At Compassionate Conversation and Prayer, Rev. Sharon realizes that the struggles your senior loved one experiences and feels are different from the typical challenges that most younger people face. You might be at a loss on how to address and respond to the concerns that they have.

Seniors are obviously in a different phase of life – one that is relatively unexplored by those who have not yet encountered it. There is an expertise to helping older people adjust to and accept their age and declining abilities. Seniors are helped in many ways by thinking and talking about what they might expect, spiritually and emotionally, as they move closer to the “end.” Through the use of analogies with all manner of natural order, they are able to realize the spiritual benefits that come with aging.

It can be difficult to find the words to help when you are very familiar with the one you are caring for.

Rev. Sharon is adept at helping the elderly accept and embrace their later years. She is a cheery visitor, thoughtful, a good listener and communicator with extensive experience in helping people through home or facility visits as a former hospice chaplain. She has made thousands of visits to many hundreds of patients at the end of their lives. She also helps caregivers as they adjust to their role as caregiver, helping them to understand what to expect as time marches forth. As people in any stage of life understand their life as purposeful and orderly, hope springs from this broader understanding. Each visit is tailor-made for the people and situation involved.

A full report of the visit (while keeping confidential information confidential) is provided to the caregiver, patterned after her clinical experience in hospice. She offers home visits to people in Annapolis and Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Her fees are affordable at $1/minute at the home (time negotiated upfront) plus $.50 per mile from the Broadneck Peninsula. Sliding scale is also offered.

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