21 – A Passion to Live By

FInger pointing

Twenty-one’s Tempting Telltales

3:00: A pugilist entering the ring
4:00: A finger pointing in an open book
5:00: A labor demonstration
6:00: A prima donna singing
7:00: Chickens intoxicated
8:00: A girl’s basketball team
9:00: A crowd upon the beach
10:00: A soldier derelict in duty
11:00: A child and a dog with borrowed eyeglasses
12:00: A relay race
1:00: A woman disappointed and disillusioned
2:00: A little white lamb, a child and a Chinese servant

The best way to understand these symbols is by looking at them from the month’s perspective. What would the month look like if it was overly aggressive, believed strongly in itself as ruler almighty and actually knew just enough, as an individual, to be dangerous. There was a considerable shift in the energy today from yesterday and the day before. We went from the Scorpio way of seeing things to a Sagittarius perspective. Things certainly are not as emotionally fraught. Whereas Scorpio is sensitive and emotional, Sag is one of fire and passion. This carries forth and is going to carry-through from the sense of “self completed.”

It is a shift from emotions to spirit– one of the most extreme shifts. This “spirit” is a result of the fulfillment of self that came from finishing up the personal part of this 30-day cycle. In this case, the perspective is less personally tactical and more generally strategic. Now we have learned how to be who we are (still from our own perspective predominantly) and know “the way,” we are going to spread it around. If a movement from personal death to transpersonal life sounds familiar (think religion), there should be no surprise, as 21 is now the place that philosophy and religion are emphasized. We are getting above it.

Words for the 21st Day

Sagittarius day; Philosophy; strategy; noise; boyish frustrations; pointed concentration; structured belief in God through religion; heights and breadth; distancing due to a higher perspective; competition; establishment of a construct; mental endeavors; higher education; travel; fanciful mind trips; expansion; feisty and fiery; passion around ideas.

I feel compelled and persistent about laying things out and explaining the points. (21 can be excessive when it believes in itself too much.) In addition to the things I said yesterday, Twenty is also about completing the personal parts of things so the real work can be done. I feel a drive to explain the game as a whole even though we are still in the middle. Due to the end of that personal piece yesterday, there is a sense that the  has ended. But it really has not even yet culminated. Jabbing, like the pugilist; telling my story, like the demonstrators. I might even feel a little desperate. Here the lowly little single perspective/step is making rules for the world and having had all this experience and still appealing to a higher authority.


Is there a correlating planetary symbol? As always, with every number. Today’s planet is Jupiter. It’s big and expands the current moment and brings loftiness to the perspective.

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