The M&M Game

I pulled green. I’m supposed to tell something I watched or listened to. So I told a story about Downton Abbey and my obsession and talked about one of many characters and their personality. And how I wanted to be her, haha.

The Backdrop

Mrs. Baker decided she didn’t want to live anymore. She was crying more often, and sometimes even while the kids – the greats! – were around. It was making everybody sad for her. So, her grandchildren called me to come visit.

The first visit was just hello, a high-level life review of her overall situation, so I could grasp names and relationships of those who are and were important to her and the important events in her life.  We talked about her religious beliefs, and this helped me to make the visit about her. The last thing I did was ask if she wanted me to say a prayer. Of course, she said yes. Her grandchildren were surprised but I was not because they always say yes.

The M&M Game (Cont.)

I asked her what she has likes to watch or listen to and she told me about her early love of Leave it To Beaver. She adored the young Beaver. She coveted the dresses Mrs. Cleaver wore. Her mother didn’t wear dresses like that, all stiff and poufy. And we talked about fashion, and she told me something she always wanted to do was design dresses but the best she could do was make the patterns she needed to make. And why that was – the limitations she had accepted at a particular time in life. She seemed especially struck by what appeared to be patterns throughout her life, as she looked back with greater overview.

So we drew dresses. On shrinky dink paper. We colored them with colored pencils and then we baked them and watched them shrink. I made a little chain bracelet for her. A sense of fun and friendship is important. I reminded her to have more fun.

A New Start on a Higher Level

Later, her granddaughter called and gave me an update. She felt like there was a break-through. Grandma said it helped, plus she was happier for now. She also noticed she was back to finding the connections in life that made thing more peaceful for everyone.

When I talked to Mrs. Baker later, she told me that through our conversation, she met someone within herself that she forgot about. It led her to think about many aspects of who she was and who she is. Seeing herself as more complete gave her a sense of life accomplishment and reminded her of her own inner wisdom. Rediscovering her sense of self worth was the lift she needed.