Synchronicity & the Games

I am really keen on synchronicity and the nature of it. Synchronicity is like energy showing itself again and again in an ever-unfolding story that becomes God/wholeness over time. It is the lovely, magical world of natural order!

One of my stories begins with the death of a man with an important name that I cannot say.

That is how it is with synchronicity.

Something (usually some very personal detail) which is key can not be relayed. This thing typically keeps one from telling the full story and keeps one from really getting across the various associations that exist that make the story interesting, unusually connected and synchronous. Because of this, synchronicity is commonly a very personal experience . In this case, the man is not famous or anything like that. It’s HIPPA law that keeps me from saying the name of this man, my dying patient. (I was a hospice chaplain for 20 years.) And it was his name that  gave me to comfort and confidence to rise above a very challenging experience. Maybe someday I’ll talk about that!

 Regardless, synchronicity can be easily detected and is a wonder, like deja vu, that makes you think there is some sort of God, that makes God more real and experienced on earth. On a very esoteric level, it is life’s synchronicity that leads to inner cellular changes that shift your consciousness to something more present and real. In other words, it is wonderful to realize synchronicity in your life!

The Game -> Common Natural Order -> Synchronicity Revealed -> JOY!

One level of the main Sunology game is designed to help you get more synchronicity. It is really about order, that then turns into synchronicity, and brings you closer to the joy that being in a whole revealed cycle brings. You’ll see!

If you know what I’m talking about, please share! It’s a little soon for questions but if you have them,  I invite you to ask them.


June 5th, 2015 (Two Dutch Children Talking)

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