23 – All Rise for Peak of the Clock – Midnight and Noon

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“23” Symbols 

Aries 3:00: A woman in pastel colors carrying a heavy and valuable but veiled load
Taurus 4:00: a jewelry shop
Gemini 5:00: Three fledglings in a nest high in a tree
Cancer 6:00: Meeting of a literary society
Leo 7:00: A horseback rider
Virgo 8:00: An animal trainer
Libra 9:00: Chanticleer
Scorpio 10:00: A bunny metamorphosed into a fairy
Sagittarius 11:00: Immigrants entering
Capricorn 12:00: Two awards for bravery in war
Aquarius 1:00: a big bear sitting down and waving all its paws
Pisces 2:00: Spiritist phenomena
This is the peak of the month, so watch for communication and interaction to come to a head. This is a step where we can have a real push-pull between what we relate to as the “top” of ourselves with the top outside ourselves (the father, the boss, God, a corporation, religion, the general public, etc.). Listen to your self-talk. Is there an authority that you have a passionate disagreement with? Do you see this as one of the ethical kind? It is still all talk here. There are two sides. And if you drill it down, each side has its fifteen different reasons that it’s side is right. “You” are going to be playing one of them. The other one may be something within yourself, someone, something, some experience.So, having finally reached the peak of the cycle, the 23rd day is at the top of the game and shining brightly. The 23 is a triple mix of energies. The first is a highly self-confident, passionate and fiery energy that is similar to a heightened 22 (loving philosophy and religion of all natures). Then there’s a break. This second is a blank space between the first and the third—something unfathomable, a quiet place of light silence and connection with the zero-point of breaks, rests and emptiness. The third is this authority figure I keep talking about. It’s strict, confined. It comes out of the expansiveness that was built at the end of the 11:00 energy. That got very heady and convinced of the viewpoint. Again! Haha. OK, God, the Father, even. The Sun at her finest of the month.
Words for the 23rd Day

Capricorn kind of day: Setting value or worth, knowing what your values are, enjoying, indulging, spending. Think determination, grounded-ness. At the peak of the cycle, the themes are full development; a constructive approach; control over the lower selves; at the top in society; the next step up; peaking; absolute responsibility; the issue of the month coming to a head; public orientation; discipline; maintaining balance; structure; status, organization, father.

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