27 – Shine On, Mindfulness

A harvest moon

Twenty-Seven’s Awesome Archetypes

3:00: Lost opportunity regained in the imagination

4:00:s A squaw selling beads

5:00: A gypsy coming out of the forest

6:00: A storm in a canyon

7:00: Daybreak

8:00: Grand dames at tea

9:00: An airplane hovering overhead

10:00: A military band on the march

11:00: A sculptor

12:00: A mountain pilgrimage

1:00: An ancient pottery bowl filled with violets

2:00: A harvest moon

What About the 27?

The Twenty-seven step takes a perspective of natural knowingness. Three raised to the three gets special points in the Sunology system, as we love all the three there is. Later and more advanced, this (mental) intellectual step now resonates with what is community-oriented. Here’s one that loves humanity, yet is not particularly interested in persons as individuals. A true elder in the sense that there is also beauty and play. The Heaven on earth in the heart of this perspective is old enough to know his or her own community and is so very dedicated to their own higher understandings. “Group mind” is more than a concept. Here it is a way. And the ability to tap into it is natural.

The 27 energy is a more ramped-up, sophisticated 26. It is highly intuitive and detached from its surroundings, but it is more mature and stable in its expression. Here, there is a beyond-kind of understanding and the development of having peace with what is perceived as being lost in the world. This step enjoys creating splits in the mind that express as drama yet is detached from personalizing the experiences.

Here, is also where an intuitive understanding regarding how things come back to you based on the foundation of your initial intention comes in. It is the place of high communication, thus connection. Looking back and forward is for planning purposes – mental flights of fancy want to know, for the future, what happened before.

Words for the 27th Day

1:30 kind of day; idealism mixed with reality; imagination; surprise; communication that makes sense when it is complete and not just limited to the philosophies and strategies of the 27; independent; unique; sophisticated; objective; detached; complex; intense mental energy; futuristic; community-oriented.

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