17 – Separate but Equal

“17” Symbols

 3:00: Two prim spinsters
4:00: A battle between the swords and the torches
5:00: The head of health dissolved into the head of mentality
6:00: The germ grows into knowledge and life
7:00: A non-vested church choir
8:00: A volcano in eruption
9:00: A retired sea captain
10:00: A woman the father of her child
11:00: An Easter sunrise service
12:00: A girl surreptitiously bathing in the nude
1:00: A watchdog standing guard
2:00: An Easter promenade

 You thought yesterday was independent for a dependent day?! Today is unique and unexpected in its independence. The Seventeen perspective would rather split than not have equality or what is fair. The unexpectedness has to do with a break from the past and how that manifests.Yes, we are now in a number focused on partnership, the person’s “other.”  This is the place that our perspective demands the same as it is and if everything doesn’t line up with what is fair and good, it’s going to say good-bye and move on. When looking over the symbols, I had this impression of, “get over it.” Right! Good idea!Obviously, this day is focused on the mental are because of being in the 9:00 realm. (this is in  contrast to the physical, emotional or spiritual). All this busy mental activity manifests to transform situations, when Day 20 comes around. It is realigning all the perspectives that have thus far built up and to dump what is not working. Again, this is a perspective itself. We are late enough in the cycle to be bouncing around perspectives. Because of the mental influence, it is broad perspective that can and will take into account most angles of personal concern. Wholeness comes through seeing the path as a dance of impartiality and love consciousness for the God in the other. After all, they are the mirror for you to know yourself better.

Words for the 17th Day

9:20 kind of day; Ideals; marriage equality; uniqueness, need for space; commitment issues; independency; freedom; unpredictable and unusual; being progressive or alternative, seeing differences between people yet still relational; intellectual or highly alert approach; detachment from identity and dependency; independence in togetherness; socially aware and impersonal. 17 rules “taboo” concepts like birth, sexuality (and homosexuality) and as well as androgyny, in a partnership kind of way.

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