19 – Lifting the Emotional for Extra Meaning

The magic carpet

Nineteen’s Naughty Nuances

Aries 3:00: The magic carpet
Taurus 4:00: A newly formed continent
Gemini 5:00: A large archaic volume
Cancer 6:00: A priest performing a marriage ceremony
Leo 7:00: A houseboat party
Virgo 8:00: A swimming race
Libra 9:00: a gang of robbers in hiding
Scorpio 10:00: A parrot listening and then talking
Sagittarius 11:00: Pelicans moving their habitat
Cappie 12:00: A child of about five with a huge shopping bag
Aquarius 1:00: A forest fire quenched
Pisces 2:00: A master instructing his pupil

What About 19?

That which was trying to be told yesterday, and fell into the vast void of too weird and hard to understand, is now too intense to tell today. Deep within us is the knowledge of the universe – how it became. These symbols are actually a path to understanding this much better. Things are explained in the imagination when one looks to understand how one thing leads to another.

I feel there is too much to tell, too much to type. That it is all just too vast. I don’t feel emotional within myself, even though we are at a Scorpio, 10:00 (emotions)-related number. I feel more as though there is some great roiling going on under the superficial words that we try to say. Deep is sortof the word but it is more like meaningful. No matter how much I write and try to deliver my message, you won’t know the half of it.

Nineteen is a perspective that foresees the peak of the cycle and wants to lift into these higher realms. However, because of a lack of actual experience (not having yet been to this place in the game), the idea of the lifting off into anything is a bit more fantastical than real. There is an optimistic sense of push, which is really needed – we’ve been climbing the cycle for a while now. With that comes a need for control.

The later the numbers, the more flexibility they are going to show in understanding and expression because there are more facets to consider. We’re into the heart of partnership, which can bring some stickiness. Nineteen means that sometimes what you see is not exactly what is. This placement also means that psychic influences are at play (they had to come in somewhere, naturally 19 is occult, along with 18 to some degree). Nineteen does seek to believe in something greater. It could be the self, if too much was lost at the Eighteen, and that results in a need to control others. It can get stuck here. The whole thing (communication) might be put aside because there is losing mental touch with what is and believing what things seem to be. This can be a reclusive placement, especially in feminine areas of the cycle (4:00, 6:00, 8:00, 10:00, 12:00 and 2:00). Wholeness comes from the effect of the emotional realization that there are powers on other planes beyond our conscious awareness that lift and transform us to new levels.

Words for the 19th Day

Scorpio, with a Neptunian decanate compulsion; repetition; need; psychic-ism; reproduction; profound emotional transformation; magic; buoyancy; regeneration; control; the power hidden within the emotional.




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