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One step to “know thyself,” is to get a feel for all that exists and then find your place within that. How can there be a way to know what everything is?  Well, people could define all that is, step by step, in its logical natural order in a way that makes sense – this thing leading to the next, etc. One thing following the next, conceptually, categorizing all that exists in its natural order of expression. That’s what I’m talking about with natural order being intuitive.

Sunology uses a clock as a tool to explain how this might look. A clock shows a 360 degree circle with 12 main and sixty small steps marked out. Let this circle represent one full year, with each number a month, and a thirty day cycle within each of these months. Each step/day represents a point with meaning in a progression of steps – each step’s meaning being a perspective we encounter through our interaction with others, some thing, or an event in our life.  Sunology seeks to name those steps and also identify the steps we personally relate to, in order to encounter the world of our self (personality) and Self more mindfully. It is also believed that the earth and solar relationship is the ultimate maker of the paradigm, as mentioned earlier.

Points of Perspective

Let’s say we start at 3:00 and march around this circle every year, one day at a time, and each day is different, a build-on from the day before. Right now, we’ll look at a simple  4-step breakdown of this whole cycle – something we all know and love – the seasons.  Spring, summer, fall, and winter is a broad pattern of natural order.   On the Spring Equinox every year, there’s a new start. Every year it’s a little different but there’s a predictable rhythm. As the earth moves around the sun, counting out the expression of everything from 0 to 360, moving about a step degree a day, year after year for millions of years, the days may be predictably colored by where they fall with respect to the whole cycle.  All that we know fits somewhere in this circle of everything and can be defined by its placement. It’s the paradigm of life! If you want to read more about the general categories, click here.

What are Your Favorite Points? – the “self”

Knowing the self has two levels of knowing. We’ll call it self and Self. The first self is to know who you, as a personality. What makes you up? Let’s say these 360 points are 360 different perspectives, and different facets of you cling to particular steps/points out of habit. Different facets of yourself are mainly focused on x number of the steps. When being a personality, most people use a limited number of points (while not being even remotely acquainted with the concept of the natural order of stepping along the progress of time). On the other hand, every day, we encounter them in other people and in the experiences that we have through our lives and the nature of these different points are continually making themselves known.

These ideas are the basis of astrology that even astrologers don’t know!

If everything that is exists in this symbolic circle of life, then there may be (and of course, are) quite a few points that we choose to disassociate ourselves with, or that we may be ignorant of.  Of course, there is nothing that exists outside of being able to be defined as part of the whole. Knowing this – which points are emphasized or encountered, or which facets of yourself relate to what general aspects of living – is very helpful and relevant to our life. How am I unique from others? How does my self’s drama play out? Exactly who am I and who is the other person? Think you cannot know this? You can, and you can know it reliably.  What are the patterns of my future? All this is very helpful to know and possible to know.

Can We Be All Points? – the “Self”

But the second level – getting to know, accept, embrace – the whole cycle and thus the Self, or even pondering this idea, is key to spiritual expansion and good use of your own time and energy. Because then, you may allow yourself more latitude in different environments of your life, approaching things with a more open mind set, with greater curiosity, and with a more holistic motivation. Knowing the higher level of the Self (since we all are everything) is another level to “know thyself” and it is also very helpful to boost your creativity.

Learn the Points Through Experience with Them

What better way to learn about what is whole than to walk through a full 30-day cycle a couple of times and experience the changes your life goes through as the days progress – entering, deepening, demonstrating, finding purpose – all this – as you experience it consciously?

As this is written, we are in the July timeframe, at the very bottom of the cycle. It’s a place associated with the personal feeling nature. How do we feel? The closer we are to movement into enlightenment/realization/love, perhaps the deeper and more profound the feelings are, and the more we give deep meaning to things. Perhaps you are at the ocean or beach and you can smell, taste, hear, see, feel, even meld in and intuit the beach all around you. You are immersed. That is what the bottom of the cycle feels like – hit by waves in the face, sometimes.

After getting to know the cycle a little bit (which is a way to train your mind to stay in a place where it can easily connect with emotions, and thus master them), you’ll discover which points your self adopts most readily.  Spirituality (Self) doesn’t always mix well with talking about the variety of different kinds of dramas and perspectives we can find ourselves in every day. Connecting the two is an angle that can really help heal some of the misperceptions that you have been taught by growing up in our society’s paradigm.

So, subscribe, and I will remind you of where we are in the cycle. Email or schedule a session, if you like.

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