The Third Consciousness

ConsciousnessThere are three main states of consciousness I like to discuss. The first of these states, Oneness, is hard to conceive, as this is a place prior to our normal consciousness. It’s related to all the points in accumulation in a circle of wholeness (which I relate to the year). It draws in a question of zero, which removes it from being oneness anymore.

The second, Twoness, is our normal state of consciousness, and normally called “duality” in spiritual circles.  This creates experience and drama. The third is also normal but used far less often. It is my goal to show you what this third consciousness looks like – you will recognize it when you see it! – and why it benefits everyone for each of us to utilize it frequently.

A consciousness is the awareness that is brought to the world. Speaking very broadly now, it’s where we’re coming from. It’s the way we interact with what’s outside of ourself.  Consciousness is where we originate from, what comes before the thoughts.

Consciousness is the broad method behind experiencing that simultaneously creates the experience. As we move forward through our day as our self, our consciousness is naturally and unconsciously in a state where we are one side of the experience and everything else is outside of ourselves and must be dealt with as such. This is duality.


Duality Consciousness

Being in “duality” consciousness is what is normal. We are brought up to believe the world is flat, basically. And we just go along with it, despite some apparent irreconcilable differences with our inner knower. Here are some “duality” approach truths:

Where there is positivity, there is negativity. There is right and wrong. There is good and bad, black and white, male and female, in or out, self and not-self.  In a physical sense, there are the magnetic poles of positive and negative. Every thought automatically creates a split.

Having opinions, protecting the ego’s points, and bearing a healthy sense of competition and drive is the common state of consciousness that we have when we deal in the world. This is a consciousness of self-interest, attention and drama-seeking, that we were all born with. It is heavily invested in the various boundaries and identifications of things. But it doesn’t make sense because it ignores the wholeness of everything that is. Over time, this approach towards the world becomes very limiting, which causes problems for the human.

Authority creates more duality in its control over us. Parents teach through fear, control, punishment and shame. It’s actually dualizing and scary just to be a small person in such a large world. There is always a war going on somewhere – around the kitchen table, in church or communities, in far-away lands. There are suffering people, starving people. Duality can be intensely negative and reticent. It is believed by some that you need to be constantly aware of the dangers of the world in order to safeguard your life or you will die. But if you are not really living in the first place than what difference does it make? You use duality consciousness to ensure your success in the world. The only problem is that it is a lie. Yet everybody tells it. And when you try to fix it, you become a pariah of the paradigm and are pushed out.

One as TwoLet’s Go Back to Oneness

Oneness changes its nature when looked at by Twoness, making it quite mysterious and elusive (not so much in the little picture here,  haha). “One” in Base One is wholeness, everything, and nothing. However, the same number “One” – in Base Two means something different now. In Base Two, One is the originator, a masculine energy, positivity and forward-movement, compared to the Two’s subjectivity, negativity, reticence, and tendency to split more.

gold zeroI would say the Oneness of Base One is the consciousness of the “Beloved.” Because I cannot be One, I dream of it, picture its presence, aspire to it. Oneness is what is known in the hearts. It is the gurus’ “non-duality.” It comes before the self.  Oneness is far more powerful than can be imagined, as it is accumulation of all that s physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, all of it, and thus also has an intelligent non-physical brilliance which desires to relate to us through time and synchronicity. Oneness is wholeness and thus contains all the various aspects of the whole, in accumulation. All of us and everything there is, even nothing! – can be represented symbolically by the circle of Oneness. Another very powerful symbol of this is the sun. And then there is zero. The symbol of a circle and the zero look alike. So the One of Base One is zero? How can be zero be everything? Alas, this just adds to the mystery of wholeness. Release the idea of boundary, see everything that is, and multiply it by a gazillion. Now add it all up. Viola, Oneness! This is actually how I define God.  I think the world needs a common definition for God.

Oneness, as an unattainable yet imaginable consciousness, is key to the new consciousness – Threeness.

Defining an Existing Consciousness That Has Not Been Named – Threeness

Threeness is just a better way to approach things. It’s addition, not subtraction or exclusion. It takes the whole picture into account. It believes in a God of wholeness, goodness and love.  It sees from a higher perspective. At the start, it just looks like the Objective Observer – the one who knows right from wrong while acknowledging wrong must be right in a world with loving Oneness at its core, and the one that directs the brain into its way of thinking. Threeness is both the narrow vibration too small to detect (the eye of the needle), that stimulates the play between yin and yang, as well as the broad everything-ness of yin plus yang. It’s a blending of your knowing of the absolute Oneness within the duality state we normally live. The two poles, working together, to find balance. When three is not realized, the poles grow further apart, without reason or awareness of Three. Eventually things get so bad on the negative side of the equation that something gives. Sometimes there’s a break and in the best case, there is shift to the three. Threeness is a great substitute for the unattainable Oneness.

Three over duality world consciousness is the playground of life between the poles of One (God consciousness) and Two (duality). It is our minds that must do the work, knowing the right way and the best way, defaulting to it for the right reasons. When the reality of apparent Twoness becomes overbearing, as it will, we use our will to consciously default to what is positive in the moment. There are many ways to do this, that I will talk about as we continue to explore this way. Other ways that are three-oriented include prayer (taking your Twoness to the real One) and healing (adding Oneness to too many splits, in order to round out the situation and bring more wholeness). Three is the truth of the mid-point, the balance, the point where the various expressions of Two are encountered, worked and accepted.  It is acceptance of what is with love and understanding that are the keys when real-life drama explodes.

consciousness 2Two Vs. Three?

It is easy to judge someone for being in a state of Twoness, especially when in a higher perspective. It’s human nature and life in the world to believe our own stories. Otherwise, stuff wouldn’t get done. So, even a Three-ness way can turn into duality. In fact, when we judge others, it is projection of a lack of balance within, which is caused by experiencing things without remembering the whole of things.  In doing so, it excludes us from being  in the next state,which is really a consciousness of Heaven-on-earth, where things are right because they are (thus making them better)

hearts afireThe truth is that the wholeness and threeness are both non-judging states. It’s all love, and that includes us, the flawed humans, even with our crazy focus on individual points beyond 1, 2 and 3 while dismissing God/wholeness.  So even when we’re out of balance, it is only to get us back where we’ll be happy again, in balance. “It”/God (the wholeness within the duality) supports our learning to live with a greater sense of wholeness. It’s a choice to behave in a conscious way of unconditional love and right intention or you can live in duality, learning your lessons in the trenches. The good news is that the universe provides opportunities to do both, at different times. Threeness is just a more real truth for you to enjoy. It feels better to live in a state of three-ness. It’s aligned with truth. It’s about relationship. It brings love and life to a situation. It ignites the passion of the moment. Try it, you’ll like it!


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Natural Order

Now that we have talked about One, Two and Three, and how One becomes “more” so quickly, let’s talk about that “more.”

So, how many different ways can we split wholeness? Obviously, to infinity. Depending on how many times you do split, you get the associated base system. when you split a circle, you get different base systems. I’m suggesting one for every degree of a circle – 360, defined by understanding a 12-step and a 30-step cycle. Would you believe it if I told you that we can actually make sense of and define the varied perspectives of a day, predict what will happen and then witness what actually manifests? I don’t even know if I believe it yet myself! It will take more than just me to decide if this idea has merit, but hear me out.

I’ve discovered that we can define the various expressions of the paradigm, via duality, as first, a kind of (spiritual, not scientific) energy and then see that energy manifesting around us, as we would predict based on its place in a cycle.  In other words, every day of the year is a new concept we encounter.  These concepts repeat themselves year after year but we don’t realize it. The ideas are actually deep in our core, residing within as symbols.

If Oneness is symbolized by one year, it has already been broken into twelve pieces, both by our calendar with its twelve months and by the zodiacal circle. Based on the symbolism in the zodiacal circle,  each sign/month has 30 degree/days (approximately) each. The sun moves approximately one degree a day, where 360 degrees is equal to 365 or 366 days in  a year.

How to Define the Day

The way to define the day is to correlate the meaning of the twelve steps of the zodiacal circle with the thirty steps in each month. Then you can blend the two meanings (month plus day, or sign plus degree) to arrive at a source energy that will then (theoretically) become physical.

I’m saying that when the earth orbits the sun, every day of the year has its own “color,” which is reflective of the energy created in the angle of earth to sun as it progresses about one degree a day in its orbit. The days of the year are defined by applying a natural progression of concepts from beginning to end, with everything in between.

Because I follow the days and the signs and such, I am beginning to see the world’s perfect order. I see the manifestations of the energy in the symbols of the day – every day! It is downright eerie and it is impossible to prove. The person has to have the experience themselves. People don’t have the experience. This is primarily because people do not know the cycles and thus do not know what to expect. I’d like to teach you this in an efficient way, so you can practice it yourself. This practice is a mindfulness exercise.

Time is God?

Year after year, for millions of years, the earth makes angles of relationship with the sun as it moves through its orbit. It seems that time is the creator and all that’s created, simultaneously. I’m proposing that everything there is can be defined by its placement in relationship to the beginning, the end, and to the other 359 points.

If this is too complicated, think of it like this. There are broad swaths of concepts on earth that are depicted in the circle of everything. They are named here, broadly, and assigned to a time on a clock so that they are visually presented as well.

The zodiacal circle has already broken it into twelve main pieces. You may then ask, but how did whoever put together the zodiacal order know what that order is? “They” knew because this symbolic representation of the entire world lives in the core of our very being since we experience the day on levels we are not aware of. People, together, have agreed about how things make sense. It’s actually common sense. Click here for the brief depiction.

If you think about it, you’ll probably agree that, broadly speaking, natural order is reflected within the meanings ascribed in the zodiacal circle. It is a map of all that exists, laid out in proper progression, from beginning to end. The first point means beginning-ness. The correlation is the first day of Spring. The final point, the last day of winter, is the energy of endings. Everything in between is laid out in a way that makes common sense. Not even astrologers really realize this.

The 360 perspectives start out at a very ethereal level – the angles creating vibrations between the poles of positive and negative, then becoming a slower expression – what spiritual people might call “energy” or “chi” – which eventually becomes mental, emotional, physical or any combination thereof, then slowing down to the physical, which then can be seen as symbols, or messages from the universe, about that day’s energy. These energetic levels are symbolic and based on nature as we know it, in the poles of positive and negative. How it expresses on the energetic level is what I find interesting. And then seeing how that energy manifests itself is the most amazing and intriguing thing, especially as it applies to other people I encounter.

There is a turning into, a continuum between symbol and thing, and this continuum is represented in a cycle.

What does God look like? Central to the idea of a creator (that we can all agree on) would be a picture of this God. Obviously, we cannot see God so it would have to be symbolic. And coincidentally, that is exactly what the zodiacal circle is – a symbolic picture of all-that-is put in its natural order of occurrence.

So, God doesn’t look like the zodiacal circle. The zodiacal circle is attempting to reflect this God-ness or earth’s relationship to the sun as it marches around in a year.

I am going to maintain that One’s main primary quality is love and can be found in the human heart, through relationship. Normally we think human relationships, but this could be a relationship with a thing, a process, a memory, or whatever. I argue it is best a relationship with “the whole”. Everyone, in their deepest heart, wants the peace and assurance that comes with living in this third way (knowing One while living one and two) with other people who are also in this way. But people are afraid, and they call back into their normal way, and we can’t trust anyone to be complete and perfect.

We all dream of ourselves and know ourselves as generally wanting what is right, as long as it seems like the right thing to us, and supports our way of being. Even about 99% of criminals claim they’re innocent. That’s because we each see ourselves as the One in this great big dual world. And why would we do such a thing? Simply because we are, indeed not only a part of the whole, but experience this wholeness at a deep core level, since it expresses in a patterned repeat, year after year, from day to day. In fact, we first experience it in the womb, and then we have a year of observing it while being cared for, then we are walking. The next year we are talking. By three years old, we’ve experienced this solar cycle almost four times and we’ve pretty much figured it out. We soon get the gist of it.

Higher, Mindful, Consciousness 

This three-ness consciousness does exist in every person – not just in the occasional person. It is the key, what is at the bottom of the well, what lies in hitting the bottom, where we came from, our womb, our DNA, the spirit within every one of us.

That’s consciousness – 1, 2 and 3. When we get to 4, now we have the manifestation, and yes, it depends on the state of 1, 2 and 3 before it.

Defining Numbers or…How Do Signs and Numbers Get Their Meaning in Astrology and Numerology?

In addition, there is a human tendency to apply a definition or a meaning to a number. After all, numbers are symbols that people will naturally attempt to associate meaning with. It’s at the two that we realize there is more than one meaning for the 1. For example, right up front, I can think of two meanings for the one: beginnings and source. These are both a lot about being at the first of any cycle. It is complex and beyond the scope of this blog (unless you beg me, which I cannot imagine) to explain in more detail how meanings are assigned, but suffice it to say that there are mathematical reasons involved. Knowing me, you’ll not have to beg. I’m sure I’ll get to even more information on base systems and establishment of themes, etc. In fact, I’m starting already:

Different spiritual and religious tools in different parts of the world result in using different base systems, giving different meanings for the same number and, obviously, different words for the same idea. Once you start working with more than a few numbers, their meanings are partly determined by where they fall in a series along a progression. We will name the various split of the circle by their number, and the meaning we give them will be based on a natural perspective they would have, should they be who they are within a circle that is split by their number. Yes, that’s as complicated as it gets, methinks.

So, you see the way the science has it on the ephemeris, which is a tool of astronomy, there are signs and degrees within that sign. So, we do it that way. On Jan 1, the sun is at Capricorn 11. Each of the degrees, 1 – 30, is like a day of the month. Keep that in mind, because we are looking at the day, it is important that even when talking about theories, that the mindful moment has the focus on the present moment, with help from the past and the future.

Each daily step is both God in itself and a piece of God. The next step takes on what was previously expressed, and lets go of some of the things that were earlier in the cycle – every day a new perspective, a building upon, a releasing – all depending on where it falls in the overall cycle.


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The Symbolism of an Eclipse

The July, 2017 eclipse can be depicted by the symbol of a mermaid, the Sabian symbol for the day. (Why? – This link takes you to the Academy) The sun and moon were both at 29 Leo. It was a new moon. Obvs, they came together at the same degree in the sky. It is this that we look at in detail.

A symbol can be looked at in these three steps:

  1. Play around with it fancifully, looking within and just think, how is this relevant to you? What does it remind you of? What would it seem to mean?
  2. Look it up and find out what it is commonly meant to mean. Is a mermaid a common symbol? (yes)
  3. Interpret it within a greater context of concept. (Sunology :-))

The first step is like unpacking a present or pulling a little string that brings to you, or you to them, insights, a bit at a time. It’s like talking to something/someone beyond you, by self-conversing, using stream of consciousness or brainstorming ideas.

The second step is research. I’m used to keeping an eye out to various literary references of the symbols, since I know them by heart.

The third step is another layer to this, where the symbol is correlated to the meaning attributed to its location in the cycle. Those are the limits that are applied to the interpretation. In this case, I would want to understand both Leo and the 29th degree, which correlates to Pisces. Looking at the clock, Leo is in the positive upswing of the cycle (7:00 o’clock). Pisces is wrapping up the end of the cycle, between 2:00 and 3:00 o’clock.

Here you go, an interpretation:

This is the mermaid I happenstanced upon right after “hearing the eclipse” on NPR.

The mermaid is on the 29th of a total of 30 degrees, so it is late in the cycle, and therefore complex. This degree is related to Pisces, which is the fish, and the final sign. This is the point in the cycle where we find the highest highs and the lowest lows. Literally. That final degree that gets us to wholeness is missing so there is a profound sense of something not quite right, or a missing piece. The lows come from lack. The highs come due to the grace of “God.”

That a mermaid’s feet is missing makes her a good symbol, as Pisces is also related to feet. Why? As Aries, the first sign relates to the head; Pisces is the feet. There’s something “whole-y” about the way the feet touch the ground, a completion of self and beginning of earth. It’s related to that.

Mermaids are typically beautiful siren-types. Their hair (Leo) figures prominently, signifying creativity of the self – something the self produces of itself, which is identity-related. Hair in any form (even bald-headedness) is related to one’s personal creativity.

They serve or suffer (suffer *and* serve, in actuality) which is not Leo (since the Leo energy is busy having fun and being child-like), but which is Piscean. Mermaids bear a very attracting quality (who doesn’t want to be saved by a servant?). She’s the martyr and the victim. She is even that which is art itself. And yet she is incomplete because with the tail, she has freedom but not land life and when she gets feet, she is in servitude to the masculine (keeping in mind we are talking energy). It is also very fitting that the mermaid is fantasy – the flow of the higher mind. And she is a creature of fairy-tales, thus the Leo/child association.

A less-known (European) meaning of a mermaid is a symbol of the souls whose personalities were lost to suicide. We are talking about the actual soul, not the person who was once in the body, so this is a very late energy of forgiving the missing quality, which is having faith in accepting that even what lacks is still a part of the whole, an aspect of God. When we die, I think we go full-time into 3rd consciousness.

And perhaps this could also be about the inner struggle to live and suffer in the world or pretend it’s all one big fantasy and live as though we are free. Put on the fins, “eat, drink and be merry – for tomorrow we may die!” –  and yet there is still suffering, mostly due to FOMO on the physical level – not getting to enjoy all the material (grounded) qualities of earth due to not embracing the whole of the cycle, whatever that one last missing piece is, most likely that which includes what others perceive as the valuable – the quality of responsibility, which is at the top/peak of the cycle and a very necessary quality to carry through to the end (of life or the cycle)

Do I Believe it is Bad Fortune to Watch an Eclipse?

I think it is somehow life changing and some people might perceive it as bad because it erases things from their lives but later when they think about it, they are OK with that and see how that which was erased was over and needed to go anyway.

Navajo Indians believe the following, based on this article on Facebook. I think everyone read it.

“Back in history, as Diné people, we were raised grazing livestock, horses, cattle and sheep,” he said. “As an example, sheep knew what to do already. They would find the shade wouldn’t graze anymore, they would settle in, put their heads down not even sleep, just huddle. So that tells you as a human being something is going on with nature. So animal behavior guides us.”

The time surrounding the eclipse is a time for self-reflection and a time to show respect for the sun and the moon.

“It’s a time that the sun or the moon is changing itself. When its changing, it’s a time that you’re supposed to be reverent ,” said Begay. “Because the sun in our culture, in our society, is the center of our universe.”

America in the Big Long Shadow?

Well, it doesn’t sound good; that’s all. But OTOH, good, because in the long run, it will shift our collective consciousness into greater love -seeing beyond the duality, into a more relational consciousness (again, what I call the third consciousness).

What Do I Think Will Happen?

Regarding the eclipse, I think it is the beginning of the realization that consciousness shift is possible for ourselves and others.The low lows push us to the next level. They ask that we be honest on a deeper level, to get to the truth of why our reality exists, thus blending and creating some new “aha!”s into our cells.

It is a challenge to discuss consciousness – but we know what it is. It’s not the mind but it is what precursors this. It is pre-manifestation, which is why is explained in terms of numbers and base systems. Here, I try to explain it in religious terms.

What Did Happen?

As for me, I saw it sortof, before the peak, but at the peak, the neighbor with the eclipse glasses didn’t want to share and was indoors simultaneously putting the toddler down for a nap, so I was outside wanting to see it but trying not to hang around her house. So, I focused instead on the feel of the nature and I heard crickets but I think I always hear crickets in the hot still August afternoons. OK, I hear crickets a lot normally. My cat was acting the same but I didn’t want her to go outside in case she tried staring. Kidding.

This picture happened to me, thanks to Snapchat, LOL!

Earlier, before the eclipse, my dad and siblings and I had a funny email exchange about watching the sun. Funny to me since I’m a sungazer.

I walked into a shop at the point the first “totality” was being broadcasted on NPR and everyone was really emotional and excited. I was like walking around the store with my eyes bleeding from the thought of everyone watching. More kidding.

I walked into another shop and was particularly captivated by a mermaid. I took a picture :-).

I don’t like the word totality to describe the eclipse because totality for a sunologist would be at a full moon, where both bodies are shining brightly and communicate with one another.  This is more like, good time to figure stuff about yourself out in a quiet private space so you can start delivering yourself better to the world.

I was able to understand my chart a whole lot better, it seemed. I also realized my right ring finger is where the healing is (?!) and could feel the instant of healing when I did a quick Reiki on my daughter. She was dumbfounded by the clearing and kept wowwing and then accepted it as an every day event.

That’s my report.

Defining God as an Eclipse Exercise

This eclipse, it is well to remember our wholeness. We (/me) frequently neglect the relationship we have with the idea of oneness, or everything-ness, and the way we are gifted by its presence. We’ve given up on God and don’t believe in him as a patriarch at the top of the cycle and we have no other collectively-agreed upon way to describe or think about God. It’s nebulous (It’s Piscean). But if we have a sense of wholeness, and the sum of the whole being greater than its parts (due to each part being an accumulation of earlier parts), then we can call all that is, “God”.

So, 30 is God and 29 is so close and yet so far, because the last time we saw God was at 0/1, yet God’s been happening all along and we will find that out tomorrow. (That was yesterday. It was a very fulfilling day.)

If God is everything and not just the top (think a circle, like a clock, where we start at 3:00, end at 3:00 (for esoteric reasons, don’t question everything!), and God has always been considered the top, or 12:00) the world just got 25%  bigger, as we all acknowledge God as the whole thing.

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Bible Thought on Consciousness

There were no words for consciousness back in Biblical time. There are hardly any nowadays.

However, I think that consciousness is what Jesus was talking about when he would talk crazily egotistically about himself. He was trying to use himself as a symbol for this other consciousness and describe it through his words, so he would say things like, “I am come a light unto this world, that whosoever shall believe on me shall not abide in darkness.” (John 12:46) and “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16). Another example, “I am the way, the truth and the life: no man cometh unto the Father but by me.” (John 14: 6)

Read the Bible with a mindset of symbolic application. I think the King James version is amazing. We know these aren’t Jesus’ real words (I mean, he spoke Aramaic) but for some reason (think!), they are really significant through the ages. Imagine that, when Jesus speaks in the Bible, this many resonating cases, this is the universe’s or Higher Power in the minds of the men who wrote this. The knowledge on their higher levels spoke to them through symbols that would work for a broad swath of people at different levels, thus making the Bible “holy.”

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More Thoughts on Consciousness

Going in Deep on This One, Guys….

It is not new-age think to say that consciousness is real. It can be shifted, exercised and expanded. Everyone is a spiritual person and those who have not yet, are soon to discover this aspect as well. You’ve got a brain that makes your mental body. You’ve got an emotional body. You have a physical body. Your spiritual body exists and can be improved, seeping, trickling, maybe even rushing and flooding into the rest of your life.

Wiser spiritual people (vs. the ignorant spiritual people? haha) are not ignorant of science. They are beyond science. They have a greater awareness. Yes, there is something beyond the physical world of science and the scientists are still figuring this out*. The brilliant scientists acknowledge it.

Here is why three is better than 2: It finds balance. It is love. The eye of the needle, it is the thin line between the opposites that exist in duality. It blends. It combines and makes more, thus it is creative. It sees there are many sides. It believes in the ultimate good. Three is the way to one, as two doesn’t really exist (where two or more are gathered, there is three – the relationship between the two, so two isn’t really real but everyone thinks it is). Three takes us back to one…Two is the world (and its current consciousness), but two doesn’t exist by itself due to the wholeness, and two being a split of that wholeness (which still exists). In fact, there are lots of other splits, also, that make the whole of life/love (in the larger base systems).

A person is good to live on all levels, in order to better understand this triplicity of the world and what is different consciousnesses. This is not something that can be thought so much as (Self-)observed in the expression of who you are.

*Remember that whole cycle and how science is an aspect of this? Yes, some advanced science is late in the cycle but it still does not include the whole of the cycle to the end.

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Introduction to the Sabian symbols

IMG_1964Sunology uses the Sabian Sun symbols to add richness and definition to the meaning of the 360 degrees of the zodiac. These symbols are a set of images that were intuited in the 1920s when the meaning for the zodiac degrees was sought. Click here to see the complete list of Sabian symbols by sign and degree/Sun Number.

Each symbol is deep and complex, containing a massive amount of information. As it goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. These pictures present such depth that words alone are unable to express them fully. The images render feelings (over time), which help to identify the various vibrations more completely, are held within them. Looking at the symbols under the umbrella of the meaning of the degree (called herein a “sun number” and defined by correlating it to its zodiacal placement) will help you to understand a more precise meaning for both it and the symbol. So, the symbols support the sun number energy. They supply more detail and information while personalizing and adding life to the sun numbers’ meanings. Additionally, they stimulate your intuitive faculties to help you understand the degree’s meaning even better.

A study of the Sun symbols validates the theory presented in the clock. Again, applying correlating astrological meaning to a zodiac degree is the key to knowing the meaning of the days/degrees/Sun Numbers. It is imperative to have a consistent basis for interpretation in order that one’s own subjective filter does not interfere with the degree definitions. It is this foundation for interpretation that has been missing for the ninety-plus years that the symbols have been around. The history of the symbols shows how this happened.

The History of the Sabians*

Picture of Elsie Wheeler

Picture of Elsie Wheeler

In 1922, an astrologer, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones, and a well-known psychic, Elsie Wheeler, met in Balboa Park in San Diego, California, with the intention of creating a set of symbols that would help give meaning to the degrees of the zodiac. Dr. Jones had some spiritual experiences that led him to believe that symbols existed on the more subtle planes, dating back to ancient times, and that they were accessible via clairvoyance. These symbols are the manifestations of the naturally occurring blueprint that mirrors the paradigm of cycle that humanity lives within. They result from each symbol’s placement in the progression of a cycle.

These Two Together Actually Came Up With 360 Images in Six Hours!

Dr. Jones brought a stack of 360 index cards to his meeting with Ms. Wheeler. Each card had a number for the degrees, one through thirty, and an astrological sign (Aries through Pisces) on it. The cards were well shuffled, so as not to be in sequential order. Dr. Jones pulled a card, upside-down, and while neither of them knew what sign or number was on the card, Ms. Wheeler provided him with the image that she sensed through intuition. According to his diary, they did a three-hour session in the morning that revealed 180 images. They took a break and then did another three-hour session in the afternoon, during which they came up with the remaining 180 images. These two sessions yielded Dr. Jones’ complete set of Sabian symbols. He hoped that these symbols would provide the astrological community with insight into the meaning of the degrees of the zodiac.

Dr. Jones Worked With a Group To Interpret The Symbols

Originally, Dr. Jones and a group of his students studied the symbols extensively. His first book on the symbols, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, was published in 1953. This book seeks to interpret each symbol based on the symbols of its opposing sign (Aries against Libra, Taurus against Scorpio, and so forth), finding and comparing the similarities. Their study and excitement about the symbols aroused the interest of another astrologer, Dane Rudhyar.

Dane Rudhyar Reworded and Raised Interest in the Symbols

Rudhyar was a famous astrologer of the mid-1900s. He was the founding father of humanistic astrology and used Carl Jung’s theories about psychology to present a new and progressive look at personality astrology. He transformed the practice of astrology for generations to come. He decided that he, too, wanted to unravel the mystery of the Sabians and offer meanings of the signs down to the detail of degree.

Rudhyar adopted the Sabian symbols as his own and used his own intuition to perceive interpretations for the symbols, and then wrote about them in The Astrology of Personality and An Astrological Mandala. Rudhyar changed the wording of the original symbols in both of his books, perhaps thinking this would help cement and clarify what he saw as the interpretations. Unfortunately, in doing so, it set the stage to lose the usage of the original wording for several decades. His re-wordings definitely contributed to confusing the matter for others to interpret the Sabian symbols, because everyone was now using his wordings (or even making up their own, in reflection). Finding the systematic method to know meanings just became harder.

Ultimately, it was important to maintain the original wording of the symbols to make the connection between the correlating method (to the zodiac) and the Sabians. The wording that was sensed by Elsie Wheeler was created by virtue of her psychic ability and needed to stay exactly as it was when it originally came in.  It was those wordings that I used in my daily meditations, over a period of several years, that yielded the realization of a systematic method.

Although Sunology’s method to understand them is obvious and simple, this objective approach was veiled until now.  Rudhyar was convinced that the Sabian symbols would be the symbols that would define the degrees in a way that all astrologers would be able to agree on. A simple perusal of the original symbols shows them rich in double meanings, clever wording, and precise arrangement. In fact, the meanings that are interpreted from the original wordings align with the meanings that come from the Sunology method so well, that the symbols’ origin and existence are miraculous.  They don’t really line up so well with Rudhyar’s re-wordings – just take that as a caution. You will be able to see their magical quality when you take a deep look at them.

More About…

All this said, if you’re a Rudhyar fan (and it’s hard not to be!), his different wordings still offer more clues for you. It can be fun and illuminating to choose a few of those alternative wordings and work with them, too. Over the years, the Sabian symbols have astonished astrologers because they clearly express several levels of meaning simultaneously. Other people have made interpretative attempts that have merit and have added to the wealth of knowledge about the symbols. There are several books written on the Sabian symbols. These books are good references that can add other perspectives to your understanding and stimulate additional personal insight. Those who have worked with the symbols over time consistently find meaning in them.

Sabians Offer More Detail To Give More Ways to Flex

Obviously, the Sabian Sun symbols offer more depth and breadth to the moods and energies of your Sun Numbers than simply knowing that you are, say, an Aries. Honing in on your personality doesn’t put you in a box. Instead, it helps you see the box from which you view the world so that you can step outside your own constraints. When you gain a better sense of how you unknowingly and automatically limit yourself, you will improve the health of your relationships; lead a more creative, productive and fulfilling life; and experience your true self. Sunology stresses that the meanings of the symbols are not arbitrary or based on impressionistic interpretation. However, in your own interpretative efforts, the meanings for the symbols gain richness and depth when taken on their own, melded with your life experiences and not set within a strict rule.

There are other places around the web that you can read about the Elsie Wheeler and the creation of the Sabian symbols.

*Excerpt from my book, Sunology: A Guide to Source-Connection

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Moon-OON or Void of Course Moon

IMG_1955Moon Out of Network (Moon-OON) or Void of Course Moon

Is there is a way to tell what actions to take on a particular day?

There is a major indicator to be aware of. It’s called the Moon Out of Network (Moon-OON).  Old-fashioned astrology calls it the “void of course” moon.

It is a timing tool that indicates when to sit in the moment and practice a certain higher consciousness – one that allows for answering the exact call of the moment. It’s the time to embrace the letting go of the ways and matters of the old cycle and releasing into the next mood. During this time, stay fluid with no plans or commitments. Just allow for what will be to be. Whatever happens is the right thing to happen, when the moon is out of network. Acceptance is practiced.

It is said that “nothing” comes of actions taken during this time. It is good to  understand why this is so. The reason lies in the symbology of the moon’s movement. It is at the end of a short cycle – two and a half days through one of the twelve signs. This period can last just a few seconds to several hours and is dependent on the relationships it makes to other planets as it moves through the sign. It is a kind of ending time where you can release the stress of the days.

In every case when the moon is OON, the next big thing that happens to the moon is that it moves into the next sign. The “cusp” (or edge between the signs) has an energy of it’s own – altogether-ness of the ending of one cycle and the beginning of the next.  This symbolizes a type of zero-point connection (the place of everything and nothing) that is encountered. There are suitable moods for such a thing. Faith, release and trust are paramount.

Typically, things bought during the Moon-OON are later discovered to have had little purpose. This is because you tried to establish a relationship with something at the end of a cycle, I guess. Sorry to  say, things bought during the Moon-OON come to an end quickly. Either they are forgotten, they get thrown out with the bag, they need to be returned, they get permanent stains or rips on them early in their wear, or in some way, they are soon left behind. If your acquisition is a gift, it will be the same for the receiver or he/she may not need or want the gift.

When the moon is out of network, release, go within and follow the moment to see how this mini-cycle (A 60-Hour Cycle) wraps up. Work in the flow of this later, more complex energy. Observe what happens and take cues on what to do from the things around you.

There are things we need to do to function in life. Exercising, showering, performing domestic and nurturing activities, mowing the yard, caring for children, and cleaning closets (and things in general) are all good OON activities because they set a fresh stage for the next lunar cycle, which is a mini-cycle of experience. Just remember that the end of the Moon-OON symbolizes the start of the next mini-cycle, giving you the opportunity to start the cycle out with right and optimistic, enthusiastic intention.

ADVISED: (Relax, release, trust, cleaning, plan, pray, get a sense of connection)

  • Make lists for the next cycle
  • Meditate
  • Wrap up last cycle (when you can identify it)
  • Enjoy familiar activities
  • Think of ideas
  • Outline ideas
  • Cook
  • Clean
  • Finish activities
  • Reorganize and refocus
  • Routine shopping
  • Routine chores
  • Do nothing
  • Skip out
  • File taxes (if it’s that time of year :-))


  • Shop for non-routine purchases
  • Make important decisions
  • Book flights or establish reservations
  • Send emails for help
  • Press your luck
  • Go overboard
  • Promise/commit
  • Begin projects
  • Schedule important events, like surgery or a wedding (scheduling sets a date, which initiates intention)
  • Take a lesson in something new
  • Spinning mind or pointless activity (obviously typically contra-advised)
  • Not accepting what is currently in your life
  • It seems very common to be looking for something that has been lost!

If the question comes down to whether something should or should not be done, consider if it is something you would normally do (then go ahead) or something to do with a physical item or setting a value to an item (includes buying and selling), in which case, heed the warning and don’t give in to the temptation of the purchase.

If it is something associated with your creative expression or is part of a larger cycle, you can move forward with confidence that the bigger cycle is where you want to be anyway. You may erase it later.

If you decide to move forward in spite of the Moon-OON, make a note of the outcome. Another good question to ask is if you are invested in the outcome of the activity. If the answer, “Nothing will come of it” does not bother you, then move forward. When you are aware of the Moon-OON, see if you can detect a less motivated feel in the air. Some people feel wheels spinning. Some find themselves rebooting their computers a lot. Like I said, there seems to be a lot of searching.

Does the Moon-OON work for you? I’ve seen it work consistently for everyone who attends themselves to it.  Make your own choices about how to spend time with a better understanding of the time you’re dealing with.

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Natural Order Part 2

I have a friend named Jack who can tell someone’s birthday just by meeting them. He says, “they feel like late spring” or “Fourth of July baby!” People look at him, dumbfounded, since he’s typically within three days of being right. Do you believe it’s possible? How can it be?

The only thing I can think of is “natural order” – that there’s a sense of natural order is buried within us, and stored as symbols, deep within the core of our cells. It is created by the energy that results from the repetition of yearly motion of our earth around the sun. So, each day has it’s own feel, it’s own structures, it’s own expressions. Maybe Jack’s sense of natural order is stronger or better developed than other peoples’…

With natural order,  everything in our world that exists fits somewhere in a cycle of wholeness. That cycle can be split into any number of pieces. In the case of Sunology, the cycle is split into thirty – representing the days of the month, or degrees of the zodiac. Every degree has a meaning, based on its position in the cycle. So, the 360 steps that the sun makes around the circle of the year (about a degree a day, 30 degrees in each of the 12 signs) – this repetitive energetic relationship between sun and earth, year after year after year….is what shapes the paradigm and the things of the world that we all share. And yes, it’s different in different spots of the world. Go to the academy if you want to learn more.


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