7’s Busy Friendliness

AQ7 a child born of an eggshell

AQ 7: A child born of an eggshell

“7” Symbols – Correlates to

Gemini degrees 13 – 24 and to 5:30

3:00: Aries: A man successfully expressing himself in two realms at once
4:00: Taurus: A woman of Samaria
5:00: Gemini: An old-fashioned well
6:00: Cancer: Two fairies on a moonlit night
7:00: Leo: The constellations in the sky
8:00: Virgo: A harem
9:00: Libra: A woman feeding chickens and protecting them from the hawks
10:00: Scorpio: Deep-sea divers
11:00: Sag: Cupid knocking at the door
12:00: Capricorn: A veiled prophet of power
1:00: Aquarius: A child born of an eggshell
2:00: Pisces: A cross lying on the rocks

What About Seven, Then? 

Sun Number Seven is positioned in the middle part of 5:00 – a  mentally-oriented spot. The day’s perspective is like yesterday’s, only sped up and more active on a relational level. Just look at those symbols and notice how lovely they are. Some of the numbers are just like that. Stay objective anyway. The goal is not to experience a judgement towards or against but to recognize the whole of the cycle contains both good and bad, highs and lows, pasts, presents and futures. It is in the third place (a mindset), living and loving what is, that is the gift.

Another way to understand the meaning of the numbers at this point is to see what other numbers make them up and what those look like together. Because 7 is made up of 3 (goodness and fortune) and 4 (the earth manifest), this number can represent Heaven on Earth.  It bears a relational approach and asserts itself rationally. No longer bordering the depths like the Six, but more fully immersed in the bottom of the overall cycle, Seven is still youthful due to its early placement within the thirty numbers, and naive (as there is simplicity and the real bottom hasn’t been hit yet). Because of its bottom position, the depths are plunged and a lot of relationship-oriented interaction happens. Banter or argument is prevalent. There is a focus on partners, art, beauty and the social life. There is also a friendly, intuitive detachment (and sudden breaks) to Seven’s expression. Astrologers, note the decanate ruler of Gemini 13 – 24 is Venus and Uranus, so it’s more multi-faceted and relational than Six (Mercury’s).

Generally, there is a quality of innocent insight. I look to the 2:00 (Piscean) symbol to think about how seven is “whole” or complete and in that symbol (Pisces 7: A cross lying on rocks), wholeness comes from laying down the need for the duality of thought within experience and staying present to the actual experience.

Key Words For “7”

Multitasking; self-oriented relationship; gratitude; cheer-leading; communication; imagination; pep talks; social interaction; intelligence; quick-wit; thoughtfulness; factual truth; early intuition; thinking outside the box; embracing the duality of life; magical imagery; detachment; unpredictability; quips; young-ish (boy-ish, girl-ish); surprise.

We are into the area for communication and issues and focuses and thoughts. Now we are nearing the bottom of the cycle on the clock, there may also be issues around senseless thoughts or connections that have a pattern that is detected yet very complex. These things are all mentally-oriented. The symbols make liberal use of adjusting and flexing words to make better images.


Today’s Symbol: Leo 7 The constellations in the sky

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