An Innovative Idea About the Origin of Consciousness

360 Different Points of Sun, One Per Day

Is There a Relationship Between the Energy Created by the Days in a Year and Human Consciousness?

Sunology is a theory that tackles science’s “hard problem” – understanding how something as nonmaterial as human consciousness can arise from something as unconscious as matter.

 The Sunology idea is to define the natural order of everything that exists in our world in 360 different orderly steps, which are subjective points of perspective, roughly one for every day of the year. The theory is that the energetic underpinnings of the 360 (one per degree or day) sun/earth angles create our worldly paradigm, first through shared cultural symbolism and then into our consciousness, resulting in the physical world and our observation thereof. Every day, our fixed personality encounters a new perspective…one that is quite familiar but brand new simultaneously. The earth and sun shift a degree a day in relationship to one another and of course, at the Spring Equinox, the cycle begins again. Every day brings a new perspective that builds upon the previous. Repeating year after year, it’s the days that form our common understanding of cultural paradigms and our world.

The Complicated Part

The goal of Sunology is to define the degrees, not just the signs, of the zodiac, thus giving meaning to every day. I keep honing these meanings, using a regimented and standard approach to assigning them.  This approach and all the patterns that come from them is what is taught in the Sunology videos, the blogs, and the book, with its basis being natural order.

Identifying natural order in its broad form isn’t too hard. Think of the pattern of seasons, and how that could symbolize the life cycle- beginning-ness, growth, harvest and die-off, only to start the cycle again. But Sunology looks at a more detailed cycle and is even more specifically describing points of view within life cycle. The months have already been given their meanings, as expressed through the symbolism of the zodiac. The hows of this are not properly understood yet by astrologers but I’ll give you a hint – natural order again, only a finer breakdown thereof. Sunology correlates the 12 steps of the zodiac to the 30 steps of the degree/days to define each of the 365 days of a year.

That’s only a piece of how the degrees’ meanings are defined. Spiritual systems and mathematical principles also play a part in defining them. This is something you can learn because it is intuitive. Order is orderly and makes sense.  Learning this will help you know and see (and trust) the world’s natural cycle of order better.  Along with this, there is a set of 360 symbols called the Sabians, one representing each point. They’re images, like “an empty hammock” or “a relay race” which offer further clues about the day’s specific perspective. I use the symbols to better define the points (they are truly magical) and as the focal point of the mindfulness exercise. which I explain in a couple of paragraphs.

Who Defines the Cycle?

I think it would be really worthwhile for people who understand Sunology to have a consensus on what the points are (that make up all that is) and where they fall and why. But alas, it is a challenge to find people who can grasp the significance of this to where they want to play in this garden of subjectivity. I can only tell you, it is fun for the mercurial mind to objectify the day and then have a little symbol to play with, and a meaning to it that is really flexible and see the connections. And to have one for every day is a delight.

And What is The Significance?

Order is real and tangible and the fact that the sun’s relationship to the earth is physically predictable and repetitive should give us a hint that a symbolic system has sprung up to show this order within our group consciousness. The zodiac reflects it but no one realizes it. Astrology distracts from the real value of the zodiac, which is the nascent and unconscious attempt to put order to all concepts. What would happen if we actually put some thought into defining this order?

(Really – first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage. I heard it in a love song.)

Change is predictable; the order of change is also predictable. Each day is unique but the main part of the day – the sun and it’s relationship to the earth – has been repeated millions of times previously and will continue ad infinitude – as long as earth is here. I’m talking about an inspection of the day (the solar degree), along with it’s month (sign), to better identify why things as are they are. I think that adding a 30-step base system to one’s life (in addition to the practical 4 (seasons), the whimsical 7 (weeks, a good one) or the building 12 (months)) is good for the health of the spirit and consciousness, which then trickles down into our world.

Making order should not give value of one thing over another, although having things, for example, at “the peak” or “the bottom” might lead to judgment of one step over the other. The point of the 30-step cycle is that a focus on the day keeps one present to the moment, highlights and objectifies the splits that we naturally make with our mind. One thing being later or earlier than another does not give it power over the other. All concepts are equal in the way that they are complete in the understanding of their placement and makes up the “whole” (link to where this idea of “wholeness” within consciousness is explained).

The Mindfulness Exercise

Look over in the side panel below the videos and see the box that says “current Planets.” That is where the planets (and luminaries) are currently placed and this is where you get the current solar degree.

See the little circle with a dot in the middle next to the word Sun? That is the symbol for the sun and the information shows where in the Heavens the sun is in relationship to the earth. After that you will see the degree, an astrological sign symbol and the minutes (associated with the degree). If there are any minutes above zero, round up to the next degree of the Sun, then look up the symbol for this day and degree on the Sabian symbol page. Ponder the symbol. Consider the meaning of the sign, and where we are in the cycle.

The exercise is to find the day’s concept and/or symbol within the encounters of the day. These encounters could be interactions with others, hearing meaningful song lyrics, having a repetitious thought or feeling, or through some other experience that reveals the day’s point in the cycle. This is the main exercise that will teach you the cycle, which can be done daily (this link takes you to a blog that gives an example of what might be done). It is an exercise to tap you into something greater and keeps life interesting and magical. It seems like when I do this little thing, that the cycle is alive, and playing, producing all these experiences that are connected in spiritual ways.

It’s challenging to write about synchronicity, because writing about it seems to flatten it. It’s hard to prove that certain things have happened in a certain order, in writing.  As an example, first I started journaling this morning, writing about how a new housemate is moving in downstairs today – a woman who told me that she and her boyfriend are “waiting for marriage”. Then I read the symbol is, “a woman entering a convent” (saw the connection instantly) and then also remembered joking yesterday with a different woman (coincidentally of the same name as the new housemate) about her own lack of “action” (so to speak) with her partnership and as we chatted, we also laughed and agreed that I, too, have my own nun-like qualities. All in the space of 24 hours. Idk, maybe it’s nothing but fun. I didn’t know it was the symbol until all that other stuff happened. But it was easy enough to look up the symbol and it did reap the rewards of connection.

And It Seems Like God in the Day  

The thing to realize is that there really is an order to the ups and downs of our encounters, and that certain aspects of life might be able to be predicted. But more than that, maybe by being connected to the “wisdom of the seas” through adding an awareness of living in a thirty-step cycle, we’ll be further propelled into a new consciousness where “wholeness” is added to the equation when we deal with one another and our experiences. Practicing being aware of oneself in the cycle increases creativity, broadens perspective through exposure to the idea of days as other points, increases self knowledge and EQ,  and helps us to accept all the ways that exist. The potential of the exercise is greater love consciousness (increased LQ?) through building a relationship with this “whole” of the cycle.

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