28 – Finding Synchronicity

28 A tree felled and sawed
Pick a couple of these 28 symbols and find the synchronicity in the day.
3:00: A large disappointed audience
4:00: A woman pursued by mature romance
5:00: A man declared bankrupt
6:00: A modern Pocahontas
7:00: Many little birds on the limb of a tree
8:00: A bald headed man
9:00: A man in the midst of brightening influences
10:00: The king of the fairies approaching his domain
11:00: An old bridge over beautiful stream
12:00: A large aviary
1:00: A tree felled and sawed
2:00: A fertile garden under the full moon
Here’s mine:
I experienced  “a large disappointed audience” but it wasn’t as bad as I expected. It is my child’s birthday.  It was a lucky, busy, delightful, smoothly-flowing day. However, the dinner was a bust – that was the 28 energy maybe – 7 little girl guests and what I would perceive from the amount of food eaten, “a large disappointed audience.” Although they did seem to like the cake and ice cream. They were full. And the day and the party were a success.
There are surprises here in this energy. It is quite bright (the bald-headed man, the man in the midst of brightening influences, the full moon…) due to the late mental. If you started at 1, you’ll know by now that the mental energies are light, in the way of brightness. The heart energies are watery and dark. It is just a way of categorizing so you can feel it. I’ve often thought if we all just thought more in the way of light and dark, extrovert vs. indwelling – basic recognition, that this would get us started to finding the third place more easily.
I saw the man declared bankrupt — it was in my own thoughts and yet I went shopping anyway. I had a very difficult time making up my mind on what to buy and I am not convinced I have made the right decision. I am not even able to express the way I feel, the complications and a desire to move forward.
I like the 7:00 symbol and it’s like I can hear the birds twittering. Just when I wrote that, my alarm rang. It was an appointment for my somewhat Pocahontas-like client who is probably a twitterer. I like the 9:00 symbol here. Too much twittering! Yet it’s highly valued. Look at 12:00. It is, “A large aviary.” It is very nice to have all these vignettes and coincidences. It wants to be summed up somehow. The 28: Trees and Birds. On the other hand, perhaps it cannot, because there are so many points.
Thoughts for 28
Twenty-Eight probably has the most complex perspective of all the steps/days. It expresses a highly mental, relational, and intuitive energy, the quiet point of center, and an emotional, boundary-less, ocean-like feel. It’s late, and hard for some to relate to. This is when people start to fall back into their own perspectives – when they can’t get as late as the number. Maybe all their personal focus are in earlier steps and month-steps. Anyway, by the time we are this far along in the game’s cycle, almost all the points have been addressed. Now that we know how to look, we can actually see the whole cycle clearly because of this lateness and because the mental body is still prominent and strong. Because this point of consciousness is so late in the cycle, the relational energy is a fast and high vibration, so that intuiting information on the higher planes is possible and likely. Yes, everyone has extra-sensory abilities but some people are born that way and others are that way at a specific time in the cycle. And still others develop this ability. The emotional aspect of the energy engenders some confusion and a desire to escape the physical world.
Keywords for 28
2:00 Day; surprise; community orientation; higher mind falling into nothing-ness; spirituality; esotericism to achieve oneness; intuition; high ideals; openness; super new-age progressive thought; the challenge of commitment; escapism; conceptual release; well-roundedness.
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