29 – Close and Yet So Far Away

A muse weighing twins

Twenty-Nines’s Nutty Nuances

3:00: A celestial choir singing
4:00: Two cobblers working at a table
5:00: The first mockingbird in spring
6:00: A muse weighing twins
7:00: A mermaid
8:00: A man is gaining secret knowledge from a paper he is reading
9:00: Humanity seeking to bridge the span of knowledge
10:00: An Indian squaw pleading to the chief for the lives of her children
11:00: A fat boy mowing the lawn
12:00: A woman reading tea leaves
1:00: Butterfly emerging from chrysalis
2:00: A prism

This complex point takes into account all the very many points that exist in our world and how it is that there are so many projections of the one source. Sometimes the Sabian symbols seem boring because they are so objectively based. That is, again, because it is a Base 3 system, whereby it is a somewhat mentally-based system (First, there was the Word). In this first mental sign of the new age, we are at one of the final points, and it is a feminine number.

“Feminine” (vs. masculine) energy is a holding, internalizing expression – in relationship to the masculine assertion and outward expression. The secret of feminine is how far it can go in on itself. Think of the blackest and most solid of concepts – bright with solidity – onyx, perhaps, or a black diamond, or the core of the matter. Here is where we allow or submit to fate taking over. It translates into acceptance. It feels safe way, in a way. Much of the inward tendency is a result of hiding from the hardships that exist. There must be energetic breaks between the poles in order for the world to be made. If there are, the feminine would be a concept like the Holy Comforter or the Holy Spirit. The more inwards the feminine goes, the more that compassion, as mass consciousness, is strengthened. Sometimes this will be discussed in end of life discussions, to give purpose and meaning to the suffering and struggles that are experienced at the end of life – the same as with the end of any cycle. There are so many end-of-life concepts (and issues) that come up late in the gameboard. When it is wondered, “to what end?” I venture a guess that on the higher realms, it evolves love consciousness in all souls. I relate the feminine to love and the masculine to light.

There are things that will point to giving up and letting go, situations of extreme good and extreme “bad,” and learning about true value. In many of the 29 symbols, there is a sense of opposition. There is also a sense of “posing” or acting “as if.” There is also the ability to really pound all the various perspectives around the clockboard.

It is human nature to focus on the point or perspective that we are currently at and still not see the whole, which can be as little as one step away. On the other hand, we can see the whole of our current situation best at the ends. Here is a reference to the connecting point between earth and man, as well as the idea that we are one side of the pole and at the other side is the entire world – the wholeness of any cycle.

Words for the 29th Day

2:30 Day; depression; music; water; film; imagination; spiritual mystification; depending on information from others to know yourself; incomprehension; disorientation; escape; illusion; noteworthy voice; letting go; angelic interface; disorganized undoing; oppositions and separations; feeling fated; revelations that reveal the future; the many within the oneness.

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