9 – Seeing Things Sensitively


“9” Symbols (middle Degrees of Cancer)

3:00: A crystal gazer
4:00: A Christmas tree decorated
5:00: A quiver filled with arrows
6:00: A tiny nude miss reaching in the water for a fish
7:00: Glass blowers
8:00: A man making a futuristic drawing
9:00: Three old masters hanging in an art gallery
10:00: Dental work
11:00: A mother with her children on the stairs
12:00: An angel carrying a harp
1:00:: A flag turned into an eagle
2:00: A jockey

Definition for Nine – Aligned with Middle Degrees of Cancer

Nine’s position moves out of the abyss of the cycle and is a perspective that spans emotional extremes and lifts into a stronger sense of seeing things more completely. Mother, home, tradition and the past are emphasized in this placement, as it is around 6:20, and we’re still in the realm of the our emotional foundation. It is realized at this point not to look back too much due to the emphasis being on the forward motion of the energy that was realized yesterday, during the silent point (if you can think of when that might have been). It is both young and old – seemingly impressed by the emotions yet traditional and coming from something that happened a long time ago.

Nine’s “friendly planets” (the ones that share an affinity with the number) are the Moon and Pluto; which both symbolize duality in the sense of there being a lot going on – felt emotionally or perceived psychically. The Moon generates a sensitive and delicate mood and, thanks to Pluto, there is a controlling power-push for intense transformation. On this level of daily detail, there is the feminine quality of withholding (the containment of the quiver itself) in order to save for later.

The perspective ultimately seeks more forward revolution after awareness of the depth. There can be psychological meltdowns. The triple three of the number Nine brings light and creativity to what could be a dark placement; hope for a bright future is a fundamental quality.

Key words for “9”

6:20: emotionally sensitive and intense; psychic; cautious; containment,  home; mother; security-focused; yearning; extrapolation; optimism; rewriting history; loyalty to “yours”; wishing; pushing for the future; caring; moving forward through the cycle of life; the inter-play between attachment and release.

Today’s symbol: Leo 9: Glass blowers

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