About Sunology


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Sunology is an idea whose goal is to help people broaden their minds and shift into a clearer, more-aware, and better balanced consciousness. Its philosophy addresses how our world is made and how it works, while introducing mindfulness exercises to explore the veracity of the idea. It shows you how every-day life operates on different levels, in that experience is what it is existentially but also symbolically, revealing a deeper life experience, and also holistically, in terms of its expression in relationship to a great cycle of “everything.” Sunology also aims to teach you about your own personal symbolism to increase your faith in the intelligence behind your life.

One of Sunology’s hallmarks is that it suggests a world that is fated in an expression of natural order (dictated, and able to be defined, because of and by time) yet in which the individual has complete free will through their personal perspective and focus. The problem that Sunology solves is how and when to express your free will in a way that improves your life.  Because as much as the new agers may want it to be, it is simply not all about creating it in the imagination, thus manifesting it. Sometimes the answer is to hang back and wait. With this as a foundation, you can learn how easy it is to meld your reality with a higher and balanced perspective to create something better for yourself. Another way to say this is that Sunology teaches about consciousness, breaking it into two “main” ones –  the various aspects of duality (polarity, experience, or whatever you call the awareness of self vs. world) and the truth of trinity (trusting that the truth will prevail – while defining this). This leads to growth and expansion on your part (and even more ideas of your own about your life).

The new ideas presented should bring a greater sense of peace through understanding, which enhances health and well-being. The ideas deal with understanding the world better by knowing what is known about energy (metaphysical rather than scientific, but which are exchangable).  Setting up a system that defines and identifies aspects of energy is the goal, with the understanding that these then transmute into humanity’s common symbology (something the masses identify with) and then manifest into the world around us as physical things – all concepts within one big whole that is marked out by the earth’s movement over a year.

A lot of Sunology is about defining – defining the energy of the day on a minute level, but also looking at base systems and how the bases drive the themes of the cycles they create.

Knowing and recognizing energies and symbols develops you on spiritual levels and increases your intuition and creativity.  Everyone takes something different away from it. Plus, there are lots of different ways that you can pursue the “art” of mindfulness, using Sunology as an overseeing understanding or philosophy.

Sunology uses a variety of exercises (that are fun!)  that can be done as a daily practice. They also work on your skepticism, which you are bound to have, having been brought in a mindset of duality, by helping you get right to experiencing synchronicity and wonderment. We all have some basic ideas about how the world works that is only part of the story. Sunology works to stimulate your imagination and higher thought processes to help you see things more clearly.

Some of the main benefits of exploring Sunology are to make your life experiences fuller and more interactive, to train your mind to focus on the present moment, to get instant answers to your more esoteric questions, to help you overcome negative thinking, and to wow yourself with synchronicity all around you (support your sense of “God”)!

On a more complex level, I’m interested in creating a common language with people to talk about the “whole” of things. My hope is that by agreeing on a symbolic language, this gives us the manifestation of a new, more loving and more accepting inner and outer state of consciousness, delivering a new happier reality.

I would like to explore how symbols overlap in dreams, literature, the movies we see and most of all, in waking life. What we notice (listening) is very important in our ability to see the order the universe is constantly presenting to us, and then it takes more time to  process what this means in relationship to what we’ve always believed about the world. After all, there is an alternative way to perceive the world. When I choose this way, the world reflects itself back, hilariously supporting my perception.