Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?


Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Who cares or who knows?

This koan, by definition, is not about an answer. Its purpose is to stimulate your higher mind, in order to expand your awareness to the idea that yes, there are things in this world that can not be explained. We do tend to go around in circles sometimes.

The cyclical nature of our world makes communicating about life a challenge. It doesn’t have to be that way. After all, we can all agree that in a particular given situation, there is a beginning, a middle, and an end. Yes, a chicken lays an egg. But the egg develops into a chicken. We can get beyond the fact that we cannot conceive of an actual real beginning or ending in this world by agreeing on a starting point in the circle and working from there.

God = All of It, but We Live in the Pieces

By extrapolating this koan into real life, we can see that wholeness and various points/pieces of life co-exist simultaneously, and in fact any piece can consider itself whole within itself. This is a vital concept that delivers us from a consciousness of duality (good and evil) into a consciousness of trinity (good, evil, and the all good, resulting in acceptance and love of life). In Corinthians, this is what Paul was talking about right before launching into the well-known love chapter, Corinthians 1 Chapter 13.  He was talking about how the various pieces of the body were independent yet still over-seen by the higher entity (taking us back to self and Self).

It is from this idea that faith logically follows. Faith is the belief that the experience as a whole is good, despite possible negativity in the moment. If the whole circle represents our life and the time we live, and each moment is filled with the unpredictable good or bad, we can be assured that goodness from a higher perspective, because of the symbolism of our world around us, specifically the best symbol we have for “God” or over-seer.

What Physical Thing in Our World Represents God the Best?

Looking carefully, there is one physical thing in this world that is the best symbol for God, and that is the sun. Visually, it is an incredibly fiery ball and bright light above us and all around us. The circle is represents “everything.” The fact that it can not be looked at simultaneously implies nothingness. Although it can be looked at, of course. Practically speaking, it establishes our day, our seasons and our year. It is the primary source for everything on earth, most noticeably our food and water. Everything that is on earth is secondary to the sun. The sun moves forward in our perception (despite we are moving on earth, not the other way around). The sun, in its apparent positive movement )always into the future), is knowing that God is ever-forward-moving and positively focused (the same as the symbol of the sun). You have probably noticed but the sun is highly photogenic as well.



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