30 – The End and the Beginnning


Thirty’s Holistic Look-Sees

3:00: A duck pond and its brood
4:00: A peacock parading on an ancient lawn
5:00: Bathing beauties
6:00: A daughter of the American Revolution
7:00: An unsealed letter
8:00: A false call unheard in attention to immediate service
9:00: Three mounds of knowledge on a philosopher’s head
10:00: A Halloween jester
11:00: The Pope
12:00: A secret business conference
1:00: The field of Ardath in bloom
2:00: The Great Stone Face (pictured above, but a referenced to Nathaniel Hawthorne’s parable of the same name)

The Way of Step 30

Step 30 represents the perspective of everything and the nothing – the summation of all the points, the vast understanding, the elusive “it” – what we are trying to grasp, how Heaven can exist – and, based on the symbols, the ultimate expression of the human being, which is to create an amazing reality based on your focus and expression of ideal self. One thing about all the symbols is that they are pictures of “isness.”

It is a day of mirrors where any point can be expressed and reflected back to you as the truth. Even better, there is a lot of love or a sense of life and creativity in the day. The secret of the day is to realize that the perspective that you focus upon is your choice and determined by how you interact with the world. What is your attention drawn to? The theme of the day is silence and God-connection. You may not get a lot done. We are in a place that feels limbo-like. All points are incorporated and you realize that wholeness is no splits, thus silence and nothing.

The energy of 30 step is shaped by an emotionally transformative power (thanks to the correlating planet, Pluto), the impact of the summarizing of all previous points, and the effect of moving into the zero-point, which holds the silence of living in the “now.” This point has a vast amount of spiritual/enlightenment potential (think: the center before the big bang). We are at the end, thus spilling us into the new beginning. Thirty ultimately realizes that only the moment exists and that staying in the present is the key to enlightened connection. Wholeness comes upon realizing that the present expression is the totality of what you are and of what can be in that place of presence. Life is a series of created moments, and where the focus is placed is what is and shapes what will come to be.

Words for the 30th Day

3:00; connection with “source”; introspection; the release of that which defines the identity; emptiness/nothingness; martyr-type of release; identity issues; fanciful escape; unaware of time; ambiguity; death; solitude; dreaming; fantasy; compassion; faith; devotion; sensitivity; acceptance; surrender; wisdom; music; art; watery flow; pauses and spaces; endings; connection with source.

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