Time Creates Consciousness


I believe it is time that creates our consciousness. Right now, duality is greater than trinity because we think in a kind of a 12-step cycle (and also 10-step, since we are quite tied to Base 10). When we add a 30-step cycle into our consciousness, it will add more “Ideal” 3 to the natural duality and raise the goodness of what is perceived on earth.

Like Christianity, Sunology is a system that believes strongly in getting additional sunlight and “Base 3” awareness. Advancing past traditional Christianity, there is language now available to talk about consciousness  (and what we have  now versus what we can have and what this would look like in the holographic life).

I think it must have been harder for Jesus because the language was not available to talk about a new “way”= his way, when he is a symbol of this third consciousness or more than likely, even bore it. He was talking about an approach towards the world that was different from the normal way of the world, and one that created a Heaven for him due to his exaltation of love and acceptance. Faith, yes – especially if you define faith as “fiery action in the heart” or in the knowing that the complete cycle is reality.

In any case, I will be making a point about the trinity being about consciousness – whereas the Father is the wholeness of all points (Oneness), the holy spirit being the variety of points, imbued by the Father (Duality),  and the Son being the blend, thus being the Christ, third or love consciousness.

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