25 – The Paradigm Rules Even When Wrong

An X-ray
Twenty-five’s Upright/Uptight Citizens

3:00: A double promise
4:00: A large well-kept public park
5:00: A man trimming palms
6:00: A dark shadow or mantle thrown suddenly over the right shoulder
7:00: A large camel crossing the desert
8:00: Flag at half-mast
9:00: Information in the symbol of an autumn leaf
10:00: An X-ray
11:00: A chubby boy on a hobbyhorse
12:00: An Oriental rug dealer
1:00: A butterfly with the right wing more perfectly formed
2:00: A purging of the priesthood

About the 25th Step

Twenty-Five is similar to, but more flexible and advanced than yesterday’s 24. It is known for being responsible, hard-working and focused on setting and following the rules. There is an understanding and containment of the prior 24 concepts that results in traditionalism and conservatism. This is the ultimate position for fatherly authority. This is a good number for a policeman! Still not too far past the peak of the cycle, there continues to be a clinging to what has been earned and a particular focus on things (and people) and their maintenance. Plus there can be negativity to all that which is “not” 25 – i.e. this number can represent a high point of judgment that still may not remember that one is coming from their own perspective, which can be disciplined, narrow and restrictive. It is all based on practicality and what’s best but surely that’s not all there is, right? Here is the final complete embracing of the physical world, with a focus on cultivating nature, as well as constraining to fit and honor proper societal behavior.

Words for the 25th Day

12:00 type of day, June 15, maintaining excellence or superiority as one’s purpose; prudence; work and career-oriented; common-sensibility; integrity; business; veracity; trustworthy; equanimity; discernment; judicious; responsible; cynical; withholding; rule-based; honorable; respectable, realization that differing truths can co-exist, setting and following rules, boundaries; a sense for things being relative to their situation, maturity, wisdom, discipline.

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