13 – Absolute Fire Turns In On Itself

“13” Symbols

Aries 3:00: An unsuccessful bomb explosion
Taurus 4:00: A man handling baggage
Gemini 5:00: A great musician at his piano
Cancer 6:00: One hand slightly flexed with a very prominent thumb
Leo 7:00: An old sea captain rocking
Virgo 8:00: A strong hand supplanting political hysteria
Libra 9:00: Children blowing soap bubbles
Scorpio 10:00: An inventor experimenting
Sagittarius 11:00: A widow’s past is brought to light
Capricorn 12:00: A fire worshiper
Aquarius 1:00: A barometer
Pisces 2:00: A sword in a museum

Definition of 13

For the 13, its strength is its ability to creatively express for the good of self and others. Thirteen is climbing in the cycle, at one of the steepest points, exerting the self, which turns introspectively inward – now that the self has revealed itself in the world. In fact, it became so self-aware that it grew up and into a place of realization – what good am I? The self can not stay too self too long. It’s fiery and burns out. Soon it sees that without a purpose, it would fizzle completely. There is a lot of focus on the details of how to interact with the tangible world of usefulness and purpose. This is seen in that many of the 13 symbols, is the reference to hands. The focus is shifted from that fire-impulse to show the self in all its glory to doing – grounding – into how the creative expression can help others, serve a purpose and take care of that wild, fiery self. Getting things done is important. This creates nervousness and anxiety sometimes. Number Thirteen achieves wholeness by knowing that when the ego’s passion is removed from the equation, creativity can speak for itself. With the healthy ego that was formed in 11 and 12 now held in check, there is time to give what you have to show as well as show what you have to give.

Key Words For the 13th Day

8:00 type of day: creative frustration; dedication to service; nervous energy; dependability; seeking dignity in service; whole-heartedness; perfectionism; loyalty; practicing personal integrity; teaching and learning lessons; purity of intention; interaction with the divine; a sense that there is something higher than the self; expression of the true self as a service; self-expression to the point of grounding down into the mundane; stability; order; purity in service.

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