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The tool that Sunology uses to exhibit the cycle is a clock. Each number is going to be a general concept in life. We’ll be moving along the clock in days, months and years instead of seconds, minutes, and hours, literally and conceptually.

basic paper clock

What’s the Clock For?

So we’ll start with the idea that everything that exists in this world – all the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical – falls somewhere on the clock, and to make it easy to remember what is where, we will put it in its natural order of its occurrence. For example, we can all agree that the self comes before the partner. In fact, in order to become the “self,” we have to be born, develop our awareness and speech and sense of meaning,etc.  Conception comes before birth,  birth before death, etc.

Think of all things as existing in order – one cannot come before another and the previous step drives the next. We are limited by having to use generalizations but let’s just grasp the basic flow of the board, which should intuitively feel like natural order. We’ll start at 3:00, for reasons that will become apparent.

Everything fits Somewhere on the Sunology Clock

This is the first, twelve-step breakdown, which is reflected in the zodiac, and which is also used to give meaning to the days, through correlating to a thirty-step breakdown.

  • 3:00 Consciousness or Identity (Beginning point, awareness)
  • 4:00 Substance/Matter (Stuff and its nature)
  • 5:00 Mind/Communication
  • 6:00 Emotions/Meaning
  • 7:00 Self-ness (That developed self, showing what it can do)
  • 8:00 Self-value (work and health for the self)
  • 9:00 Relationship (notice how “the other” is opposite the self on the clock)
  • 10:00 Intimacy (along with emotional connection and transformation – it completes the part of the cycle which is personal)
  • 11:00 Religion/Philosophy (now we get into more impersonal concepts)
  • 12:00 Society
  • 1:00 Community
  • 2:00 Spirituality
  • 3:00 A new level of consciousness (see it as a clock, but it’s a spiral and a ball)

And to further delineate the numbers, we’ll assign each section as either spiritual, physical, mental or emotional in order, three of each, around the clock, so 3:00 addresses the spiritual, 4:00 the physical world, 5:00 the mental world and 6:00 the emotional world. The same around again, two more times.


The common clock was chosen because I wanted it to be something we can all relate to. I love the way the clock is the same everywhere in the world (besides the time differences, of course) and how time is all parsed out based on longitude and the rising sun. Our real-life manifestations (things that exist) are our best symbols. Look at the sun, and the day. The day is predictable. The sun will rise and set. 365 days and 360 degrees. Each day is about one step, one degree of our 360 degree circle. It gets back around to the beginning (but more like a spiral) at the Spring equinox.

The year is predicable. The seasons are predictable. The sun and the earth are going through this yearly dance with one another that has been repeated over and over again throughout all of history. Yes, the angles change due to the precession of the equinoxes, but the fact that there is a pattern has not changed and we don’t even know how far this pattern drills down into manifested existence.

In the day and night, the hands go around the clock two times. In the yearly cycle, we could think in terms of the hands going around a day and night six times – the 12 months, about 30 days in each. Notice the smaller numbers on the outer circle. These are the points that represent the degrees/days and how their meanings correlate with the greater yearly cycle meanings.

Just Imagine

Do you think that your approach to the world would be different if you were aware, on a day to day basis, that the basic energy you encounter (through people, experiences and things) is not only predictable but also grows in concept throughout the year? For everything that exists, there is its day and you would be able to see that thing on its day if you knew it was that thing’s day (and you could also see what the thing’s energy was and the other ways it could also manifest). Imagine if you could correlate the human life cycle to this same cycle, and on a smaller level, the ages of 1 – 30 as a subset of points of perspective or consciousness that we all acknowledge and maintain and yet are not aware of.

Some Practical Applications

Once you get the hang of the cycle and how it can be realized as we step through our days, then you can find where you operate as a self in this cycle. That’ll make you laugh, to see how the people you meet and interact with are perfect for you and the day. Or how you attract the same people year after year in certain parts of the cycle. It’s really so fun.

Yourself in Transit Through Time

You’ll learn more about how that “piece” (the day) of the whole (the year) lives in the duality consciousness (back and forth, good and bad days) on earth.  Once you get to know the cycle, the years you have experienced can also more accurately perceived, both in terms of what would be typical manifestations for the ages you’ve been though (your first 30 years), plus where you (the self) have progressed in the your personal cycle as you move forward from year to year from your personal starting point. Believe it or not, there is also a 30-month cycle that we experience in terms of things that happen to us.

Also, when you know where we are in a definable cycle, it helps you to accept the ups and downs, high and lows and activity/passivity that naturally exists in our experience of time. Subscribe and track the cycle to develop your intuition, expand your creativity and hone your timing.

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