Time Moves Forward

Sometimes, substitutions are required and inventions are born. For example, I’m wearing a padded bra on my bottom, hoping to make my bike ride more comfortable. What? TMI? So, I’m sorry. It’s just such a switch-up. In this case, the purpose will be served.

It seems that as time goes by, there is something created for every purpose. The world and all its things expand and grow multitudinously as time marches forward. That fits in with the Sunology philosophy, actually.

Time moving forward is key. Forward is the positive pole, where backwards is the negative pole. In duality, it is back and forth. In oneness, it’s forward. So positivity is the overarching concept to obey.  It’s a simple argument but it negates the idea of evil that is aligned with Truth.

Why time moves forwards, not backwards (a scientific article)



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