15 – Balanced in Caring Through Service

Taurus 15 A man muffled up with a rakish silk hat

3:00: An Indian weaving a blanket
4:00: The man muffled up in a rakish silk hat (see picture)
5:00: Two Dutch children talking
6:00: A group of people who have overeaten and enjoyed it
7:00: A pageant
8:00: An ornamental handkerchief
9:00: Circular paths
10:00: Children playing around five mounds of sand
11:00: The groundhog looking for its shadow
12:00: Many toys in the children’s ward of the hospital
1:00: Two lovebirds singing on a fence
2:00: An officer preparing to drill his men

Love this gentle energy! Here we are getting this sense that “I and my brother are one.” Number 15 is positioned in a very feminine, meaning inward and holding, placement. It is here that the concept of selfhood peaks and is released for the next step in the cycle, which is about relating to others (16). The 7:00 influence that started these two in the 12-step gameboard (7:00 and 8:00) reveals itself with references to playfulness and children in many of the symbols for 15. There’s been a focus on and development of the creative and work-oriented self that is going to support you through the rest of the game.

Today, Venus is our friendly symbol that further defines today’s step. She lends an attention to details that result in beauty, routine, predictability, and strong health-orientation, relating with and being engaged by opposites, and a natural love of the beauty of nature. This with closing in on the halfway mark (representing who the other person is to you) brings a focus on others to find balance. You should see by Fifteen’s symbols that 15 shares an affinity to Venus – and interesting that we have two “Venus” days in a row (today and tomorrow), to prepare us for the four more intense days of relating that are 17 through 20. Ego – yours and others – becomes less of an issue after the 20th day. The next  five days (9:00 and 10:00) are about focusing on others and that should take care of any ego problems (haha 🙂 ). This is more of a relating focus rather than a “head-to-head of the self” kind of focus.

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