22 – Recognizing the Heights

Twenty-two’s (Almost) Top Terriers
Aries 3:00: The gate to the garden of desire
Taurus 4:00: White dove over troubled water
Gemini 5:00: A barn dance
Cancer 6:00: A woman awaiting a sailboat
Leo 7:00: A carrier pigeon
Virgo 8:00: A royal coat of arms
Libra 9:00: A child giving birds a drink at a fountain
Scorpio 10:00: Hunters starting out for ducks
Sagittarius 11:00: A Chinese laundry
Capricorn 12:00: A general accepting defeat gracefully
Aquarius 1:00: A rug placed on a floor for children to play
Pisces 2:00: A man bringing down the new law from Mount Sinai.

 Meaning of 22

From 21 to 22 takes us from the sophomoric side to even more-true wisdom symbols. They are definitely telling us that today is about getting above it all. It’s early in the yearly cycle to understand how “above it all” plays out in real life but hold yourself at the Twenty-second degree to align yourself with today’s step. You’ll find your perspective is elevated. The whole mood is lifted above. Whether you yourself join the day is free will. That is the choice. It is easier than you think!

Very well-placed in the cycle, today’s spot in the game is almost to the top of the clock, just prior to peaking. Having worked up a fervor around systems of beliefs at the 21, we’re now in the knowing and understanding place of the spiritual seeker (a sort of funny opposite in relationship to the 21, when the beliefs were so strong there is no use in seeking.) The 21 perspective alone is not enough to fill the void that naturally lives in all of us, due to not being able to be all perspectives at all times….or even in a trinity consciousness, although, like I said, this is much easier), resulting in a master-ship of a philosophical nature. All the needs are met when a philosophical outlook is taken. Think about the active engagement of unity/trinity consciousness and being above it.

It’s at this point that one can see over the top of the cycle all the way to the end, if one were only to look. Doing so is what takes us from religion to spirituality.

Remember that where we are in the year does not represent events that you experience (that’s a different planetary expression that you can also look at, if you like), so much as an overarching “feel” or sense – the creative movement of the day. I believe that when my attention is directed to something in the day with more intent than normal – in any way – additional creativity and joy result. Perhaps this is because it distracts my attention away from duality, which exists whether I think about it or not (and less if I don’t, of course). To reduce bad duality, solutions happen when you shine a light, not as the mind jogs around the hamster wheel.

I touched the water from the spring when it flowed into my glass this morning and had a Helen Keller moment when I realized that what I say about “water” in terms of the feel of the energy of such, can be applied to actual liquids, to understand them as a symbol better, or to understand the spiritual nature of the physical presence of such whatever thing. It was a 22 moment that happening on the 22nd step/day, aha!

Words for the 22nd Day

Mid-Sag kind of day; travel; general mastery; a light spirit; “unity consciousness”; the imminent finding of what is being sought; sophistication; overview; giving a structure to higher understanding; philosophical approach to dealing with the clash of duality within your sun sign; connection with others through establishing a philosophy that rises above duality; strategy; truth-seeking and finding; fiery intention for a higher purpose; a positive and expansive approach. Being at the top yet not being so high up that you break into falling. See the clock.


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