The Third Consciousness

ConsciousnessThere are three main states of consciousness I like to discuss. The first of these states, Oneness, is hard to conceive, as this is a place prior to our normal consciousness. It’s related to all the points in accumulation in a circle of wholeness (which I relate to the year). It draws in a question of zero, which removes it from being oneness anymore.

The second, Twoness, is our normal state of consciousness, and normally called “duality” in spiritual circles.  This creates experience and drama. The third is also normal but used far less often. It is my goal to show you what this third consciousness looks like – you will recognize it when you see it! – and why it benefits everyone for each of us to utilize it frequently.

A consciousness is the awareness that is brought to the world. Speaking very broadly now, it’s where we’re coming from. It’s the way we interact with what’s outside of ourself.  Consciousness is where we originate from, what comes before the thoughts.

Consciousness is the broad method behind experiencing that simultaneously creates the experience. As we move forward through our day as our self, our consciousness is naturally and unconsciously in a state where we are one side of the experience and everything else is outside of ourselves and must be dealt with as such. This is duality.


Duality Consciousness

Being in “duality” consciousness is what is normal. We are brought up to believe the world is flat, basically. And we just go along with it, despite some apparent irreconcilable differences with our inner knower. Here are some “duality” approach truths:

Where there is positivity, there is negativity. There is right and wrong. There is good and bad, black and white, male and female, in or out, self and not-self.  In a physical sense, there are the magnetic poles of positive and negative. Every thought automatically creates a split.

Having opinions, protecting the ego’s points, and bearing a healthy sense of competition and drive is the common state of consciousness that we have when we deal in the world. This is a consciousness of self-interest, attention and drama-seeking, that we were all born with. It is heavily invested in the various boundaries and identifications of things. But it doesn’t make sense because it ignores the wholeness of everything that is. Over time, this approach towards the world becomes very limiting, which causes problems for the human.

Authority creates more duality in its control over us. Parents teach through fear, control, punishment and shame. It’s actually dualizing and scary just to be a small person in such a large world. There is always a war going on somewhere – around the kitchen table, in church or communities, in far-away lands. There are suffering people, starving people. Duality can be intensely negative and reticent. It is believed by some that you need to be constantly aware of the dangers of the world in order to safeguard your life or you will die. But if you are not really living in the first place than what difference does it make? You use duality consciousness to ensure your success in the world. The only problem is that it is a lie. Yet everybody tells it. And when you try to fix it, you become a pariah of the paradigm and are pushed out.

One as TwoLet’s Go Back to Oneness

Oneness changes its nature when looked at by Twoness, making it quite mysterious and elusive (not so much in the little picture here,  haha). “One” in Base One is wholeness, everything, and nothing. However, the same number “One” – in Base Two means something different now. In Base Two, One is the originator, a masculine energy, positivity and forward-movement, compared to the Two’s subjectivity, negativity, reticence, and tendency to split more.

gold zeroI would say the Oneness of Base One is the consciousness of the “Beloved.” Because I cannot be One, I dream of it, picture its presence, aspire to it. Oneness is what is known in the hearts. It is the gurus’ “non-duality.” It comes before the self.  Oneness is far more powerful than can be imagined, as it is accumulation of all that s physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, all of it, and thus also has an intelligent non-physical brilliance which desires to relate to us through time and synchronicity. Oneness is wholeness and thus contains all the various aspects of the whole, in accumulation. All of us and everything there is, even nothing! – can be represented symbolically by the circle of Oneness. Another very powerful symbol of this is the sun. And then there is zero. The symbol of a circle and the zero look alike. So the One of Base One is zero? How can be zero be everything? Alas, this just adds to the mystery of wholeness. Release the idea of boundary, see everything that is, and multiply it by a gazillion. Now add it all up. Viola, Oneness! This is actually how I define God.  I think the world needs a common definition for God.

Oneness, as an unattainable yet imaginable consciousness, is key to the new consciousness – Threeness.

Defining an Existing Consciousness That Has Not Been Named – Threeness

Threeness is just a better way to approach things. It’s addition, not subtraction or exclusion. It takes the whole picture into account. It believes in a God of wholeness, goodness and love.  It sees from a higher perspective. At the start, it just looks like the Objective Observer – the one who knows right from wrong while acknowledging wrong must be right in a world with loving Oneness at its core, and the one that directs the brain into its way of thinking. Threeness is both the narrow vibration too small to detect (the eye of the needle), that stimulates the play between yin and yang, as well as the broad everything-ness of yin plus yang. It’s a blending of your knowing of the absolute Oneness within the duality state we normally live. The two poles, working together, to find balance. When three is not realized, the poles grow further apart, without reason or awareness of Three. Eventually things get so bad on the negative side of the equation that something gives. Sometimes there’s a break and in the best case, there is shift to the three. Threeness is a great substitute for the unattainable Oneness.

Three over duality world consciousness is the playground of life between the poles of One (God consciousness) and Two (duality). It is our minds that must do the work, knowing the right way and the best way, defaulting to it for the right reasons. When the reality of apparent Twoness becomes overbearing, as it will, we use our will to consciously default to what is positive in the moment. There are many ways to do this, that I will talk about as we continue to explore this way. Other ways that are three-oriented include prayer (taking your Twoness to the real One) and healing (adding Oneness to too many splits, in order to round out the situation and bring more wholeness). Three is the truth of the mid-point, the balance, the point where the various expressions of Two are encountered, worked and accepted.  It is acceptance of what is with love and understanding that are the keys when real-life drama explodes.

consciousness 2Two Vs. Three?

It is easy to judge someone for being in a state of Twoness, especially when in a higher perspective. It’s human nature and life in the world to believe our own stories. Otherwise, stuff wouldn’t get done. So, even a Three-ness way can turn into duality. In fact, when we judge others, it is projection of a lack of balance within, which is caused by experiencing things without remembering the whole of things.  In doing so, it excludes us from being  in the next state,which is really a consciousness of Heaven-on-earth, where things are right because they are (thus making them better)

hearts afireThe truth is that the wholeness and threeness are both non-judging states. It’s all love, and that includes us, the flawed humans, even with our crazy focus on individual points beyond 1, 2 and 3 while dismissing God/wholeness.  So even when we’re out of balance, it is only to get us back where we’ll be happy again, in balance. “It”/God (the wholeness within the duality) supports our learning to live with a greater sense of wholeness. It’s a choice to behave in a conscious way of unconditional love and right intention or you can live in duality, learning your lessons in the trenches. The good news is that the universe provides opportunities to do both, at different times. Threeness is just a more real truth for you to enjoy. It feels better to live in a state of three-ness. It’s aligned with truth. It’s about relationship. It brings love and life to a situation. It ignites the passion of the moment. Try it, you’ll like it!


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