12 – Allow Me to Explain Myself Further!

“12” Symbols 

3:00: A flock of white geese
4:00: Window-shoppers
5:00: A topsy saucily asserting herself
6:00: A Chinese woman nursing a baby with a message
7:00: An evening lawn party
8:00: A bride with her veil snatched away
9:00: Miners emerge from a mine
10:00: An embassy ball
11:00: A flag that turns into an eagle that crows
12:00: A student of nature lecturing
1:00: People on stairs graduated upwards
2:00: An examination of initiates

Definition of 12

Noisy Twelve! This day can be heard coming down the path. Eleven “all growed up” and thinks it knows a lot, from a pretty basic level. There’s a feeling of being shot from the light into the limelight. You really are supposed to be having fun today . Fully inspired from having come from the sun-connected Eleven, Twelve is a mature Eleven – not just aware of the self, but promoting and expressing the self creatively. The symbol implies that we haven’t progressed quite as far as we think – perhaps in the ways of philosophy and strategy – while confidence brims over. This little piece of God (the day’s perspective) is in full swing and brings multifaceted talents and abilities.

Key Words For the 12

Key words: protecting those who are like children, the developed self that leads, leadership; up-beat; pride; fiery; open; self-expressive; bossy;  proving the self for the self’s sake; passion for the self; fired-up with confidence; new approaches; head-to-head; light-filled; self-assertive; kingly and queenly; fun-filled and lifted. 7:30-type day.

Today’s Symbol: Leo 12: An evening lawn party

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