Moon- Out of Network or Void of Course Moon

What It Is and How to Handle It

There is a major indicator that can help you plan your day and get you more connected to the universal forces for your benefit. It’s called the Moon Out of Network (Moon-OON).  Old-fashioned astrology calls it the “void of course” moon.

It is a timing tool that indicates when to sit in the moment and practice a certain higher consciousness – one that allows for answering the exact call of the moment. It’s the time to embrace the letting go of the ways and matters of the old cycle and releasing into the next mood. During this time, stay fluid with no plans or commitments. Just allow for what will be to be. Whatever happens is the right thing to happen, when the moon is out of network. Acceptance is practiced.

It is said that “nothing” comes of actions taken during this time. It is good to  understand why this is so. The reason lies in the symbology of the moon’s movement. It is at the end of a short cycle – two and a half days through one of the twelve signs. This period can last just a few seconds to several hours and is dependent on the relationships it makes to other planets as it moves through the sign. It is a kind of ending time where you can release the stress of the days.

In every case when the moon is OON, the next big thing that happens to the moon is that it moves into the next sign. The “cusp” (or edge between the signs) has an energy of it’s own – altogether-ness of the ending of one cycle and the beginning of the next.  This symbolizes a type of zero-point connection (the place of everything and nothing) that is encountered. There are suitable moods for such a thing. Faith, release and trust are paramount.

Typically, things bought during the Moon-OON are later discovered to have had little purpose. This is because you tried to establish a relationship with something at the end of a cycle, I guess. Sorry to  say, things bought during the Moon-OON come to an end quickly. Either they are forgotten, they get thrown out with the bag, they need to be returned, they get permanent stains or rips on them early in their wear, or in some way, they are soon left behind. If your acquisition is a gift, it will be the same for the receiver or he/she may not need or want the gift.

When the moon is out of network, release, go within and follow the moment to see how this mini-cycle (A 60-Hour Cycle) wraps up. Work in the flow of this later, more complex energy. Observe what happens and take cues on what to do from the things around you.

There are things we need to do to function in life. Exercising, showering, performing domestic and nurturing activities, mowing the yard, caring for children, and cleaning closets (and things in general) are all good OON activities because they set a fresh stage for the next lunar cycle, which is a mini-cycle of experience. Just remember that the end of the Moon-OON symbolizes the start of the next mini-cycle, giving you the opportunity to start the cycle out with right and optimistic, enthusiastic intention.

ADVISED: (Relax, release, trust, cleaning, plan, pray, get a sense of connection)

  • Make lists for the next cycle
  • Meditate
  • Wrap up last cycle (when you can identify it)
  • Enjoy familiar activities
  • Think of ideas
  • Outline ideas
  • Cook
  • Clean
  • Finish activities
  • Reorganize and refocus
  • Routine shopping
  • Routine chores
  • Do nothing
  • Skip out
  • File taxes (if it’s that time of year :-))


  • Shop for non-routine purchases
  • Make important decisions
  • Book flights or establish reservations
  • Send emails for help
  • Press your luck
  • Go overboard
  • Promise/commit
  • Begin projects
  • Schedule important events, like surgery or a wedding (scheduling sets a date, which initiates intention)
  • Take a lesson in something new
  • Spinning mind or pointless activity (obviously typically contra-advised)
  • Not accepting what is currently in your life
  • It seems very common to be looking for something that has been lost!

If the question comes down to whether something should or should not be done, consider if it is something you would normally do (then go ahead) or something to do with a physical item or setting a value to an item (includes buying and selling), in which case, heed the warning and don’t give in to the temptation of the purchase.

If it is something associated with your creative expression or is part of a larger cycle, you can move forward with confidence that the bigger cycle is where you want to be anyway. You may erase it later.

If you decide to move forward in spite of the Moon-OON, make a note of the outcome. Another good question to ask is if you are invested in the outcome of the activity. If the answer, “Nothing will come of it” does not bother you, then move forward. When you are aware of the Moon-OON, see if you can detect a less motivated feel in the air. Some people feel wheels spinning. Some find themselves rebooting their computers a lot. Like I said, there seems to be a lot of searching.

Does the Moon-OON work for you? I’ve seen it work consistently for everyone who attends themselves to it.  Make your own choices about how to spend time with a better understanding of the time you’re dealing with.

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