + 20 = Zuni Sunworshipper?

zuni4I’m not sure what it means to be a sun-worshipper but they may have to chose between themselves and their relationship, like it might require them to throw themselves into fire or burn their eyes out or something.  And there is certainly an implication of long-lasting-ness. Like the American Indians. And the sun.

Ultimately, there seems to be this sense of having to chose between self and the partnership (with Self/love/wholeness) that you’ve created. Here, the self could be sublimated by a greater and transformational experience with “the other” (who is really just a projection of the self as a Self- probably not the who of the other that is at all). This experience is a catapult to the next step.*

Embracing the Fire Within

Again, here is an energy that I relate to.  Of course, the sun in the sky is still within orb of that nice trine with my solar point.  I have a sense of a relationship with the sun in that I mindfully foster.

I like to think of the sun as my friend, who will express in a benevolent way that I can adopt.  I try to get more sun in my life. I do like to be outside, but there are other ways to get sun, too. I think eating raw foods bring in the particles of sunlight, drinking pure water, watching the sunrise, taking pictures of the sunset – those kinds of things. I see my Sunology practice as serving as another way I get more sun in my life. Ultimately, any interaction or experience in life could be considered a solar practice. One day at a time, right?

Will the Sun be the Great Healer of the Future?

zuni sun 1In the future I expect that embracing the sun (fire) in its many manifestations will be found to be a predictor of good health and vitality. I read in the news today that spiritual (again, fire/air) people handle cancer (yes, the disease this time) better than non-spiritual people do. They made a point of saying these are not people that go to church but it’s the people who relate or say yes to being spiritual, which in my opinion means that they have a strong fire component to their personality.

Of course, anybody can be spiritual but most people are not focused there naturally (as it, too, is just one point of many for humanity). Many do not have that strong fire component or realize the benefits (strength of the blood and the heart and general vitality). But when those without a strong fire component learn to direct what they do have in a healthy way, it can be used like REIKI.

Extra sun means an extra sense of connection. The more connected I find myself, the more I can see the whole thing. In a world of duality, where I am a self, it helps to have the Self on my side.

OK, until tomorrow! Enjoy the sun!

* although I’d say the daily rising of the sun is probably the most basic catapulting influence (on our consciousness). It’s a push from a fire/spirit influence, either way.

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Leo 19: A Houseboat Party

houseboat party

A houseboat party can be a pretty sexy thing, I see while I am perusing the images. Everyone dresses in swimsuits and prances around tipsily. The champagne is flowing, the canapes are passed and the band plays on.

I used to live on a houseboat. Perhaps there was a party or two. That nice astrological angle from yesterday still exists for me. Yes. the resonance still vibrates nicely but the energy takes another step, further along the cycle…..

Now it has moved out of the lowest degrees of Scorpio, where things can stay general and lacking in detail (thus a little more acceptable), into more specified kinds of teen-aged degrees that act up, show off, and and cause drama. In a good way, because it is Leo.  We can’t get off this boat, so we better get along with everyone. Things can get intimate and thus more emotional and extreme.

Something reminds me of this scene on an airplane…I think it was Spinal Tap – where everyone thinks they are going to die and start confessing and apologizing, and then everything is OK and they all have to stay side by side for another few hours, dwelling and wallowing in their self-revelation. Right? That is very 19.

We do project, you do reveal yourself through your words and actions. Yes, I can be negative in a positive degree. This degree is actually more Neptunian (about the water) than Plutoian (about endings). But I’m trying to make a point about the level of intimacy this perspective appreciates. I have a friend who is a 19 and she writes erotica. She hasn’t branched in the niche of houseboat erotica yet but when she does, watch out, world!

That which is focused on at a day like this shows your personal needs from others and the issues of dependence and independence start to play out. The self will prevail in this little game of being in the emotions and above the emotions at the same time, and the ego can be more concrete by putting the emotions in a place of simultaneous control and submission.  Notice how the houseboat is its own little island. You and everyone else, all in the same boat, geared for strong egos about what life means to them and intimate conversation.

Sea-sick? Tough luck. Go lie down. Someone will probably fall on you, ruin one of your possessions or  humiliate you; it’s just that kind of perspective. No, I’m joking. Best case scenario, you’ll read something that implies all this (like this does) and that will be the extent of your experience with the energy. There are benefits to aligning yourself with the point of the day. Gentler encounters may result.

houseboat2Is this your point? It’s Leo. It is really fun, because there can be dancing, eating, stepping outdoors, changing the environment completely. There’s confidence at the 16, freedom earned at the 17,  solitude in the intellect at the 18, and now it’s given meaning and depth while keeping one’s ahead above the water. Remembering this perspective is also about your relationship with what you’ve created.

The symbol is alluding to the state of being above the water. Following normal symbolic understanding of water, it references the personal emotional state in relationship with a loved one. In context, it is specifically about the emotion of interaction with another point, one that reflects you, one you might see in a partner or in something you have created, like a child or a self-expression.

Yes, 19 is a water number, associated with the dark/feminine sign of Scorpio. The darker, the deeper, is what I gather. And yet in Leo, we have a party. In all the pictures, it is day time not night time. And we are above the water. What a relief to be able to be so grounded in the self and ego that we can be above our emotions and have so much fun. It’s almost like the 19 day is overshadowed by the sunshine that Leo brings. And it’s really no wonder. Four more days of building the creative expression (day 23 is the peak) and then  a release.

Click here for more about the 19!


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Leo 18: A teacher of chemistry

chemteacher two

Please, Stay With Me

Well, it’s my day in a way – what with being born on the 18th degree of a different fire sign. I see my “Sunology” creation in this symbol of the teacher of chemistry.

For example, in chemistry, you are learning the Periodic Table of Elements. In Sunology, you are learning the degrees, each with its own symbol. Each element is an individual and can build upon others, as is true with the degrees around the zodiacal circle. What is “chemistry” about what I do? 18 is the middle number in the five partnership numbers, so it is about the poles of positive and negative energies.  I usually break the 12 into two pieces to begin with, to explain basic masculine and basic feminine energy – what these look like, and go from there. It is also about the mysterious empty spot that makes the connection in between. I talk plenty about that!

But when I go…I really go into too much detail and everyone gets confused.  I talk about base systems. Base two is easy – positive/negative. Yet the more I break it down, the more confusing it becomes. Diagrams help. A lot. The real rubber meets the road when the intellect spins itself into what-if scenarios between one element and another until an experiment must be done for proof. Then in that in-between place, the zero-point between the masculine and feminine poles…Poof! An explosion? That grounds us down and gets us closer to the truth of fusion (Libra intellect into Scorpio emotional bond).

Quick Lesson

There are a few different uses for these degrees. What we’ve been talking about so far is seeing them as daily perspectives. Today I am identifying with a degree (my “birthday” degree – the degree the sun was in when I was born, the 18th). I really think the Leo symbol shows you how that point creates or how it is the self, or how the person expresses or what the creativity looks like. The rest of the “18” symbols make up more about me as an 18. I can look to the Aries symbol to see my basic consciousness. I see Taurus the way I experience the physical. The Gemini is great for showing the way my mind works and perhaps how others perceive my communication….on and on, the same for you.

If you would like to know what yours is,  send me your birthday, time and place and I will tell you.

More Comparisons with the Symbol and Sunology

I know my stuff is quite teacher-y. Maybe too preachy. I want to interact but sometimes it comes off a little dry – until it sinks in. To understand Sunology, your intellect must be able to go broad – able to extrapolate into a beyond-ness beyond our current beyond.  The silent place is actually where all the action finally happens. And then I put myself in the other’s place almost too much – trying to be a student from the teacher’s perspective. And I tailor it ever more carefully, until again it goes to nothing.

Clearly the 18 is not without its faults. It’s a wonder anything can be taught at all. 🙂  So, yes, I know I’m a natural 18. Can anyone fix me? LOL! No…although I can become more through awareness. I can balance my approach, less intellect, more connection. I can try to throw some real life examples in, not just the experiments! Show, don’t tell! Be factual, be practical, be relational, be social, be intellectual…Be what’s real. Deliver proof!


chemteacherThe Teacher in Me, Popping Out

Would another number do to describe me? Yes, but not very many of the other numbers would be so perfect to represent my creation. Other numbers would describe different aspects of me, but that gets too complicated for this lesson. Later, you’ll be able to synthesize for yourself.

Once you know the cycle half-way around pretty decently, then you can find where you are in it, in lots of different ways, and where your friends are. Also, you’ll be able to look at personal cycles from a 30 month and 30-year perspective. There’s lots of interesting stuff to come, and it becomes richer as you study longer. Like chemistry.

I also like the idea of chemistry in terms of partnership, of course. One thing I have specialized in is relationship astrology and I always thought I’d like to have a dating service and match people up astrologically.

Click here to see more about the 18

This is a Libra/Scorpio day with silent mid-point; partners and relationships; other-oriented; suspicions; people-pleasing; well-mannered; high social focus; symbolism; connections; mysteries; flirtation with darkness; love of puzzles (putting things together); analysis; issues of reciprocity; control around dark emotions; meditation; slow release; change-agent.

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Leo 17: A nonvested church choir

nonvested church choir

Check Out the Talents!

Leo 17 can be a very dramatic and interactive approach! Granted – it’s a spirited day and in Leo, and it likes to show off this self, in all its many voices and expressions. It’s also like a day of being equal in partnership when the higher interest is the self. So, there is a focus on the partner but it is mostly in terms of what passion the self wants to bring. It’s very individualistic.

Why a nonvested church choir? Leo can be unrelentingly upbeat and positive. Every man for himself! Yet stick with the group! Non-vested, so there is that implication of freedom. The lack of commitment comes from an association with the planet Uranus. You see another reference to religion with the Sagittarius symbol, “an Easter sunrise service.”

Anyway,  you can hear this Leo coming! It’s teen-aged level masculine energy, so this is especially artistic, creative, and pulling from the self’s inner resources.

Now we are past the midway point in Leo and in an exciting number.  There is a pattern when you correlate the 12 over the 30, which is for every 2 signs, there are five degrees (see the clock in the sidebar). So, the ones ending in 7 are heightened expressions of the mental faculties. Meaning that there is a bright and interactive quality to this perspective as well.

Can you see that with the symbol of the non-vested church choir?

That connection to 17 gives this Leo energy more of an ability to grasp intangibilities and synchronicities better than other days. If you resonate with this energy, it can be an exciting influence. 17 asserts freedom from the dependence-oriented 16 and is prone to radical and surprising swings.

There is also a twist or a sense of edginess due to a kind of separateness and erratic nature of the basic consciousness of 17. Seventeen is also idealistic when it comes to one-on-one relating and creates reciprocity, equality and independence within dependence. This can be really good because there is a humanitarian appreciation for others that leads to self-love. At 17, the ultimate heightened awareness comes through seeing the path as a dance of impartiality and love consciousness for the God in the other. After all, they are the mirror for you to know yourself better.

Key words:

Ideals; marriage equality; uniqueness, need for space; commitment issues; independency; freedom; unpredictable and unusual; being progressive or alternative, seeing differences between people yet still relational; intellectual or highly alert approach; detachment from identity and dependency; independence in togetherness; socially aware and impersonal. 17 rules concepts like homosexuality and androgyny.

All the 17 Symbols

Aries: Two prim spinsters
Taurus: A battle between the swords and the torches
Gemini: The head of health dissolved into the head of mentality
Cancer: The germ grows into knowledge and life
Leo: A non-vested church choir
Virgo: A volcano in eruption
Libra: A retired sea captain
Scorpio: A woman the father of her child
Sagittarius: An Easter sunrise service
Capricorn: A girl surreptitiously bathing in the nude
Aquarius: A watchdog standing guard
Pisces: An Easter promenade

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Leo 16: Sunshine Just After a Storm


Sweet Sixteen Shows Her Sunny Side

This 16th day/degree, correlating the the first 12 degrees in Libra, does well in Leo. It is positive on positive, so a very masculine (out-going), lighter day. How do you handle hot socialization? By sparkling? Or perhaps, with Libra, the answer is also about reflecting. We look in the water – drops on trees, in the grass, puddles in the road, and we see a light shining back at us, in this symbol.

Relating works in many ways. Three come to mind. First the other person acts to reflect you and clarify your own point of consciousness. Second, the “other” is a whole other group of points of perspective, and thus offers a way to learn about these other points. This helps to make you more whole, to help you accept more. Third, profound personal transformation comes from relating! We’ll see how that works, as we progress through the next five days, which are the relationship days of the month.

16 is partnership. This partner shows you you. Opposite-ness. Here are two halves – balance. At the Sixteen, the perspective takes pursuit, in order to get some experience with the other. The energy is about partnerships, socializing, issues of co-dependence, a lot of together-ness, and having peace vs. tension. Well, of course it is getting complicated when you add the other into your mix, as if they were part of you! Clearly, you cannot have relationship before the self is developed, because you are going to need that strong self to figure out what the heck is going on. So that’s what we are really doing here. We’re evaluating the other in terms of who we are. Sunshine realizes it needs a storm to make others appreciate it.

Maybe the self as a point typically views their side as right and the other side as something like a storm – a piece outside of them blowing through or an emotional complicated troublesome influence? Especially when being assertively the self, as the 16th degree would. See how the sentences I say about what Leo would look like at the 16th degree fit the symbol so well? That’s how it works.

More on the 16 at the academy…..

Quick Sunology-Related Thought

Speaking as broadly as the 30-day cycle or even the yearly cycle (roughly twelve 30-day cycles), there do not seem to be “good” days and “bad” days. Some of the symbols look a little rough but this still doesn’t pan out to good and bad. Follow the cycle to find what days you resonate with. Every day is taken from a matter of your perspective.

Over time, watch the moon go through the Sun’s degree perspectives. Try to imagine it like that, and how it is different for men and women! The moon is actually amazingly accurate in revealing the events of the day. Sometimes when I want to be even clearer on the day, I will watch the moon’s degrees tick through the hours. You can also watch the degrees as the tick a single degree every four minutes….at the ASC and the MC. These points represent both the paradigm’s peak (MC) and the zero point of all/nothing. I love to feel the shifts. Because the entire cycle is love, there is love in every piece.

All of Sixteen’s Sweet Symbols

Aries: Brownies dancing in the setting sun
Taurus: An old man attempting vainly to reveal the mysteries
Gemini: A woman suffragist orating
Cancer: The man before a square with the manuscript scroll before him
Leo: Sunshine just after a storm
Virgo: An orangutan
Libra: The boat landing washed away
Scorpio: A girl’s face breaking into a smile
Sagittarius: Seagulls watching a ship
Capricorn: Boys and girls in gymnasium suits
Aquarius: The big businessman at his desk
Pisces: The flow of inspiration



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Leo 15: A pageant

pageant 2

We’ve made it to Leo 15, the midsummer celebration degree. It’s patently beautiful, shows a cycle of events, and has a quality of passion and movement. Passion plays can be pageants. It’s full of self, with the varied perspectives being played out as performers. It is demonstrating in a very way and getting attention, front and center, with an audience and maybe even a stage. Certainly there are refined and beautifully-dressed women. Imagine the fun and excitement!

Personal Experience

When I first started studying the Sabian symbols, I was focused on the north node for a while. I understood it to mean one’s highest potential, or what to move towards and aspire to, whereas the south node was the easy way out. In any case, mine is at Leo 15, so I saw in Rudhyar’s book, “The Mardi Gras carnival crowds New Orleans’ streets.” Awesome. I got to know about Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday and all that. I was young then and I bought an amazing Mardi Gras dress. Then New Orleans was hit with the floods and the synchronicity piled up. Neptune at AQ 16 rx pushed back against my south node, opposite my north node, and I could see myself projected  – not just in those I attracted but my everyday experiences and even the larger world around me.

After a while, I learned it was “A pageant,” originally. This was vastly broader and meant much more to me. It was a point I came to relate to the idea that using the originals speak to the pure intuition. What right does anyone have to re-word? I became disappointed in Rudhyar. :-). Then somehow he spoke to me in spirit once in a while and I came to appreciate him again, ha ha. I really see how the right symbol will come along for the right time for a person (be it whatever set of symbols). It’s a matter of the general approach versus a personal approach. I want to teach these, so my approach is more structured and wants to be founded on something that was real – the actual meeting of Elsa and Marc.

I recall being in a pageant around the age of 12. It was a large stadium-sized re-enactment of the historical event of people coming from the east to settle California. I was born in Sacramento and we traveled everywhere, since my dad was military. My mother was also in the pageant. She took me. Her connection was Jupiter at Taurus 15.  I think a square at identical degrees is less “tensional” then other squares.

How Does it Work Again?

Leo 15 is one of the 360 different positions that the earth travels through, moving one step a  day (in relationship to the sun). It makes a full circle every year and in doing so, makes a pattern of energy that forms all energies that eventually manifest as everything that is. So this day, like all the Leo 15 days in history, symbolizes one step/day along a whole circle of steps, the year, that ultimately expresses everything in its natural order (the circle being a year). It has its own meaning, unique to the other 359 days/steps, that is based on where it exists in relationship to both the other days in its month and to the whole of the year.*

This is a very simple and basic understanding, because the sun is in constant motion as it moves through the degree. There are gradations.  Plus, the sun is the integrator of all the other influences (moon, planets, asteroids, what-have-you), so in real life, the characteristics are weighed together to make up the day. So what I am trying to do is give a tool that might better fine-tune each degree, so a new level of integration can be utilized. Yes, it is complicated for astrologers. But to have the degree better nailed down, that is a pretty decent level of detail, and with the associated set of symbols that seem to reflect what we would predict it would look like, it’s rather miraculous! I believe predictions can be made because the cycle will play out step by step. The questions are, how many steps are there in the cycle, where are we in that cycle, and how long does each step last?

What’s Leo and What’s 15?

beautiesSo, the energy of the day at the 15th degree of the sign/month is understood to be of functional structure, femininity, gentility and a bit routine.  There is exactness and refinement. Leo is naturally a lot of show in a fiery, proud way, but this particular breed of demonstration is a little more pulled in. You see the aspect of  repeat or pattern that comes up at 15. This degree appreciates perfection in presentation. The style, routine, predictability, fashion, beauty and natural Venusian expressions are highlighted. You can feel the heat of Leo building. There *is* going to be a party. Look to the peak of the cycle, at step 23.

beauties 2The friendly planet is Venus, in both 15 and 16. Leo’s 15 is not the Brazilian beauty, dressed in feathers and stilettos. I would think that would be 16.  At 15, like the pageant, there is a showing of the self, but in a way more grounded and natural. An earthy Venus is one of a more comfortable loveliness. There is exquisite-ness and the maintenance of  feminine mystique. 15’s form follows its function in practical signs. In Leo, it is a bit looser but still demanding to form.

* This is a two-dimensional explanation for a multi-dimensional process, so it’s flat, to make it easier to understand.

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Leo 14: A human soul awaiting opportunity for expression

soulwaitingInteresting that this one is so keen on waiting. There is a certain tightness, a Virgo-esque quality, to this symbol, for a soul would normally be free, without the waiting constraints of the world of duality. But today is a 14, and a Virgo/earth day, in a fire month and the friendly planet (decanate ruler) is none other than stern task-master Saturn. Assuming this human soul is as free as the next, the waiting must be a conscious action. Underneath the apparent holding back is a sense of timing. A track that this soul is on, patiently or maybe not…..maybe wisely and with discipline, making his or her way into the world of play. It reminds me a bit of little girls doing that thing with their hands right before they jump into the jump rope. The soul has also the ephemeral quality that is fitting for a fire sign.

When Light Plays With “Hardship”

This is the anniversary day of a wedding I officiated in 2012.  You know, I don’t like to call the 14 a “day of hardship” but it can be known as such, if understood properly, objectively. Just a friendly reminder that the featured planet is Saturn. Saturn is the stern taskmaster and there is a focus on personal karma (since we are still connected in a continuation of the previous Leo energy). There’s structure around some free fiery thing. These actions of the self are perspectives, all of which create more perspective (karma).

Highlight on Health and Sickness – Virgo Things

In this case, the bride’s mother was too sick to travel and her father needed to stay with her so he could not walk the beauty down the aisle. The groom was a young man and very ill with a serious form of leukemia. In retrospect, he was the soul awaiting the opportunity, because he died in October, a few months after the wedding. Both bride and groom had their priorities in line because of the struggles they had endured.

Seeing what a magical day it was, with the moon in Pisces (2012) and the delight of his and her family and friends to be had, I predicted a good day. I also said I would pray for no rain, which came true, which was good since there was no back-up indoor plan B.

What wasn’t taken into account was the wind, humidity and heat (thank you summertime Leo). But it was at a beautiful setting on the bay (mid-earth, nature). The groom fell down after chasing the children, ripping his pants and banging his ear. He was okay. The groom’s mother and I had connected before at her ex-husband’s funeral and she was upset that he was stressing himself. She said his five sisters were keeping him well medicated.

At some point, I met the bride in the ladies’ room, early-on, while she was talking about her parents not able to come and she said, (with a somewhat accusatory tone), “I thought you said it was going to be a good day.” Well, actually, I knew it was a 14 so I must have whispered “day of hardship” at some point during our first meeting. The only thing, with the sun in Leo, there is always going to be some sunny benefit to fall back upon.

When Grand Idea of Self Faces a Slight Hesitation

But in fact it was….another day in the heaven of this earth, another day to talk and hear about love consciousness and the trinity and be met with blank stares as if I was from another planet. I tried to explain adding three-ness to the life; no use. The thirty day cycle – making it a priority in one’s thought, to add more trinity, more goodness, more flow, better luck, an ability to create heaven on earth, at least for a moment…. and somehow some people hear that I want to structure the entirety of experience and box us into certainty and assign blame. Voila, day 14! (Notice how I make it personal, also 14.)

It’s Leo, Right?

Right, we are in the middle of the Leo cycle now. Some of the Leo themes have been ego, self, love (heart), passion, and Self. I would equate the “human soul” to self, in one way. My grandmother used to say I was a “sweet little soul” but there was always implied some impish human component. So, there is discipline that could benefit the situation of Leo – think of it as a cooling-off period.

What’s Next?

It’s been a good party so far. Tomorrow’s a service and refinement day and then we get into the five relationship days (16 through 20, or Libra/Scorpio), where a lot of growth can be experienced. Then we have the highlights of the sign in the five days after that. So enjoy yourself now that we are in Leo and going to have fun for a couple of weeks.

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Leo 13: An old sea captain rocking


Keep on Rockin’

Thirteen is the energy of Leo, Virgo, and that special place in-between. This space is between the highest personal fire (self-expression) and the most general expression of useful purpose (one’s daily grind, my work, routine). Yet we are in the sign of Leo so the energy of fire is maintained at the core. You have the rocking, and it is perfect, because it is that mutable and mercurial energy of Virgo and shows the vacillating routine and alludes to back and forth between Leo and Virgo. There was rocking on the ocean, when the self was the full self, and it remains, even as this energy ages.  The sea is the whole thing, an ocean of all-ness, emptiness, everything, nothing – the middle point. The captain is the boss, the king, the captain of his own ship, the self.

Looking Back to “Get” What’s Now

Let’s understand we are all self (ish) and we have no choice but to follow the path of the self. Therefore, it is better to accept this for ourselves and that this is the same for others (although it will probably look different). Doing so broadens us and gives us more points of self, thus less ego – which is like the focus on a singular point above all others. Here we can see that when the ego’s passion is removed from the equation, creativity can speak for itself. It’s the flow of spirit through that space which creates and when one is self-aware, the creation is god-like (late Leo of the 13th degree, since this energy coincides with Leo 25 – Virgo). With the healthy ego that was formed in 11 and 12 now held in check, there is time to give what you have to show as well as show what you have to give. It’s also a good day to release the past and embrace this new stronger sense of self and Self. Leave the ego behind.

Why an Old Sea Captain?

At first, when the captain used to sail off, no one would know if he would come back alive. Now he can reach people on a satellite phone and his movement is tracked with GPS.  So now the sea captains are not so alone but they used to be completely cut off from the world. The old ones would know about the solitude. Also consider the rocking of the boat that is a constant (the zero point again), and which is carried forth in the next step.

Virgo is crazy about precision. The sea captain has to be ever on guard for mistakes of his own. He also must be very intuitive and tuned into the self when out crossing the seas. When we get into these numbers that represent concepts past Leo (13 and beyond) while in Leo (the first self-aware sign), it gets a little funny because “they” (this perspective, mind you) start talking about things that are beyond them. For example, there might be a conversation about actual work (#14 and 15). The job of sea captain is quite a bit of lolling about. Or maybe relationships (#16 – 20). How difficult it is to be alone all the time, out at sea, while leaving the “other” in their life alone. Notice the fact that relationship with others is not encountered (in the natural cycle) yet.

Leo Shows Some Love

One of the many affinities of Leo is “love.” I put it in quotes because it becomes the greater “agape” kind of love later, when the cycle has been completed in its fullness. It’s not really the high objectivity and appreciation of the friendship (Aquarian) love. This is the love of the heart, that person (or maybe even a thing) that the self cleaves towards. It is a selfish love. It is loving because we are getting what *we* want. When the self comes alive in a sense of union, the other is also enlivened and filled with the spirit, this fiery passion of the sun of self. It feels like the meeting of two “fullnesses,” lol, and it is contagious. Love of another, love of life, love of the play, love of the brilliant self? Leo begins to look like love (more consciously) around the 10th degree, when compassion is encountered in the gentle fulfilled feminine. Now the love is that meditative place of peace between the ages.

Words for the 13th Day

Leo/Virgo type of day, Thursday, August 4 : creative frustration; dedication to service; nervous energy; dependability; seeking dignity in service; whole-heartedness; perfectionism; self-expression to the point of grounding down into the mundane; stability; order; purity in service. Click here for more on the 13th degree. 

The sea captain symbol can help define this point of the zodiac when taken in context of where it falls in the year and thus in relationship to the other points that grows the whole (of everything!)


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Pay Attention to Whoever is Talking the Loudest, Then Listen

evening lawnpartyLeo 12: An evening lawn party

Today is a 12! It’s a sunny day in Leo’s world, with the sun in its own sign and its own degree. It’s barely daybreak.  I’ve watched the sunrise. I’ve eaten a dozen fresh figs off the tree outside. I am working on a response paper to my own artwork. Leo and 12 are both creative expressions so that might make it easy. But how can one respond to one’s own artwork? While creating it, I was just doing what felt right and  natural. Is that so special? Does anyone care? Isn’t art the flow of God through one’s self? I mean, on the best days. Was that what it was?

It sounds like a tropical rain forest outside the door because the two huge fig trees are brimming over with ripe figs and the birds are eating all the ones I can’t reach. The evening lawn party is fully in the swing of the fun and playtime that Leo brings. Some of the keywords include a sense of the child-like fun, a noisiness that leads, leadership; up-beat; pride; fiery; open; self-expressive; proving the self for the self’s sake; passion for the self; fired-up with confidence; new approaches; sunlight-filled; self-assertive; kingly and queenly; fun-filled and lifted. Why is the party in the evening on a day like today? Because, the sun hasn’t set yet and it is so close to the horizon, it is almost as though it is at the party, too. Find and feel the energy and the passion of the vibe in the day.

I just had this thought, it is well to remember that fire is more flowing than angular. It goes back to the foundation of the glassblowers at 9. We are working with something that can be shaped more than a typical fixed sign. Leo is like a new teenager, in a way. The child was completed in the development of Aries through Cancer, and now there’s a fair bit of movement

I believe we become (at least in the moment!) what we focus upon. Think about astrology. This is why I implore you to focus on the sun, especially in Leo. Build a strong sense of self. Take care of you. Know what is good for you. Live the dream of the self but know that this too evolves and becomes something greater in its broader consideration. Think and talk about love, children, play, lightness, parties, heat, energetic energy, cats and hair. Yesterday’s old moon in the morning had me reading a very childish article about a young woman who had cut her hair into a pixie and suffered, haha. Letting go of the hair. New hair.




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Leo Shows it’s Fun Side

children swining

New Moon at Leo 11:  Children on a swing in a huge oak tree

The sun is in Leo, in the young part of a Leo degree (11), expressing a super up-beat playful vibe. The day is like a double Leo!  Between the children and the swing is clearly a lift, needed at this point. We’re feeling enthusiastic and celebratory.

And what a wonderful day for a new moon. There is such a difference between the 10th degree and the 11th. Here, we are really embracing the self. As I greet the day, lying in the morning dew (leaving it behind), I look up and ponder that it’s been a long time since I’ve seen so many playful shapes in the clouds. There are fluffy animals, and towering sea creatures, and even one reflecting me reclining on the earth. The difference between 10 and 11 is that the 10 is both natural and saturated, offering deep security, but it is feminine, fated, unconscious. There’s some faith here. Then, the deep sense of security is carried forward into the 11 (symbolized by the oak tree), but the unconscious is no longer the focal point. Now there is conscious empowerment – the self-power of the legs pumping, fed by the energy of the sun, the solar plexus of the children, united.

Notice the partial cycle. There’s a going back and forth, but effort is extended half of the time and the fate drops you back the other half. When I was a child, I had a recurring dream of looping all the way around.

Leo 13 also has the back and forth movement but whereas that seems more like moving back into a glorified past of self and forward into the settling of Virgo, Leo 11 is more about being in two separate moments, both of them good. Eleven has a head-to-head tendency. The fire of our self or energy pushes us forward and allows a playful falling back, being held securely. If the children are the aspects of the self, the various points building from the egoic base, they’re gearing up now for fuller and healthier expression as time marches on.

The huge oak tree conjures the impression of being firmly grounded, or secure, in the sense of self. There’s a chance to fall but not too far. This perspective is the basic ego growing into an independent self with personality and all its associated cycles. It knows itself and wants to be itself – yet this is prior to being grown-up and having to work to care for this self.

There is an awareness about the self and its freedom (or spirit or maybe even birth right) that each individual person has to follow the circumstances of their self in their efforts to become aware of the Self.

What Have We to Look Forward to?

And yes, if you’ve been following along, you’ll know we are back in the positive way of looking at things. There’s a sense that things will get better just by having a clearer understanding of who we are. We can always draw connection and energy from the sun. The self’s communicating faculties are ready to fully express themselves. There’s a touch of innocence again. Yet it’s more advanced than that. Because Leo 11 lands in the first twelve degrees of a masculine sign, there is a forthright and frank expression that knows how the self is best expressed. Degree 11 knows wholeness by pursuing and expressing the true self without worrying about the rest of the world too much. In exchange, it honors that others must do the same.

Check out the other Eleven symbols and the keywords here. 

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Leo Becomes a Gentle Lioness

dew with sun

Leo 10: Early morning dew

What happens when you mix passion with water in an early expression?

The dew comes from the sun’s shine and the condensation of the air as the sun begins to rise and heat up in the morning. Because hot dry air rises and the heavier air falls, the air heavy with water settles on the grass, which typically symbolizes cultivation or domestication.  Leo is now the creator of something as full, lush and wet as dew.

The perspective of 10 is emotionally vulnerable yet steps out to do what it can naturally, here. Correlating with the late degrees of the feminine sign of Cancer, it is similar to 9 and there is still a lot of sensitivity, but there is a maturity and a confidence or emotional strength (grounding) where more is possible.

In a way, here is childbirth of the child of yourself. There is a much stronger sense for how that softness and heaviness nurtures, through predictability, by being settled and secure. There is immediacy in this image. The message feels fresh and optimistic. The wavering in the sense of self is now settled. Click here to see the other Ten symbols around the cycle. 

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Artists and Their Children


Leo 9: Glass Blowers

We’re in that place where the hollow gets created in Leo. If we were 100% certain yesterday (the Bolshevik), today we are softer, more sympathetic, and tend to come from that place that needs sympathy as well (working in a fiery hell).

Sometimes I miss the important things until I see an image. Glass blowers is a little showy, actually. Many times, there are spectators, watching the formation of their art.

Glass blowers shape under the constraint of the will of their creation. Whereas on a general level, the Bolshevik is quite self-assured, there’s a little pulling here and pushing there, which will mold the ego into something pretty, a little dissolved granted, but getting past simple expression into feeling an ability to control the flow of the cycle. The flow of the heavy lava-like substance has a heavy Cancerian wetness. We’re getting into the child as a offshoot of the ego.

Here is the fire added to earth, with air used for shaping and cooled with water. We become attached to our little creations, which in the case of glass blowers could be pretty little animals with spiraling tails. We are the glass blowers and our creations are now the “stylized” ego points we’ve chosen. To have no point is not possible in a world of object permanence. Just that image that it gets set and then it is permanent. Too rough with it and it goes back to being nothing.At first, it’s shaped and then the fragile ego can easily be broken in Leo. The glass blowers themselves are us, a person who might have to reshape the ego over and over again, as we go through the yearly cycles.

The light can shine through the product and it makes it more beautiful. Compare this to the diamond, the flowers, the crystal of earlier “9” symbols. Here, if you blow too hard, or give too much air, over-analyze it, it will break. The glass blower is the creator of the ego, which goes on to reflect the original intention of the greater artist. Made in the image, and such.

Egos Are Naturally Skeptical

I keep finding myself talking to the skeptic. Here we go again. I think it is because it is the self/ego that is the greatest skeptic. “How can there be anything outside the self?” the self asks. How can there be something the self doesn’t understand or hasn’t seen or can’t be explained in a way the self gets? What if you are a self in a particular paradigm, one that we know on a deeper level exists (or how would everything be defined), yet unable to connect to this knowing enough to corroborate it. The self that is not aware of the perfection of the paradigm of natural order doesn’t even know how it has become formalized.

Annoying Egos

I volunteer to be the person to straighten up the skeptics. So the bigger the ego, the more delicate the situation. The more the air is able to be stored in a self, the more the thought is cleaved around, until we become a veritable reflection rather than something of substance. Then the thoughts leave and all that is left is the form of the ego. Because it is at our foundation, we actually have to be very careful with it, to the extent that most people can live a lie (duality) on earth and be OK with it. If you shake it, you’ll be rejected for challenging the paradigm.

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Loyalty to the Self

bolshevik sunLeo 8: A Bolshevik Propangandist

There is a lot of creativity at this point, where the things we’ve defined have given way to reveal their meaning, At the same time, however fascinating a person is, over time, they dissolve down into their predictable spiel – whatever it is they’re into, a story that is part and parcel to who they are. They’ve thought long and hard enough about who/what (a perspective) they are, that they believe it, at least on a general level.

We’ll try not to be too hard on the ego since it is the nature of personality and we all have one. Yet let’s also recognize that we’re early in the cycle and there are lots of points left to explore which are beyond ego.

We are who we are. These depths show in our every movement and self-expression. We’ve decided we know what we believe in and now we seek others who believe the same. Say you meet someone who knows all about what you believe. First, you don’t believe it, so you both try to seek the other’s areas of weakness. Each person with their own perspective. Individual stars in a variety of constellations in a single universe – days, months, a year. respectively.

Propaganda is all about the sale, and there is some late Gemini here, but to really make it special, it needs to be powerful, very loyal (this is a very prevalent Cancer quality), and passionate combined with an active mind….Leo 8. It is the late highly mental quality of Gemini (with a Uranian influence) melded with the lows of Cancer and seamed with a place of depth and emptiness.

Why the Bolshevik?

Maybe because this is a masculine sign, we have a very fiery (red) Russian. It’s someone with a strong opinion, someone who creates a clear picture of his self (with passions!). You can feel the sun behind him, he’s showing off, his loyalties and allegiances are evident. Sometimes the 8 feels linear, like in an endlessness, other times it is like a  figure-8 loop, or maybe even a spiral, headed downward, and that offers the aspect of talking in circles, into a frenzy. We see the paradox of talk, where once something is said, it ceases to be true, because it is no longer a part of the whole, which is the real truth.  To get to that, we need to explain cycles in cycles and zero-points (nothing-ness/everythingness) and God.

Herein lies my own little religious soapbox – that the oneness of everything can’t be found in a consciousness of duality. Only when you find the relational point between yourself and the duality, do you know this third consciousness, which takes you back to Godliness (consciousness of one-ness). I think it was said well in the Bible, “no man cometh unto the Father, but by me (Christ).” If you consider the “world” and “man” to be references to duality, God to be a reference to oneness. and Christ to be this third consciousness (or way) – the middle place – love, the truth and the life, and apply that idea to the Gospel of John (as a start), then the Bible will begin to make sense!

See all of the Eight symbols here.

Leo, It’s In There!

Leo is not of the clinging variety of energy but here, at the bottom, we see the Bolshevik certainly has that going. Lenin’s whole break was about wanting the members of the Communist Party to be tithing-level loyal. And he was Leo-fixed about this. A Bolshevik would have to be enraptured with the safety net of mother bear. Yes, more than likely the mother/breast/security would be at the core (subconsciously held) and what you see would be more about the fire and belief/passions (Leo). If looking at another person, they may seem small or petty, due to identifying their egos so clearly, but we’re going to try and be more respectful than that to the other’s “self,” since we know it is the order of the day! And loving every point is seems to be key.

Many Sides of 8

Do I seem to know a lot about the 8? It is personal for me. My mother is an 8, my sun is at 18 and my moon is at 28. My Pluto is at the apex of a yod, at Virgo 8. I think you can see me in the 8, as much as I talk and create ideas and think and analyze, and observe and communicate – all with excitement and (hopefully) reason. Yet the more things get spun and then are given meaning (high air into broad water), the more that middle place is accessed. This is why I believe that the high highs and low lows that we are constantly exposed to is about getting us to this third point, the place of accepting the stillness in the vacillation. It can feel like emptiness and it’s simultaneously fullness. My symbol is “an empty hammock.” Have you figured out yours yet? You can send me a message through the comments with your birth day, time and place, and I will let you know.

Reflecting (An 8 Thing) on Leo 6, “An old-fashioned woman and a flapper”

On Leo 6, I noticed myself noticing baby talk. I thought Gemini (talk) Cancer (baby). I looked up a couple of symbols – Gemini 8, 9, 10 (Gemini with Cancer numbers) – none of those. Then against Cancer 6, 7, 8 (Cancer with Gemini numbers) – maybe the fairies or the rabbits on parade. But then I stopped and thought, “what about today?” Ah yes, the flapper. A baby-talker. To show-off. There’s a certain younger-oriented, flirty vibe. After a little while it’s more fun for the baby-talker than it is for the other person. It’s definitely a point but can soon be the whole thing!

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Day 7: Starlight, Star Bright

constellations 2

Leo 7: The Constellations in the Sky

Look! The symbols are getting very imaginative and light now. The next many days are particularly ethereal and fragile – if you can be that sensitive – which should make for joyfulness when you employ objective thinking in the face of highs and lows. I am a fan of the seven. All of the sevens – 17 and 27, as well.  (There are patterns. These are the middle degrees of masculine signs. More on that later and it’s in the book.)  Click here to see the other Seven symbols. And click here to see all the Sabians. We are in the late degrees of Gemini (Gemini 13 – 24) and the friendly planets are Venus and Uranus. Right away, notice a reference to art with Venus and astrology with Uranus.

Seven as an Idea

Seven symbolizes the possibility of Heaven on earth and here it is, reflected in the symbol. If we talk base systems, 7 is the 3 and the 4, so we have the flow of three, which references love consciousness, and 4, which is the intersection of perpendiculars, which makes form (physicality) of the three. These are some of our broadest understandings of the thirty energies and ultimately, three and four together are a good reason to live. This is a Gemini number, mixed with the light of Leo. This deep sense of well-being within ourselves is a great step for the ego, which can have more confidence (Leo).

So, what about the constellations in the sky? The 5 and 2 also exist. The 5 is our human-ness. The 2 says the stars feel so far away. We’re human, we all have our own set of perspectives. We are each a star as well.

I am drawn to this idea that there is a reference to the art that comes from what is real and natural. That if one can follow this thought a little further, it could imply that the art is part of the nature; that whereas as people may see the constellations as an art made by man, they are better understood as the a good example of of the fancy way that thought (in general; Gemini) deals with the manifestation (the stars) in order to name things. In the past, when I’ve observed this Leo 7 day, I noticed deep thoughts about human personality and the soul, and a basic sense of personality comes from the moment of birth – that adoption of the energy that existed at the time you first knew it.

The Personality and Astrology

constellaitonsA quick paragraph to explain what astrology can show about our personality, since everyone is all of the 360 different points of consciousness/perspective. Certain points are emphasized (based on the placement of the planets and other markers at the moment of your birth), giving you your unique perspective and experiences.

The 360 different points of consciousness are defined by their placement in a circle of progressive natural order. Their meaning is originally defined in the earth’s march around the sun, and the energetic relationship therein, moving a degree a day or through a 360 circle in a year.  Note that all of this happens on a symbolic level, which is a finer, more subtle and deeper sense of ourselves that we aren’t as consciously aware of, yet is still based on reality – the sun’s yearly repeating cycle in relationship to our own (rather set) personality.

Sunology is Meant to Include It All

Any system that attempts to put people in a box is bound to fail. One (me in this case) who creates such a system must be reconciled to that, as well as the fact of the paradox that occurs when mankind attempts to live in the consciousness of two different base systems at once (without realizing it) and there are cycles within cycles operating and the students interpreting are all coming from slightly different places. I hope that readers see there is that which is boxed and structured and that which goes beyond, and even that which comes before, and everything else in between, including nothingness. I want to include all of that in talking about the circle of wholeness.

Keywords for Day 7 (High Gemini Type of Day):

Multitasking; self-oriented relationship; gratitude; cheer-leading; communication; imagination; pep talks; social interaction; intelligence; quick-wit; thoughtfulness; factual truth; early intuition; thinking outside the box; embracing the duality of life; magical imagery; detachment; unpredictability; quips; young-ish (boy-ish, girl-ish); surprise, to-do lists.






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Six: Making Distinctions and Defining What Is

oldfashioned womanLeo 6: An old-fashioned woman and a flapper

We are naturally curious at the 6th degree, and this correlates to Gemini. So there are options and variety. The overarching idea should be Leo (where all that previous cycle development gets fired up and shines forth). We’ve talked about how Leo is the self and the ego, and mentioned it is about self-expression. Now is where that starts to come in, to the point that, as humans, we actively define, separate, name and point out the variety of self-expressions that are observed. The previous sign feeds the current sign and the heaviness of Cancer was still noticeable yesterday (rock formations) but is clearly dissipating at this point. Some people have been feeling a speeding-up. It can create anxiety so keep hydrated, breathe deeply and slowly and meditate.


Ego Identity

flapperWhen the symbols were intuited, a flapper was a modern-day type. I can’t ignore the flapping mouth of this one, the dancing legs, kicking it up, as would be appropriate for a Gemini influence in Leo. Leo likes to have fun. The old-fashioned woman would have been the opposite of that, at the times these symbols came in. The Six is like that – comparing and contrasting, defining what is made manifest in Taurus, in order to know what is what. Knowing is key because the Six is the first number with a mental-orientation (vs. the passions, the physicality and the emotions of the other elements in astrology).

At this point in time, an old-fashioned woman and a flapper are one and the same. They are the Gemini twins. Like the sextile, there’s a potential of  harmony; a sense of rapport, a commonality, and the differences are just a matter of light gossip. The flapper fears to become old-fashioned, the old-fashioned woman looks back. The old-fashioned woman once was fashionable or she might not have carried her fashion forward. In any case, we’re not talking about these people, we are talking about ego-identity. And how we define it. Even what this means is beyond this very idea (Gemini is pre-Cancer, 5:00 is before 6:00) of just naming, identifying, calling it like we see it.

A More Singular Point of Presentation

And back to style. Fashion refers to the stylizing of the identity, or how the ego is made. It’s been in development for a while, so it’s not from no-where (perhaps the reference to the old-fashioned woman), but now that the fire is lit, voila! They are both proto-types and stereo-types. In Leo, it is recognized that when you make your choice of how you will display yourself, you’ll be excluding other ideas. Some of these ideas are just what is – what’s naturally made (whether one is old or young, for example) but others are a matter of choice. In addition, we are a product of our times.

Noticing Skepticism

Now you all can do this as well. Take a thread of the symbol, use what you know about the sign and the sign that the degree correlates with, and see how the symbol fits. There are reasons to do this. The one I am thinking of today is that it reduces one’s skepticism. I don’t know if all the symbols are perfect. That’s OK. They are amazing. They fit the meanings. Yes, we know the meanings on an energetic level – where they fit in the whole cycle, in terms of their natural place in wholeness.  It can be different for an individual – something that is meaningful personally, and resonates, when they interpret for themselves. But that’s a different topic. What we are talking about now is natural order in terms of the paradigm.

If you would like to see the other symbols associated with Six, please click here.

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Being Human and Other Thoroughly Grounded Things

leo 5Leo 5: Rock formations at the edge of a precipice

We’re looking at things of a basic and grounded nature – past the Four, obvs, with an added dynamic – experience. It’s still feminine and we still face the ego, maybe now more than ever, since Five is about being human and we are in Leo, the place of the self’s expression.

Look for this in the energy today. You may find it in another person. It could be in the circumstances of a vexing experience.  It could be you, yourself, that you might ferret out when you realize you are remaining rock-solid in the face of an abyss you shrug your shoulders at. The symbol moves from the cross of the 4 to the star of the 5 and managed by the ruler of the third decanate of Taurus (for you astrologers out there) – Saturn. Basic issues of humanity at the testing point. And if you look at the later (Sag, Cappie, AQ and Pisces) symbols, you’ll see Five also takes the higher way, even when enmeshed in the mire. Also, there is the need to get up and go but so, so stuck in manifestation. In Leo, five is being human and needing more but seeing no way out of this reality created by this ego (the fire precursor – Aries 5 –  representing the identity), that is the self.

You may notice an emphasis on an energy of recession and femininity, as this is a Taurus (feminine) day. We may be put to the test today. Hang in there! Haha great line for the symbol. So,  think of the energy and put some sentences to it and then see how it matches up to the symbol. That’s the way it works. Working with symbolism helps to strengthen the later parts of the cycle – the 26th – 30th degrees of the cycle – within yourself, meaning intuition and love consciousness get exercised and increase. On the clock, this is represented by 1:00 – 3:00, and the beginning starts again at 3:00 (the spring equinox).

Desire builds in the 5, as well. So, more and more needs to be done because of the desire to have it all. We all have all points of consciousness. It is our acceptance of each one that leads to a greater love/trinity consciousness within the self.

Sometimes when I think of this symbol, I think of the Pisces 30 symbol (to move you forward a bit to March of 2017, lol), which is €”The Great Stone Face.”€ The point of this Nathaniel Hawthorne parable is that reflecting upon a rock formation (symbolizing anything of a physical nature), is like focus on a “Hero,” (something greater than the self) that brings a person to a grander and healed, or more whole, fully-incorporated self.

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Day Four of Leo – Come Follow the Days of Leo!

Leo 4: A formally dressed man and a deer with its horns folded

Other “4” Symbols can be found on the academy page here. 

In my book, whenever I would write about the Leo aspect of a number, I would use that symbol to represent how the person who was that number (based on the degree of your sun, rounding up for any minutes at all) would show themselves.  For this Leo degree, I wrote, “There is an underlying need-oriented tension caused from having human requirements while conforming to the rules of the world around you.” There is some existential strife possible but it’s not the grief of tomorrow.

So, on this day, look to see how you, or a person you encounter, represents this structure of character, facing you with a sort of stubbornness (Leo + Taurus degree, both fixed signs), and incorporate the idea of self in expression (the clothing a sort of facade or expression) and the sense of a closed-up male (a feminine number and a masculine sign). The horns represent the ego. As a four, you can get the image of the cross-roads.  The man is reflecting the lower animal self through the deer, so he is trying to keep his ego in check but the self is rising out of its shell so it makes it difficult. There is a cross in here, perhaps the animal represents the lower self being stabilized (an image repeated at Leo 23, at the top of the cycle, “a horseback rider,”) through the use of the symbol of four legs. Four is also a solid earth-oriented number, the physical expression, so here is a stronger manifesting of the physical side of something fiery – the sense of self or ego. The word “€œdeer”€ also brings in the trinity aspect because it has the double letters and its symbolism of gentleness, wanting to be kept in check, perhaps.

OK, try and find it in your day, be it in your thoughts, through your interaction with some olar person who is manifesting this energy.

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Themes of Leo: self-expression, how children are, shining forth

A Year of Days Makes the World?

IMG_8959Astrology uses 12 signs. Sunology offers the definitions/meanings of the 30 degrees within each sign, using a systematic method and the Sabian symbols.  The “systematic method” is simple. It is to correlate the twelve signs, which are like months, to the 30 degree (or days) within each sign, thus defining the day. The sun moves in relationship to the earth approximately a degree a day.

The whole year is a like a set of 360 different energetic perspectives (earth to sun and back), or twelve cycles of 30 days each. This “year” starts on the spring equinox and each day progresses upon the next. The twelve months are progressive themes. The 30 days build that theme through a natural and progressive order. What is that order? That is what we are trying to define but can be seen as the manifestation of the world in the structure of the paradigm we are familiar with. The 12 general ideas are consciousness, manifestation, definition, meaningfulness, self-expression, purpose, relationships, transformation from lower to higher, philosophy, society, community and summation – in that order.  They are each very broad and their expression matures as the days of the month tick by. Because this happens year after year, in slightly different expression due to other influences (all of these others dependent on the sun, as it is the source of definition), eventually the energy becomes concrete and expands more and more every year. We grow in spiral but basically the cycle is the same. This builds our inner sense of symbolism. There’s so much more to say about symbolism.

Leo 3: A woman having her hair bobbed

In any case, the 3. Check out all the 3 symbols, and the general definition for the 3 here. Today’s symbol is very “now,” active and present. She didn’t have it bobbed, she’s having it bobbed. “Bobbed” and all those B’s! A bob is a blunt but, it states her masculinity, Coming out of Cancer, she’s had enough of the drama and wants to become a bit more androgynous and modern.  Funny that hair is a Leo concept. In the 20’s, when the symbols were intuited, bobbing the hair was the action of a thoroughly modern Milly-type. She’s got places to go. She’s going to go hang out with Gatsby. She’s about to go to a party. Things are getting looser.

The 3 is typically the point where you first see the sign. Look in the day and see if you can see Leo energy. The moon in Aries is going to stimulate it and might open your mind about ways you can enjoy the rest of your summer and follow your bliss for a little bit. Remember, Leo only happens once a year! I mean, Sag comes and that’s good, too, but Leo is the point that you will see selfishness and contemplate matters of your own heart, and how you express your individuality, and how it expresses you for you.


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The Second Step of Leo – Self vs. Not-self

Leo 2: An epidemic of mumps

mumpsJust an observation – when you go into the 2, everyone’€™s a joker and no one’™s getting the jokes. So be careful, playfulness can be met with offense taken. The jokes that come at you may feel offensive. We are still a little red around the gills from yesterday.  The anger under the skin can still erupt. It’€™s still super hot but we’™re starting to get some control over the situation.

Look back at the earlier 2’s. The qualities are both funny-ness and oppositional-ness (polarity). The problem with opposition in Leo is that the ego is bigger here.  The keywords are fiery spirit; split consciousness; action; resistance; emotional divide; tension; polarity; efficiency; making distinctions; insight; independence; upraising for increased consciousness; and purity of intention. Let’s look at the symbol with regard to this.

Here I see that an “epidemic” is a higher order of more than just a few cases. There may need to be separation (2) between whose who are dis-eased and the ones who are well. The sickness could be a matter of no longer being at one with the self. Mumps are a big red bump – from Mars to the Sun (the decanate ruler of the middle degrees of Aries and Two is Aries 13 – 24). There was apoplexy yesterday; today we have something more systemic but still understood to be temporary. Back when the symbol was intuited, mumps were a more serious situation than now-a-days. So, there is lots of excitement in keeping separation and you get the sense of contagion and spreading, which could be symbolic of a sense that the fire is out of control.

Consider sickness as a symbol. We are all separate from our whole self. We can only be a perspective at a time, not all the perspectives at once. But we know all the perspectives.   We might have a big red mump on us which is definitely not-self. We probably have jokers all around us. A sense of humor is in order. Yet Leo 3 will come to the rescue tomorrow, as it pulls back in, relating to late Aries degrees and early Taurus as it were. Keep drinking water. The moon is now in late Pisces and out of network (VOC) from 3:07 – 8:34 a.m. ET on Sunday morning. You might want to rest up from too much activity. Quiet creativity would be a good outlet for the harsher and dry fire energy of new Leo.

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