20 – Making Connections with All Kinds of Ways

A cafeteria
Twenty’s Tempting Telltales

3:00: A young girl feeding birds in winter
4:00: Wind, clouds and haste
5:00: A cafeteria
6:00: Gondoliers in a serenade
7:00: The Zuni sun-worshipers
8:00: An automobile caravan
9:00: A Jewish rabbi
10:00: A woman drawing two curtains aside
11:00: Men cutting through ice
12:00: A hidden choir singing
1:00: A big white dove, a message bearer
2:00: A table set for an evening meal

About the 20

It is at this point that a connection with your higher self is realized through complex dependencies and emotional transformation. There is a strong suggestion of what can be received through interaction with what’s outside of ourselves and the sheer volume of it.

There are also thoughts about how one relates to other people, how one relates to the variety of energies that exist –too much information, difficulty in deciding. Circular dependencies, projecting and sharing, giving and becoming fulfilled and exercising control are all part of the basic consciousness of Twenty. There’s a growing sense of what the “other” (symbolized as food, in this case) means to you and how you know yourself based on your relationship with this “other.” As you reach the heights of interactions with them, you begin to know the “God within” (in this case, fulfillment) as a reality. As early as 5:00, the idea is about assimilation of what’s outside of yourself into yourself.

Twenty demystifies the mystery of yesterday by knowing God through the transformation gained from blending of the variety of masculine and feminine energies within. Wholeness comes from setting a balanced stage with which to nourish and nurture the souls of others, and thus fulfill the self.

Words for the 20th Day

10:40 type of day; seeking ways to control the obsession issues of the step’s; the inner marriage of the twins, masculine and feminine sides; revelations; building empathy; transformation; light-focus in a dark place; the significance of power; diplomacy; ritual; agreement; others’ resources; hitting bottom and rising back up; shadows; intimacy; connection with one’s higher power.

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