Gameboard Steps 3:00 – 6:00 and a Couple of Patterns

Let’s look at the main 12 steps. First, think of them first like six breaths. First, an out-breath, then the in-breath, next another out-breath, then another in, until we get back to 3:00. That splits the 12 into six twos (masculine and feminine), which is one underlying base system to Base 12. Another is three splits of four, which is also addressed in this article.

gameboard clock

gameboard clock

The first out-breath is the elemental expression of consciousness. It comes before what is made in the space between it and the next in-breath.

Imagine us starting around 2:30, taking a big breath and then stepping off at:

  • 3:00 (the starting point), a big out-breath (invisible, elemental, consciousness and very assertive, what came from the end and going out into the world), and then
  • 4:00, in-breath, a hesitation, a holding back, don’t want to go too fast, this is where 3:00 becomes something. Think of the point of birth where the midwife is advising to not go too fast and allow at the same time, and then physicality in the form of crowning,
  • 5:00, a second out-breath as curiosity builds, as many ahas are had, that which is can be named, and the mental body screams out in all its glory and communication is born. Because we are in an outward place, early in the full cycle, in a cycle that is beyond birth, this place is symbolic of things associated with mental activity, talking, and writing.
  • 6:00, zipping down fast and landing at the bottom of the clockboard, we face the music – a symbolic reference to the emotional nature slipping in. Because of there is a tendency to wallow for a moment, and at that wallowing 6:00 place, meaning and feeling are substantiated.

Those are the first four of the main 12 steps. You’ll see there’s a pattern in those four steps that will repeat itself two more times.

Four General Categories of Energies

Just like the generalizations of the 12 steps, this is an even greater generalization (trying to make the whole out of 4 points instead of 12).

  • spirit (consciousness, fiery will, passion of belief, FIRE)
  • physical (the earth, its resources, its products, its by-products, EARTH)
  • mental (the mind, communication, speech, human interaction, intuition, AIR)
  • emotional (giving meaning to things, memories, intimacy/connection with another, nurturance, WATER)

Alpha-Omega Point

What is special about that point between the in and out breath? It is that it is symbolic of this alpha/omega point. There within lies a mystery of God, which is how can something enlivened come out of nothing? We will delve much more deeply into this point as we move forward.

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