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Leo 27 Daybreak What is Sunology?

Sunology is an evolved astrology that makes sense and works, so much so that it minimizes skepticism and opens your subconscious arena (yes, the part of your brain that runs you but you forget about) to a new reality. It is 30 times more detailed and realistic because Sunology defines meanings of energies all the way down to the degree.  It uses zodiacal correlation and symbology, along with natural order (which is common sense) to reveal the true zodiacal cycle and its symbolism as well as who you are and why what happens to you happens.

There are 30 degrees in a sign so Sunology starts from a daily, not a monthly, perspective. By tracking things down to the degree, you are more able to time your future successes, see the highs and lows (and focus on the highs!) of your relationships, and work your natural cycles of success. See for yourself, it works.

Sunology will give you a much better appreciation and understanding for symbolism, timing, imagination, synchronicity and intuition. It will also awe the heck out of you! When you realize all its intricacies, its effectiveness and it usefulness in your life, I think you will want to learn more and more.

One path to happiness is through an experience of awe. That is what Sunology wants to give you.  Sunology has led to an idea of shifting one’s consciousness to a greater awareness of one’s daily symbolism (like interpreting your daily experiences as you would a dream). A few mindfulness exercises have been developed to expand the ability to see synchronicity and awe-inspiring connections between your personal events and something much greater.  Through the realization of your experiences, your truer, broader, deeper expression will crack wide open.  You’ll have repeated experiences of seeing “God” in the every day experiences you have. That is the aim of the First Mindfulness Experience.

If you are a person who could use an extra creative boost –  to re-imagine your world, take your work and relationships to the next level, or to feel more alive –  Sunology is about giving you more tools to release your creativity. It catalyzes additional awareness and your innate intelligence to move your “way” (consciousness) out of its patterns and into a grander belonging to the whole of our Universe.

Do you want to know the secret to existence? After twenty years as a hospice chaplain, I’m trained in counseling and am a “one-on-one” type person. My coaching is made even better because I know you “sunologically.” I can show you why life – and your life within this – is like it is. It’s all NEW and will surprise you. Sunology will revolutionize your internal world.

Details about Sunology Astrology

Sunology Astrology is simply about getting a lot more detail from your astrology.  Every day, every degree of the sun’s 360 degree zodiac, is given meaning and interpreted (not just the signs/months), based on three things: it’s position when in the natural order of a progressive cycle – that attempts to define subjectivity, or the energy that comes before the manifestation – (from beginning to end and all the points in between), it’s meaning when correlated to the zodiacal circle (which is already in this natural order and expounds upon it) and it’s Sabian sun symbol. Any astrologer can get the same meaning for the 360 degrees, because this is a systematic method that correlates the two cycles. On the other hand, I wrote a book and I think about it all the time, so I know it well.

The best thing about this method is that it makes predicting your future based on your cycles much easier and focuses on the normal and mundane rather than the speculative and sensational. Please call me today on 410-271-4963 to request a reading and give it a try.

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