10 – Emotional Vulnerability and New Starts

Ten“Ten” Symbols 

3:00: A man teaching new forms for old symbols
4:00: A Red Cross nurse
5:00: An airplane falling
6:00: A large diamond not completely carved
7:00: Early morning dew
8:00: Two heads looking out and beyond the shadows (such hesitancy!)
9:00: A canoe approaching safety through dangerous waters
10:00: A fellowship supper
11:00: A golden haired goddess of opportunity
12:00: An albatross eating from the hand
1:00: A popularity that proves ephemeral
2:00: An aviator in the clouds.

Defining the 10

The perspective of Sun Number Ten is emotionally vulnerable yet steps out to help in spite of what feels like taking a risk. Correlating with the advanced feminine area around 6:40, it is similar to Nine because there is still a lot of sensitivity and emotions, but there is a maturity to it at this point. It becomes less about personal emotions and more about getting above them and finding meaning in it all. Ten works with issues of emotional healing and buttons up the development of the basics by giving meaning to experiences. Ten also symbolizes a healing, giving and nurturing-focused energy. Ten is still in the watery area of 6:00 so there’s a softness. Its receptivity moves Ten beyond earthly concerns, through confusion, and into a loving consciousness of oneness. There becomes a real femininity here which gives way to the image of roses and violets (symbolically about the divine feminine). A sense of wholeness today is found through trust and faith in the tools and talents that have been given.

Speaking to the Ten in spiritual terms, there’s an quality of the something highly conceptual here. The highest expression of this perspective is a divine mother-love that comes from the suffering of the personal heart. The suffering transforms as it considers the present situation on earth (partly Eight) and then extrapolates that into the future (Nine). Suffering transforms to compassion. The feminine expression is equated to the high symbolism of the Holy Spirit. Here, in 10, is the opportunity to see the perspective of caring for another – reflecting your personal experience of emotion onto another person, thus perpetuating empathy. It is the feminine, indwelling and drawing in energy that allows a sense of oneness with other people.

Key Words For “10”

6:40 (CANCER) type of day; forward movement; sensitive feelings; trust; self-confidence despite doubt; dependency; some depression (when experienced in duality); caution; psychic awareness; care-giving; nurturing quality; receptivity; feeding others; vulnerability; rescuing and helping; psychology; an indefinable place of grace and spiritual awareness; faith;  renewal; emotions.

Today’s Symbol: Leo 10: Early morning dew

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