11 – The Self-Actualized Ego Steps Out

Cancer 11 A clown making grimaces

“11” Symbols

3:00: The president of the country
4:00: A woman sprinkling flowers
5:00: A new path of realism and experience
6:00: A clown making grimaces
7:00: Children on a swing in a huge oak tree
8:00: A boy molded in his mother’s aspirations for him
9:00: A professor peering over his glasses
10:00: A drowning man rescued
11:00: The lamp of physical enlightenment in the left temple
12:00: A large group of pheasants
1:00: Man tete-a-tete with his inspiration
2:00: Men seeking illumination

Eleven is the perspective one would take if they were assertively positioned at the point where the basic personality is fully developed and knows itself and wants to be itself. Now. And yes, if you’ve been following along, you’ll know we are at 7:00, which as an “odd” month, and therefore back in the positive way of looking at things. There’s a sense that things will get better just by having a clearer understanding of who we are. The self’s communicating faculties are ready to fully express itself. There’s a touch of innocence again. Yet be not the fool…As you know from the last 10 days, this ego has been in the making and this ego is pretty strong and stubborn about what it is. Additionally, because Eleven is masculine, there is a forthright and frank expression that knows how the self is best expressed.

Notice that Sun Number Eleven is on the upswing of the cycle. Like 2, this energy is similar to the meaning of the Sun, as it represents the wholeness of self. Here is a perspective of the self whose outlook is what the vibe of the perspective is. The personality is ready to move forward and wow the world with who it is. “Know thyself” applies here, for Eleven knows wholeness by pursuing and expressing the true self without worrying about the rest of the world too much.


Today’s Symbol: Leo 11: Children on a swing in a huge oak tree

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