Natural Order Part 2

I have a friend named Jack who can tell someone’s birthday just by meeting them. He says, “they feel like late spring” or “Fourth of July baby!” People look at him, dumbfounded, since he’s typically within three days of being right. Do you believe it’s possible? How can it be?

The only thing I can think of is “natural order” – that there’s a sense of natural order is buried within us, and stored as symbols, deep within the core of our cells. It is created by the energy that results from the repetition of yearly motion of our earth around the sun. So, each day has it’s own feel, it’s own structures, it’s own expressions. Maybe Jack’s sense of natural order is stronger or better developed than other peoples’…

With natural order,  everything in our world that exists fits somewhere in a cycle of wholeness. That cycle can be split into any number of pieces. In the case of Sunology, the cycle is split into thirty – representing the days of the month, or degrees of the zodiac. Every degree has a meaning, based on its position in the cycle. So, the 360 steps that the sun makes around the circle of the year (about a degree a day, 30 degrees in each of the 12 signs) – this repetitive energetic relationship between sun and earth, year after year after year….is what shapes the paradigm and the things of the world that we all share. And yes, it’s different in different spots of the world. Go to the academy if you want to learn more.


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