An Innovative Idea About the Origin of Consciousness

360 Different Points of Sun, One Per Day

Is There a Relationship Between the Energy Created by the Days in a Year and Human Consciousness?

Sunology is a theory that tackles science’s “hard problem” – understanding how something as nonmaterial as human consciousness can arise from something as unconscious as matter.

 The Sunology idea is to define the natural order of everything that exists in our world in 360 different orderly steps, which are subjective points of perspective, roughly one for every day of the year. The theory is that the energetic underpinnings of the 360 (one per degree or day) sun/earth angles create our worldly paradigm, first through shared cultural symbolism and then into our consciousness, resulting in the physical world and our observation thereof. Every day, our fixed personality encounters a new perspective…one that is quite familiar but brand new simultaneously. The earth and sun shift a degree a day in relationship to one another and of course, at the Spring Equinox, the cycle begins again. Every day brings a new perspective that builds upon the previous. Repeating year after year, it’s the days that form our common understanding of cultural paradigms and our world.

The Complicated Part

The goal of Sunology is to define the degrees, not just the signs, of the zodiac, thus giving meaning to every day. I keep honing these meanings, using a regimented and standard approach to assigning them.  This approach and all the patterns that come from them is what is taught in the Sunology videos, the blogs, and the book, with its basis being natural order.

Identifying natural order in its broad form isn’t too hard. Think of the pattern of seasons, and how that could symbolize the life cycle- beginning-ness, growth, harvest and die-off, only to start the cycle again. But Sunology looks at a more detailed cycle and is even more specifically describing points of view within life cycle. The months have already been given their meanings, as expressed through the symbolism of the zodiac. The hows of this are not properly understood yet by astrologers but I’ll give you a hint – natural order again, only a finer breakdown thereof. Sunology correlates the 12 steps of the zodiac to the 30 steps of the degree/days to define each of the 365 days of a year.

That’s only a piece of how the degrees’ meanings are defined. Spiritual systems and mathematical principles also play a part in defining them. This is something you can learn because it is intuitive. Order is orderly and makes sense.  Learning this will help you know and see (and trust) the world’s natural cycle of order better.  Along with this, there is a set of 360 symbols called the Sabians, one representing each point. They’re images, like “an empty hammock” or “a relay race” which offer further clues about the day’s specific perspective. I use the symbols to better define the points (they are truly magical) and as the focal point of the mindfulness exercise. which I explain in a couple of paragraphs.

Who Defines the Cycle?

I think it would be really worthwhile for people who understand Sunology to have a consensus on what the points are (that make up all that is) and where they fall and why. But alas, it is a challenge to find people who can grasp the significance of this to where they want to play in this garden of subjectivity. I can only tell you, it is fun for the mercurial mind to objectify the day and then have a little symbol to play with, and a meaning to it that is really flexible and see the connections. And to have one for every day is a delight.

And What is The Significance?

Order is real and tangible and the fact that the sun’s relationship to the earth is physically predictable and repetitive should give us a hint that a symbolic system has sprung up to show this order within our group consciousness. The zodiac reflects it but no one realizes it. Astrology distracts from the real value of the zodiac, which is the nascent and unconscious attempt to put order to all concepts. What would happen if we actually put some thought into defining this order?

(Really – first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage. I heard it in a love song.)

Change is predictable; the order of change is also predictable. Each day is unique but the main part of the day – the sun and it’s relationship to the earth – has been repeated millions of times previously and will continue ad infinitude – as long as earth is here. I’m talking about an inspection of the day (the solar degree), along with it’s month (sign), to better identify why things as are they are. I think that adding a 30-step base system to one’s life (in addition to the practical 4 (seasons), the whimsical 7 (weeks, a good one) or the building 12 (months)) is good for the health of the spirit and consciousness, which then trickles down into our world.

Making order should not give value of one thing over another, although having things, for example, at “the peak” or “the bottom” might lead to judgment of one step over the other. The point of the 30-step cycle is that a focus on the day keeps one present to the moment, highlights and objectifies the splits that we naturally make with our mind. One thing being later or earlier than another does not give it power over the other. All concepts are equal in the way that they are complete in the understanding of their placement and makes up the “whole” (link to where this idea of “wholeness” within consciousness is explained).

The Mindfulness Exercise

Look over in the side panel below the videos and see the box that says “current Planets.” That is where the planets (and luminaries) are currently placed and this is where you get the current solar degree.

See the little circle with a dot in the middle next to the word Sun? That is the symbol for the sun and the information shows where in the Heavens the sun is in relationship to the earth. After that you will see the degree, an astrological sign symbol and the minutes (associated with the degree). If there are any minutes above zero, round up to the next degree of the Sun, then look up the symbol for this day and degree on the Sabian symbol page. Ponder the symbol. Consider the meaning of the sign, and where we are in the cycle.

The exercise is to find the day’s concept and/or symbol within the encounters of the day. These encounters could be interactions with others, hearing meaningful song lyrics, having a repetitious thought or feeling, or through some other experience that reveals the day’s point in the cycle. This is the main exercise that will teach you the cycle, which can be done daily (this link takes you to a blog that gives an example of what might be done). It is an exercise to tap you into something greater and keeps life interesting and magical. It seems like when I do this little thing, that the cycle is alive, and playing, producing all these experiences that are connected in spiritual ways.

It’s challenging to write about synchronicity, because writing about it seems to flatten it. It’s hard to prove that certain things have happened in a certain order, in writing.  As an example, first I started journaling this morning, writing about how a new housemate is moving in downstairs today – a woman who told me that she and her boyfriend are “waiting for marriage”. Then I read the symbol is, “a woman entering a convent” (saw the connection instantly) and then also remembered joking yesterday with a different woman (coincidentally of the same name as the new housemate) about her own lack of “action” (so to speak) with her partnership and as we chatted, we also laughed and agreed that I, too, have my own nun-like qualities. All in the space of 24 hours. Idk, maybe it’s nothing but fun. I didn’t know it was the symbol until all that other stuff happened. But it was easy enough to look up the symbol and it did reap the rewards of connection.

And It Seems Like God in the Day  

The thing to realize is that there really is an order to the ups and downs of our encounters, and that certain aspects of life might be able to be predicted. But more than that, maybe by being connected to the “wisdom of the seas” through adding an awareness of living in a thirty-step cycle, we’ll be further propelled into a new consciousness where “wholeness” is added to the equation when we deal with one another and our experiences. Practicing being aware of oneself in the cycle increases creativity, broadens perspective through exposure to the idea of days as other points, increases self knowledge and EQ,  and helps us to accept all the ways that exist. The potential of the exercise is greater love consciousness (increased LQ?) through building a relationship with this “whole” of the cycle.

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Know Thyself


One step to “know thyself,” is to get a feel for all that exists and then find your place within that. How can there be a way to know what everything is?  Well, people could define all that is, step by step, in its logical natural order in a way that makes sense – this thing leading to the next, etc. One thing following the next, conceptually, categorizing all that exists in its natural order of expression. That’s what I’m talking about with natural order being intuitive.

Sunology uses a clock as a tool to explain how this might look. A clock shows a 360 degree circle with 12 main and sixty small steps marked out. Let this circle represent one full year, with each number a month, and a thirty day cycle within each of these months. Each step/day represents a point with meaning in a progression of steps – each step’s meaning being a perspective we encounter through our interaction with others, some thing, or an event in our life.  Sunology seeks to name those steps and also identify the steps we personally relate to, in order to encounter the world of our self (personality) and Self more mindfully. It is also believed that the earth and solar relationship is the ultimate maker of the paradigm, as mentioned earlier.

Points of Perspective

Let’s say we start at 3:00 and march around this circle every year, one day at a time, and each day is different, a build-on from the day before. Right now, we’ll look at a simple  4-step breakdown of this whole cycle – something we all know and love – the seasons.  Spring, summer, fall, and winter is a broad pattern of natural order.   On the Spring Equinox every year, there’s a new start. Every year it’s a little different but there’s a predictable rhythm. As the earth moves around the sun, counting out the expression of everything from 0 to 360, moving about a step degree a day, year after year for millions of years, the days may be predictably colored by where they fall with respect to the whole cycle.  All that we know fits somewhere in this circle of everything and can be defined by its placement. It’s the paradigm of life! If you want to read more about the general categories, click here.

What are Your Favorite Points? – the “self”

Knowing the self has two levels of knowing. We’ll call it self and Self. The first self is to know who you, as a personality. What makes you up? Let’s say these 360 points are 360 different perspectives, and different facets of you cling to particular steps/points out of habit. Different facets of yourself are mainly focused on x number of the steps. When being a personality, most people use a limited number of points (while not being even remotely acquainted with the concept of the natural order of stepping along the progress of time). On the other hand, every day, we encounter them in other people and in the experiences that we have through our lives and the nature of these different points are continually making themselves known.

These ideas are the basis of astrology that even astrologers don’t know!

If everything that is exists in this symbolic circle of life, then there may be (and of course, are) quite a few points that we choose to disassociate ourselves with, or that we may be ignorant of.  Of course, there is nothing that exists outside of being able to be defined as part of the whole. Knowing this – which points are emphasized or encountered, or which facets of yourself relate to what general aspects of living – is very helpful and relevant to our life. How am I unique from others? How does my self’s drama play out? Exactly who am I and who is the other person? Think you cannot know this? You can, and you can know it reliably.  What are the patterns of my future? All this is very helpful to know and possible to know.

Can We Be All Points? – the “Self”

But the second level – getting to know, accept, embrace – the whole cycle and thus the Self, or even pondering this idea, is key to spiritual expansion and good use of your own time and energy. Because then, you may allow yourself more latitude in different environments of your life, approaching things with a more open mind set, with greater curiosity, and with a more holistic motivation. Knowing the higher level of the Self (since we all are everything) is another level to “know thyself” and it is also very helpful to boost your creativity.

Learn the Points Through Experience with Them

What better way to learn about what is whole than to walk through a full 30-day cycle a couple of times and experience the changes your life goes through as the days progress – entering, deepening, demonstrating, finding purpose – all this – as you experience it consciously?

As this is written, we are in the July timeframe, at the very bottom of the cycle. It’s a place associated with the personal feeling nature. How do we feel? The closer we are to movement into enlightenment/realization/love, perhaps the deeper and more profound the feelings are, and the more we give deep meaning to things. Perhaps you are at the ocean or beach and you can smell, taste, hear, see, feel, even meld in and intuit the beach all around you. You are immersed. That is what the bottom of the cycle feels like – hit by waves in the face, sometimes.

After getting to know the cycle a little bit (which is a way to train your mind to stay in a place where it can easily connect with emotions, and thus master them), you’ll discover which points your self adopts most readily.  Spirituality (Self) doesn’t always mix well with talking about the variety of different kinds of dramas and perspectives we can find ourselves in every day. Connecting the two is an angle that can really help heal some of the misperceptions that you have been taught by growing up in our society’s paradigm.

So, subscribe, and I will remind you of where we are in the cycle. Email or schedule a session, if you like.

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360 Helpful Symbols – the Sabian Symbols

Sunology uses the Sabian Sun symbols to add richness and definition to the meaning of the 360 degrees of the zodiac. These symbols are a set of images that were intuited in the 1920s when the meaning for the zodiac degrees was sought. Click here to see the complete list of Sabian symbols by sign and degree/Sun Number.

Each symbol is deep and complex, containing a massive amount of information. As it goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. These pictures present such depth that words alone are unable to express them fully. The images render feelings (over time), which help to identify the various vibrations more completely, are held within them. Looking at the symbols under the umbrella of the meaning of the degree (called herein a “sun number” and defined by correlating it to its zodiacal placement) will help you to understand a more precise meaning for both it and the symbol. So, the symbols support the sun number energy. They supply more detail and information while personalizing and adding life to the sun numbers’ meanings. Additionally, they stimulate your intuitive faculties to help you understand the degree’s meaning even better.

A study of the Sun symbols validates the theory presented in the clock. Again, applying correlating astrological meaning to a zodiac degree is the key to knowing the meaning of the days/degrees/Sun Numbers. It is imperative to have a consistent basis for interpretation in order that one’s own subjective filter does not interfere with the degree definitions. It is this foundation for interpretation that has been missing for the ninety-plus years that the symbols have been around. The history of the symbols shows how this happened.

The History of the Sabians*

Picture of Elsie Wheeler

Picture of Elsie Wheeler

In 1922, an astrologer, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones, and a well-known psychic, Elsie Wheeler, met in Balboa Park in San Diego, California, with the intention of creating a set of symbols that would help give meaning to the degrees of the zodiac. Dr. Jones had some spiritual experiences that led him to believe that symbols existed on the more subtle planes, dating back to ancient times, and that they were accessible via clairvoyance. These symbols are the manifestations of the naturally occurring blueprint that mirrors the paradigm of cycle that humanity lives within. They result from each symbol’s placement in the progression of a cycle.

These Two Together Actually Came Up With 360 Images in Six Hours!

Dr. Jones brought a stack of 360 index cards to his meeting with Ms. Wheeler. Each card had a number for the degrees, one through thirty, and an astrological sign (Aries through Pisces) on it. The cards were well shuffled, so as not to be in sequential order. Dr. Jones pulled a card, upside-down, and while neither of them knew what sign or number was on the card, Ms. Wheeler provided him with the image that she sensed through intuition. According to his diary, they did a three-hour session in the morning that revealed 180 images. They took a break and then did another three-hour session in the afternoon, during which they came up with the remaining 180 images. These two sessions yielded Dr. Jones’ complete set of Sabian symbols. He hoped that these symbols would provide the astrological community with insight into the meaning of the degrees of the zodiac.

Dr. Jones Worked With a Group To Interpret The Symbols

Originally, Dr. Jones and a group of his students studied the symbols extensively. His first book on the symbols, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, was published in 1953. This book seeks to interpret each symbol based on the symbols of its opposing sign (Aries against Libra, Taurus against Scorpio, and so forth), finding and comparing the similarities. Their study and excitement about the symbols aroused the interest of another astrologer, Dane Rudhyar.

Dane Rudhyar Reworded and Raised Interest in the Symbols

Rudhyar was a famous astrologer of the mid-1900s. He was the founding father of humanistic astrology and used Carl Jung’s theories about psychology to present a new and progressive look at personality astrology. He transformed the practice of astrology for generations to come. He decided that he, too, wanted to unravel the mystery of the Sabians and offer meanings of the signs down to the detail of degree.

Rudhyar adopted the Sabian symbols as his own and used his own intuition to perceive interpretations for the symbols, and then wrote about them in The Astrology of Personality and An Astrological Mandala. Rudhyar changed the wording of the original symbols in both of his books, perhaps thinking this would help cement and clarify what he saw as the interpretations. Unfortunately, in doing so, it set the stage to lose the usage of the original wording for several decades. His re-wordings definitely contributed to confusing the matter for others to interpret the Sabian symbols, because everyone was now using his wordings (or even making up their own, in reflection). Finding the systematic method to know meanings just became harder.

Ultimately, it was important to maintain the original wording of the symbols to make the connection between the correlating method (to the zodiac) and the Sabians. The wording that was sensed by Elsie Wheeler was created by virtue of her psychic ability and needed to stay exactly as it was when it originally came in.  It was those wordings that I used in my daily meditations, over a period of several years, that yielded the realization of a systematic method.

Although Sunology’s method to understand them is obvious and simple, this objective approach was veiled until now.  Rudhyar was convinced that the Sabian symbols would be the symbols that would define the degrees in a way that all astrologers would be able to agree on. A simple perusal of the original symbols shows them rich in double meanings, clever wording, and precise arrangement. In fact, the meanings that are interpreted from the original wordings align with the meanings that come from the Sunology method so well, that the symbols’ origin and existence are miraculous.  They don’t really line up so well with Rudhyar’s re-wordings – just take that as a caution. You will be able to see their magical quality when you take a deep look at them.

More About…

All this said, if you’re a Rudhyar fan (and it’s hard not to be!), his different wordings still offer more clues for you. It can be fun and illuminating to choose a few of those alternative wordings and work with them, too. Over the years, the Sabian symbols have astonished astrologers because they clearly express several levels of meaning simultaneously. Other people have made interpretative attempts that have merit and have added to the wealth of knowledge about the symbols. There are several books written on the Sabian symbols. These books are good references that can add other perspectives to your understanding and stimulate additional personal insight. Those who have worked with the symbols over time consistently find meaning in them.

Sabians Offer More Detail To Give More Ways to Flex

Obviously, the Sabian Sun symbols offer more depth and breadth to the moods and energies of your Sun Numbers than simply knowing that you are, say, an Aries. Honing in on your personality doesn’t put you in a box. Instead, it helps you see the box from which you view the world so that you can step outside your own constraints. When you gain a better sense of how you unknowingly and automatically limit yourself, you will improve the health of your relationships; lead a more creative, productive and fulfilling life; and experience your true self. Sunology stresses that the meanings of the symbols are not arbitrary or based on impressionistic interpretation. However, in your own interpretative efforts, the meanings for the symbols gain richness and depth when taken on their own, melded with your life experiences and not set within a strict rule.

There are other places around the web that you can read about the Elsie Wheeler and the creation of the Sabian symbols.


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The Clock

The tool that Sunology uses to exhibit the cycle is a clock. Each number is going to be a general concept in life. We’ll be moving along the clock in days, months and years instead of seconds, minutes, and hours, literally and conceptually.

basic paper clock

What’s the Clock For?

So we’ll start with the idea that everything that exists in this world – all the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical – falls somewhere on the clock, and to make it easy to remember what is where, we will put it in its natural order of its occurrence. For example, we can all agree that the self comes before the partner. In fact, in order to become the “self,” we have to be born, develop our awareness and speech and sense of meaning,etc.  Conception comes before birth,  birth before death, etc.

Think of all things as existing in order – one cannot come before another and the previous step drives the next. We are limited by having to use generalizations but let’s just grasp the basic flow of the board, which should intuitively feel like natural order. We’ll start at 3:00, for reasons that will become apparent.

Everything fits Somewhere on the Sunology Clock

This is the first, twelve-step breakdown, which is reflected in the zodiac, and which is also used to give meaning to the days, through correlating to a thirty-step breakdown.

  • 3:00 Consciousness or Identity (Beginning point, awareness)
  • 4:00 Substance/Matter (Stuff and its nature)
  • 5:00 Mind/Communication
  • 6:00 Emotions/Meaning
  • 7:00 Self-ness (That developed self, showing what it can do)
  • 8:00 Self-value (work and health for the self)
  • 9:00 Relationship (notice how “the other” is opposite the self on the clock)
  • 10:00 Intimacy (along with emotional connection and transformation – it completes the part of the cycle which is personal)
  • 11:00 Religion/Philosophy (now we get into more impersonal concepts)
  • 12:00 Society
  • 1:00 Community
  • 2:00 Spirituality
  • 3:00 A new level of consciousness (see it as a clock, but it’s a spiral and a ball)

And to further delineate the numbers, we’ll assign each section as either spiritual, physical, mental or emotional in order, three of each, around the clock, so 3:00 addresses the spiritual, 4:00 the physical world, 5:00 the mental world and 6:00 the emotional world. The same around again, two more times.


The common clock was chosen because I wanted it to be something we can all relate to. I love the way the clock is the same everywhere in the world (besides the time differences, of course) and how time is all parsed out based on longitude and the rising sun. Our real-life manifestations (things that exist) are our best symbols. Look at the sun, and the day. The day is predictable. The sun will rise and set. 365 days and 360 degrees. Each day is about one step, one degree of our 360 degree circle. It gets back around to the beginning (but more like a spiral) at the Spring equinox.

The year is predicable. The seasons are predictable. The sun and the earth are going through this yearly dance with one another that has been repeated over and over again throughout all of history. Yes, the angles change due to the precession of the equinoxes, but the fact that there is a pattern has not changed and we don’t even know how far this pattern drills down into manifested existence.

In the day and night, the hands go around the clock two times. In the yearly cycle, we could think in terms of the hands going around a day and night six times – the 12 months, about 30 days in each. Notice the smaller numbers on the outer circle. These are the points that represent the degrees/days and how their meanings correlate with the greater yearly cycle meanings.

Just Imagine

Do you think that your approach to the world would be different if you were aware, on a day to day basis, that the basic energy you encounter (through people, experiences and things) is not only predictable but also grows in concept throughout the year? For everything that exists, there is its day and you would be able to see that thing on its day if you knew it was that thing’s day (and you could also see what the thing’s energy was and the other ways it could also manifest). Imagine if you could correlate the human life cycle to this same cycle, and on a smaller level, the ages of 1 – 30 as a subset of points of perspective or consciousness that we all acknowledge and maintain and yet are not aware of.

Some Practical Applications

Once you get the hang of the cycle and how it can be realized as we step through our days, then you can find where you operate as a self in this cycle. That’ll make you laugh, to see how the people you meet and interact with are perfect for you and the day. Or how you attract the same people year after year in certain parts of the cycle. It’s really so fun.

Yourself in Transit Through Time

You’ll learn more about how that “piece” (the day) of the whole (the year) lives in the duality consciousness (back and forth, good and bad days) on earth.  Once you get to know the cycle, the years you have experienced can also more accurately perceived, both in terms of what would be typical manifestations for the ages you’ve been though (your first 30 years), plus where you (the self) have progressed in the your personal cycle as you move forward from year to year from your personal starting point. Believe it or not, there is also a 30-month cycle that we experience in terms of things that happen to us.

Also, when you know where we are in a definable cycle, it helps you to accept the ups and downs, high and lows and activity/passivity that naturally exists in our experience of time. Subscribe and track the cycle to develop your intuition, expand your creativity and hone your timing.

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Time Creates Consciousness


I believe it is time that creates our consciousness. Right now, duality is greater than trinity because we think in a kind of a 12-step cycle (and also 10-step, since we are quite tied to Base 10). When we add a 30-step cycle into our consciousness, it will add more “Ideal” 3 to the natural duality and raise the goodness of what is perceived on earth.

Like Christianity, Sunology is a system that believes strongly in getting additional sunlight and “Base 3” awareness. Advancing past traditional Christianity, there is language now available to talk about consciousness  (and what we have  now versus what we can have and what this would look like in the holographic life).

I think it must have been harder for Jesus because the language was not available to talk about a new “way”= his way, when he is a symbol of this third consciousness or more than likely, even bore it. He was talking about an approach towards the world that was different from the normal way of the world, and one that created a Heaven for him due to his exaltation of love and acceptance. Faith, yes – especially if you define faith as “fiery action in the heart” or in the knowing that the complete cycle is reality.

In any case, I will be making a point about the trinity being about consciousness – whereas the Father is the wholeness of all points (Oneness), the holy spirit being the variety of points, imbued by the Father (Duality),  and the Son being the blend, thus being the Christ, third or love consciousness.

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Look at the Symbol of the Day as a Correlation to the Month

In Sunology, there’s a sense of play between the poles. There are two days forward, a quiet in-between, and two steps back. Those are the days. You’ve also got the masculine and feminine signs in action with one another, so it’s one sign (the masculine, for example, 3:00) forward and one sign back (the feminine counterpart that internalizes what was externalized). Those are the months. There is creation from all this interplay. It’s rather scientific. What it is between the two – that is “the life.” Sunology offers numbers that span the intersection between the months by looking at the day. Two signs are equal to the five steps. There are twelve months, so there are six sets of five steps each.

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Active Days and Passive Days

Speaking as broadly as the 30-day cycle or even the yearly cycle (about 12 thirty-day cycles), there do not seem to be “good” days and “bad” days. Some of the symbols look a little rough but this still doesn’t pan out to good and bad. Think of it more as expressive, extroverted and assertive OR inward, observational and separate. (Or both or nothing also). Follow the daily sun numbers to find what days you resonate with. Every day is taken from a matter of perspective. We experience them for ourselves and based on previous experiences and what we naturally create.

I think there is so much assumption out there about what we, ourselves, can do. Align yourself with goodness by focusing on something that connects with the idea of 3 – since that is symbolically “all-good.”  That builds faith when the synchronicity starts to reveal itself. That is the message of Sunology. Remembering the wholes of the cycle is love, the gameboard in it’s entire expression is positive and wholeness, therefore love. Thus there is love in every piece. It symbolically reflects a new consciousness we are developing.

3:00, 5:00, 7:00, 9:00, 11:00, 1:00 Active

1,2,6,7,11,12, 16, 17, 21, 22, 26, 27 Active

4:00, 6:00, 8:00, 10:00, 12:00, 2:00 Passive

4, 5, 9, 10, 14, 15, 19, 20, 24, 25, 29, 30 Passive

3, 8, 13, 18, 23, 28 and 0 – In between

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The “Normal” Perspective or The World

Each perspective is just that – a piece of the whole picture. Perspectives create opinions. In one way, there is an order of sophistication and respect a perspective receives but in another, none of them are “better” than the other. In being a self-focused piece part, only vaguely aware of other perspectives and using the different perspectives against one another and always living in the duality of competing perspectives….that is many people’s lives. Without knowing the whole cycle, how can it (the cycle) be realized – especially when experiencing some challenging perspective via experience or person?

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The Third Consciousness

16 sunshine after storm

“You think you understand one. You think you understand two, because one and one make two. But, you must also understand “and”. (Sufi saying)


A “state of consciousness” is like if you were a computer and had an operating system. It is the originating knowingness that supports and drives the next-level thoughts and behaviors.

The first of three operating states is called Oneness. It is literally unattainable, because it means being everything and nothing, which is still something, no longer nothing. We immediately face the dichotomy of the world.  It’s discussed despite being indescribable because it is important as a way of setting up what is “wholeness”. Arguably, a person may experience this through meditation, but a person cannot be this, because we are already split from wholeness by being human.

The second, Twoness, is our normal way – duality or polarity –  and is an awareness of self vs. other.

The third, Threeness, is the very obvious blending the two.  I write about it to distinguish it from the normal way and encourage it to be used more often.

The Operating System

Consciousness is the “way”, or one’s approach, It is something fundamental to our expression that is pre-thought and not concrete. It’s where you come from. It’s the intention – where you originate from, what comes before action and reaction. A consciousness is the awareness you bring when you explore something outside yourself.

Like a computer’s operating system, the state of consciousness can be upgraded. The software (your personality) may naturally improve or need to be upgraded depending on the more foundational shifts.

Mindfulness, Enlightenment, Faith – Reasons to Upgrade

I write about this to encourage you to be more mindful, to help you increase faith through intellectual understanding, so you can have greater faith, to consciously experience love consciousness and to show you that you are already there on some days. It is a simple shift to be there more often and the more you practice, the more it happens naturally.

Simplest God Definition

I think about each OS in terms of base systems.

Oneness of Base One is the consciousness of the wholeness. Because we cannot be One, we dream of it, picture its presence, aspire to it. It expands to be the Beloved. Oneness is what is known in the hearts. It is the gurus’ “non-duality.” It comes before the self.

Oneness is far more powerful than can be imagined, as it is accumulation of all that is physical, emotional, mental, spiritual – all of it – and thus also has an intelligent non-physical brilliance which desires to relate to us through time and synchronicity.

Oneness is wholeness and thus contains all the various aspects of the whole, in accumulation. Because it is everything, it accepts everything and is love. All of us and everything there is, even nothing! – can be represented symbolically by the circle of Oneness.

Another very powerful symbol of this is the sun. That’s why I’m so into the sun.

And then there is zero. The symbol of a circle and the zero look alike. So the One of Base One is zero? How can zero be everything? This can be through ordering its containment, but that is conceptual. This just adds to the mystery of wholeness. Release the idea of boundary, see everything that is, and multiply it by a gazillion. Now add it all up. Viola, Oneness!

So, that is a possible agreement on the definition of God.  The world needs a common definition for God.

Oneness, as an unattainable yet imaginable consciousness, is key to the new consciousness – Threeness. But first let’s look at a way to understand normal consciousness.

Twoness Consciousness

Being in “duality” consciousness is what is normal. As we move forward through our day as our self, our consciousness is naturally and unconsciously in a state where we are one side of the experience and everything else is outside of ourselves and must be dealt with as such.

If we go through this without integrating wholeness and realizing there’s a larger more overarching greater-ness at work, then it is like believing the world is flat. And we just go along with it, despite some apparent irreconcilable differences with our inner knower. Here are some “duality” approach truths:

Where there is assertion, there is withdrawal. There is right and wrong. There is good or bad, black and white, male and female, in or out, self and not-self.  In a physical sense, there are the magnetic poles of positive and negative. Every thought automatically creates a split. That’s why it is said that the mind is the slayer of the real – where “the real” is wholeness.

Having opinions, protecting the ego’s points, and bearing a healthy sense of competition and drive is the common state of consciousness that we have when we deal with others. This is a consciousness of self-interest, attention and activity or drama producing, that we are all born with. Consciousness is heavily invested in the various boundaries and identifications of things. But it causes discordance because it ignores the wholeness of everything that is. Over time, this approach towards the world becomes very limiting, which causes problems for the human.

Authority creates more duality in its control over us. Parents teach through fear, control, punishment and shame. There is always a war going on somewhere – in the mind, around the kitchen table, in church, between us and society and/or in our communities, in far-away lands. There are suffering people and starving people, facing lives with unfathomable challenges. Life in this awareness can be intensely negative and reticent. Some believe that you need to be constantly aware of the dangers of the world in order to safeguard your life or you will die. But if you are not really living in the first place than what difference does it make? We use duality consciousness to ensure success in the world. The only problem is that it is a lie. Yet everybody tells it. The lie is not around its value but that it is of paramount value, without considering the value of the sum of all points.

Back to Oneness and Base Systems

Oneness changes its nature when looked at by Twoness (base-system wise, the circle split in two), making it quite mysterious and elusive (not so much in the little picture here,  haha). In Base Two, One is the originator, a masculine energy, positivity and forward-movement, compared to the Two’s subjectivity, negativity, reticence, and tendency to split more.

In fact, Base Two creates three in its union and that creates many more. When I put the numbers in order around a cycle (a clock for two-dimensions but a spiral or the sense of the whole ball in three-dimensions), I get highs and lows, back and forths, ins and outs, duality galore!

Threeness, Base 3, Trinity Consciousness

Threeness is a more honest way to approach things. It’s addition, not subtraction or exclusion. It takes the whole picture into account. It “believes”/knows the God of wholeness, goodness and love.  It sees from a perspective of integration.

The “objective observer” knows right from wrong while acknowledging wrong must be right in a world with loving Oneness at its core, and the one that directs the brain into its way of thinking.

Threeness is both the narrow vibration too small to detect (the eye of the needle), that stimulates the play between yin and yang, as well as the broad everything-ness of yin plus yang. It’s a blending of your knowing of the absolute Oneness within the duality state we normally live.

The two poles, working together, find balance. When three is forgotten, the poles grow further apart, without reason or awareness of three until eventually things get so bad on the negative side of the equation that something gives and love reveals itself through consciousness. Sometimes there’s a break and in the best case, there is shift to the three. Threeness is a great substitute for the unattainable Oneness. It comes and goes but can become a habit and sink into you on a cellular level.

Our minds have to do the work, knowing the way, defaulting to it for right reasons or as a habit. When the apparent reality of Twoness becomes overbearing, as it will, we use our will to consciously default to what is positive in the moment.

Ways to do this include prayer and healing, Three is the truth of the mid-point, the balance, the point where the various expressions of Two are encountered, worked and accepted.  It is acceptance of what is with love and understanding that are the keys when real-life drama explodes.

Two Vs. Three?

Two versus Three is what happens when Two mistakes Three for Two, when not realizing that Two can’t be real. Within Twoness, there are highs and lows, so the highs begin to realize themselves as the Three, which of course they are not. I think all of humanity is headed in the direction of being more “real” without the need for religion or society to dictate. Why? Yes for peace but more because that is the way the world will heal. We want this to feel better, to correct our karma, and to increase happiness.

It is distressing to see what mankind is doing to our world by ignoring climate change, which is a result of the prevailing consciousness, particularly on the higher levels.

Threeness is acceptance, and that includes accepting ourselves as the flawed humans, even with the crazy focus on individual points beyond 1, 2 and 3 while dismissing the wholeness.  After all, even when we’re confused or out of balance, it is only to get us back where we’ll be happy again, in balance. Threeness comes with patience.

The Pep Talk

Aiming to remember love more often in life is a choice that only each one can make.  The good news is that the universe provides opportunities to build Base Three while operating under Base Two. Threeness is the potential as a more real truth for you to enjoy, and is doubly good since it also feels better to live that way.  It’s about relationship with what is encountered. It brings love and life to a situation. It ignites the passion of the moment. Try it for a minute a day, and it will become natural.

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30 – The End and the Beginnning


Thirty’s Holistic Look-Sees

3:00: A duck pond and its brood
4:00: A peacock parading on an ancient lawn
5:00: Bathing beauties
6:00: A daughter of the American Revolution
7:00: An unsealed letter
8:00: A false call unheard in attention to immediate service
9:00: Three mounds of knowledge on a philosopher’s head
10:00: A Halloween jester
11:00: The Pope
12:00: A secret business conference
1:00: The field of Ardath in bloom
2:00: The Great Stone Face (pictured above, but a referenced to Nathaniel Hawthorne’s parable of the same name)

The Way of Step 30

Step 30 represents the perspective of everything and the nothing – the summation of all the points, the vast understanding, the elusive “it” – what we are trying to grasp, how Heaven can exist – and, based on the symbols, the ultimate expression of the human being, which is to create an amazing reality based on your focus and expression of ideal self. One thing about all the symbols is that they are pictures of “isness.”

It is a day of mirrors where any point can be expressed and reflected back to you as the truth. Even better, there is a lot of love or a sense of life and creativity in the day. The secret of the day is to realize that the perspective that you focus upon is your choice and determined by how you interact with the world. What is your attention drawn to? The theme of the day is silence and God-connection. You may not get a lot done. We are in a place that feels limbo-like. All points are incorporated and you realize that wholeness is no splits, thus silence and nothing.

The energy of 30 step is shaped by an emotionally transformative power (thanks to the correlating planet, Pluto), the impact of the summarizing of all previous points, and the effect of moving into the zero-point, which holds the silence of living in the “now.” This point has a vast amount of spiritual/enlightenment potential (think: the center before the big bang). We are at the end, thus spilling us into the new beginning. Thirty ultimately realizes that only the moment exists and that staying in the present is the key to enlightened connection. Wholeness comes upon realizing that the present expression is the totality of what you are and of what can be in that place of presence. Life is a series of created moments, and where the focus is placed is what is and shapes what will come to be.

Words for the 30th Day

3:00; connection with “source”; introspection; the release of that which defines the identity; emptiness/nothingness; martyr-type of release; identity issues; fanciful escape; unaware of time; ambiguity; death; solitude; dreaming; fantasy; compassion; faith; devotion; sensitivity; acceptance; surrender; wisdom; music; art; watery flow; pauses and spaces; endings; connection with source.

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