16 – Pursuing What is Outside Ourselves Where Opposites Attract

16 sunshine after storm

16 Symbols


3:00: Brownies dancing in the setting sun
4:00: An old man attempting vainly to reveal the mysteries
5:00: A woman suffragist orating
6:00: The man before a square with the manuscript scroll before him
7:00: Sunshine just after storm
8:00: An orangutan
9:00: The boat landing washed away
10:00: A girls face breaking into a smile
11:00: Seagulls watching a ship
12:00: Boys and girls in gymnasium suits
1:00: The big businessman at his desk
2:00: The flow of inspiration

Relating works wonders in many ways. Three come to mind. First the other person acts to reflect you and clarify your own point of consciousness. Second, they offer a way to learn about other points of consciousness, to make you more whole, to help you accept more. Third, profound personal transformation naturally comes from relating! We’ll see how that works, as we progress through the 9:00 and 10:00 cycles.

Here are two halves – 9:00, balance. At the Sixteen, the perspective takes pursuit, in order to get some experience with the other. The energy is about partnerships, socializing, issues of codependence, and having peace vs. tension. Well, of course it is getting complicated when you add the other into your mix, as if they were part of you! Clearly, you cannot have relationship before the self is developed, because you are going to need that strong self to figure out what the heck is going on. So that is an example of what is meant by natural order.

Words for the 16th Day

9:00 is a more active, thinking and social encounter with the other, and art as a one-on-one giving of God to the other through self-expression – a more complicated kind of art.

9:00-type of day; boyish and excited relational energy; co-dependency, projection and reflection; bargaining and negotiating; direct; active interest in the other; sociability; the thinking-level nature; moving from self-focus into other awareness; pursuit of relationship; seeking balance and reciprocity; directness; projection; a point of realization (aha!).

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