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These are blogs on the individual Sabian symbols. This is not complete. There is much more information in both the book, “Sunology: Using Astrology’s Amazing Sabian Sun Symbols” and the thesis project, “Discovering Natural Order via the Thirty-Day Cycle.”

The Symbolism of an Eclipse

The eclipse can be depicted by the symbol of a mermaid, the Sabian symbol for the day. (Why?) The sun and moon were both at 29 Leo. It was a new moon. Obvs, they came together at the same degree … Continue reading

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Introduction to the Sabian symbols

Sunology uses the Sabian Sun symbols to add richness and definition to the meaning of the 360 degrees of the zodiac. These symbols are a set of images that were intuited in the 1920s when the meaning for the zodiac … Continue reading

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Thanks for Stopping By the Sunology Website

A Break-Through Idea One path to happiness is through an experience of awe. That is what Sunology wants to give you. Not just one experience, but repeated experiences of seeing “God” in the every day experiences you have. That is … Continue reading

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