14 – The Disciplined Self

Aquarius 14 A train entering a tunnel

Symbols for Day 14

3:00: A serpent coiling near a man and a woman
4:00: Shellfish groping and children playing
5:00: A conversation by telepathy
6:00: A very old man facing a vast dark space to the northeast
7:00: A soul awaiting opportunity for expression
8:00: The family tree
9:00: A noon siesta
10:00: Telephone lineman at work
11:00: The Pyramids and the Sphinx
12:00: An ancient bass relief carved in granite
1:00: A train entering a tunnel
2:00: Lady in a fox fur

It is time to be quiet now and listen better. You get to see how your perspective handles a perspective of being quiet and going inward. Any trouble here? Depends on how beyond the pale you are naturally. If you are normal, this is normal day. This day knows to stay focused. As the day grows later into the Fourteen, things get easier because you get used to being more serious. Such is the nature of the so-called “friendly” symbol (meaning it is simpatico in its expression), Saturn, which has a reputation of being the one that holds us back, restricts, restrains, disciplines, and associated with the aging of the physical body. Not so friendly in a way, as Saturn doesn’t show the true value of its qualities of responsibility and discipline until it passes the test of time. What you do now, the heart you put into it now, is going to set you up for the future. Don’t be lazy 7:00 lion at this stage. Be grounded and be real. The perspective is about accepting any restrictive challenges as something really good for you. Nose to the grindstone, and such. You better follow the rules here, even if you don’t see why you need to do so. Watch what you say. Focus..

Fourteen is a “mid-feminine” number which means its perspective is a bit picky and critical due to being more practical (less full of that fire of 7:00) – things are getting rote, boring, earthy 8:00. Being less than thrilled with what we see around ourselves. Fourteen correlates with an energy that gives a physical focus on delivering the self in practical service via work, typically with issues around organization and structure. Twelve was fun; Fourteen is some work. Which suits you? We have to admit that 14 is more realistic. It still contains a healthy dose of focus on the 7:00 that it came from but now it needs to take care (inward-look) at 7:00 for its health and for what it is going to do.

The Clock

Climbing the steepest part of the gameboard, there’s a pulling in to conserve and apply strength for the task at hand. The inner focus is on disciplining the lower selves by controlling the physical body through health consciousness and the emotional body through self-control. Wholeness is found in taming the wild nature of the lower selves using a loving, structured and authoritative influence.

Key Words For the 14th Day

8:00-type of day; a back and forth tightness; coming to terms with hardship; focus and concentration; silence; feeling confined by boundaries; need for patience; conservative side accepts the animal/lower nature and its needs to be human; duty; tools and techniques; responsibility; health; service to others; healing the physical and emotional.

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