4 – Bringing it Down to Earth


“4” Symbols

3:00: Two lovers strolling through a secluded walk
4:00: The rainbow’s pot of gold
5:00: Holly and mistletoe
6:00: A cat arguing with a mouse
7:00: A formally dressed man and a deer with its horns folded
8:00: A chocolate child playing with whites
9:00:: A group around a campfire
10:00:: A youth holding a lighted candle
11:00: A little child learning to walk
12:00: A party entering a large canoe
1:00: A Hindu healer
2:00: Heavy traffic on a narrow isthmus

Meaning of Four

4 takes a basic perspective that we live in a very real world of matter and form. Relationships are a practical matter of course and as such, are dealt with primarily from the subconscious level. Time, the body, the earth and its real-world experiences are all “four” ideas. We crossed the “1” of spirit with the “2” of duality to get “3”. Now one more is added to the life and creativity of the three to result in the actuality, concretization and existence of life as expressed in the somewhat stodgy four. From spirit, to matter, and beyond to absolute solidity.

Four in Base 4 Sets Up Meaning for Four in Base 30

So, the four is the path of the experience of reality, interacting with the other. It’s like a doubled-up two, where there is even more duality, and thus the experience and first hint of cycle. Because we have moved another step, in the Base 4, where there are 4 splits to wholeness, the meanings of 1 through 3 have shifted to include room for the 4. We also have a nice set here of fire, earth, air and water, in a different system that relate to spirit, the physical, the mental and the emotional, respectively. 4 is always considered to be more negative/feminine/withdrawing than positive, because it is divisible by 2. The physical is distorted from its original purity as spirit. At its most basic, it is first experience with density.

Today’s Symbol – Leo 4: A formally dressed man and a deer with its horns folded

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