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IMG_8161Everybody’s a skeptic and they should be, because of the way the world is. But also keep an open mind, because there is a way to make sense of it all – and I can and do explain it – but you don’t need to know in order to benefit from it.

I ‘m an astrologer with a special curiosity regarding the zodiac as an expression of natural order,  and also with a desire to define meaning for the degrees, based on this.  My expertise is one-on-one connections, in person or on the phone. I have many repeat clients from Washington, D.C. Baltimore and the surrounding towns. People also call and we have phone appointments.

You are who you are. That’s one energy (with like, 11 different dimensions!). Then there are energies you encounter as you move through the world, the past you and the future you. These energies might be the day, the future month or year, or events, circumstances, people or even dreams. These energies manifest – making actual things – in ways that are predictable, based on their place in the cycle. It’s really fun and informative to identify these and see what to focus on, in order to succeed in your own way. That’s what Sunology astrology will do for you, with a money-back guarantee.

I have been practicing astrology since 1990, and in business since 1996. The first business, A Time For Love Astrological Services, was on the internet and offered free readings to help people discover their right partnerships.

Whereas partnerships are still a strong focus, by discovering the meanings of the degrees/days (which are applied to all areas of astrology), the predictions I make about my own and others’ futures are very detailed and accurate. Combining the understanding of personalities with a good predictor tool is key to knowing where you are going and who is good to be there with.

In 2009, I wrote and published Sunology: A Guide to Source-Connection, Using Astrology’s Amazing Sabian Sun Symbols. It is a great companion book to a reading, so let me know if you’d also like the book. Each degree is scrutinized for all it’s qualities – and the commonalities among the same degree in different signs is a focal point. It’s $10 for the ebook and $20 for the actual book.

I like to keep the cost of my readings low, so people can afford it and benefit. Instead of the normal $150-$300 for a reading, I charge $1/minute for the first reading and $2 a minute for readings thereafter.  If you signed up with your email address, the first ten minutes are free. This keeps your readings within the $50-$150 range for an excellent and accurate reading!  It’s fun, informative and affordable. Please feel free to order the book and reading by emailing or calling me at 410-271-4963. You can also used the contact page to reach me if your internet browser is able to send mail.




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  1. Irena says:

    Sharon, great to find your site! I don’t use Sabian symbols in my professional work, but I think I should start. Thanks for all your tips.

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