18 – “Otherly” Influences and Connections Within


Eighteen’s Exciting Exemplars

Aries 3:00: An empty hammock
Taurus 4:00: A woman holding a bag out of the window
Gemini 5:00: Two Chinese men talking Chinese
Cancer 6:00: A hen scratching for her chicks
Leo 7:00: A teacher of chemistry
Virgo 8:00: Ouija board
Libra 9:00: Two men placed under arrest
Scorpio 10:00: A woods rich in autumn coloring
Sagittarius 11:00: Tiny children in sunbonnets
Capricorn 12:00: The Union Jack
Aquarius 1:00: A man unmasked
Pisces 2:00: A gigantic tent


About This Step

Here’s my personal Sun-day, a mini-birthday that comes once a month. Yay for me; I am realized – if only for a day. It is a good day (for me); everything is working in right order.

Eighteen combines the more advanced mental and social skills and activity (late Libra – 9:00) with an intense and internalization of relationship, resulting in the meaning of others in one’s life, which is early and basic Scorpio (10:00). There is also the quiet energy in-between the two that comes from being in the middle day between 9:00 and 10:00.  A cusp which is part of the energy of the degree. So, saying it a little differently, the mental energy results in a strong intellect and an ability to quickly process relationships and the connections between points. The emotional energy is feminine, fluctuating between dark feelings and emotional/psychological transformation. The place in-between is a zero-point—a place of silence and reassurance.

How do you deal with this? Do you love a lot of talk that may be a little above your head and foreign? Are you into the depths of emotional internalization? Do you just want everyone to shut-up? There’s something for everyone in this day. There are many possibilities in the “both/nothing” days (3, 13, 23 and 8, 18 and 28). Once you are able to find yourself in the overall cycle (know thyself) you will know how you naturally experience them.

Analysis of foreign ideas, philosophies, religion, and connections are developing in the mind. A twisty, figure-8, back and forth energy – known for words, communicative skills and relating nature, while keeping in mind we probably don’t completely understand them (due to still being in the game and not seeing the game as a whole at this point). It’s not always easy for others to understand what is being said. Yet much can be imagined (and it’s probably about other people, haha), due to the quiet space. Much of the primary focus is on the partner or “the other.” Listening carefully, like a breath out and then in, there is an even give and take in the exchange. This is connection between people and how it works. Also, there is sensitivity to others in that the peace is maintained as much as possible. Large concepts can be packed in simple packages.

This day sees things from a broad perspective, like Seventeen, because of having a lot to do with the mind and a focus on the details (mentality and mental splits). Whereas “the details” wasn’t mentioned a whole lot back in the 14 and 15, the 13 is when the idea first came in. This is because we had to get out of the days where things were only split in a few pieces (less details, more general early Sun-number days) to get to the details place.

Keeping boundaries is challenging here. Because of straddling the border between two signs and being in the middle of the “Partnership” mini-cycle, all kinds of connections are important to Eighteen. There is an appreciation for the creations of others (art), as well as the emotional reflection of spiritual light (symbolism). The older 9:00 energies manifest as copious mental activity and young 10:00 energies can show up as jealousy and emotional discontent when the blend is absent. Wholeness is found expanding the boundaries of the resting point between the signs to include all of life.

Words for the 18th Day

Partners and relationships; other-oriented; suspicions; people-pleasing; well-mannered; high social focus; symbolism; connections; mysteries; flirtation with darkness; love of puzzles (putting things together); analysis; issues of reciprocity; control around dark emotions; meditation; slow release; change-agent.

Are you happy here? How do you handle this?

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