1 – Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

“1” Symbols

3:00: (Consciousness): A woman rises out of water, a seal rises and embraces her
4:00: (Matter): A clear mountain stream
5:00: (Mind) A glass-bottomed boat in still water
6:00: (Feelings): A furled and unfurled flag displayed from a vessel
7:00: (Self expression): A case of apoplexy
8:00: (Giving of the self): A man’s head
9:00: (Partnership): A butterfly made perfect with a dart through it
10:00: (Control, intimacy and transformation): A sight-seeing bus
11:00: (The philosophical overview): A Grand Army of the Republic campfire
12:00: (Success on Earth): An Indian chief demanding recognition
1:00: (Envisioning, community and intangibles): An old adobe mission
2:00: (Summation): A public market

Sun Number One bears the seed-like quality of original awareness. The One is a perspective that is taken right at the beginning, before anything is known. It is like  consciousness – non-tangible and a bit of a set-up. If there can be a perspective that is pre-physical, this is it. One is willful, direct, funny, assertive and active. There is a sense at this point in the cycle that things can go in any direction and whatever direction is taken, this is the course that will be followed. This day sets the tone for the month because it is the consciousness, or identity, of it. Here, the zero-point (the source) transforms from nothingness into something – at this point, also the fool. The perspective comes from a place of eagerness to establish an identity and separate itself from the pack of its preceding oneness.

Because we are looking at the meaning of One in a 30-step system, we need to take into account that we are just at the start of many more pieces to get to know. The meaning here is about this start, and what the identity is, and the relationship to the past and future.

Which of these is your favorite symbol and why?

I personally like seeing the Indian chief standing at the peak of the cycle, reminding us that our source, the nativity within us, is something to draw upon and value. This is especially relevant at the first day of the cycle, when the identity sets the tone for the rest of the cycle.

Leo 1: A case of apoplexy


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