29 – Close and Yet So Far Away

A muse weighing twins

Twenty-Nines’s Nutty Nuances

3:00: A celestial choir singing
4:00: Two cobblers working at a table
5:00: The first mockingbird in spring
6:00: A muse weighing twins
7:00: A mermaid
8:00: A man is gaining secret knowledge from a paper he is reading
9:00: Humanity seeking to bridge the span of knowledge
10:00: An Indian squaw pleading to the chief for the lives of her children
11:00: A fat boy mowing the lawn
12:00: A woman reading tea leaves
1:00: Butterfly emerging from chrysalis
2:00: A prism

This complex point takes into account all the very many points that exist in our world and how it is that there are so many projections of the one source. Sometimes the Sabian symbols seem boring because they are so objectively based. That is, again, because it is a Base 3 system, whereby it is a somewhat mentally-based system (First, there was the Word). In this first mental sign of the new age, we are at one of the final points, and it is a feminine number.

“Feminine” (vs. masculine) energy is a holding, internalizing expression – in relationship to the masculine assertion and outward expression. The secret of feminine is how far it can go in on itself. Think of the blackest and most solid of concepts – bright with solidity – onyx, perhaps, or a black diamond, or the core of the matter. Here is where we allow or submit to fate taking over. It translates into acceptance. It feels safe way, in a way. Much of the inward tendency is a result of hiding from the hardships that exist. There must be energetic breaks between the poles in order for the world to be made. If there are, the feminine would be a concept like the Holy Comforter or the Holy Spirit. The more inwards the feminine goes, the more that compassion, as mass consciousness, is strengthened. Sometimes this will be discussed in end of life discussions, to give purpose and meaning to the suffering and struggles that are experienced at the end of life – the same as with the end of any cycle. There are so many end-of-life concepts (and issues) that come up late in the gameboard. When it is wondered, “to what end?” I venture a guess that on the higher realms, it evolves love consciousness in all souls. I relate the feminine to love and the masculine to light.

There are things that will point to giving up and letting go, situations of extreme good and extreme “bad,” and learning about true value. In many of the 29 symbols, there is a sense of opposition. There is also a sense of “posing” or acting “as if.” There is also the ability to really pound all the various perspectives around the clockboard.

It is human nature to focus on the point or perspective that we are currently at and still not see the whole, which can be as little as one step away. On the other hand, we can see the whole of our current situation best at the ends. Here is a reference to the connecting point between earth and man, as well as the idea that we are one side of the pole and at the other side is the entire world – the wholeness of any cycle.

Words for the 29th Day

2:30 Day; depression; music; water; film; imagination; spiritual mystification; depending on information from others to know yourself; incomprehension; disorientation; escape; illusion; noteworthy voice; letting go; angelic interface; disorganized undoing; oppositions and separations; feeling fated; revelations that reveal the future; the many within the oneness.

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28 – Finding Synchronicity

28 A tree felled and sawed
Pick a couple of these 28 symbols and find the synchronicity in the day.
3:00: A large disappointed audience
4:00: A woman pursued by mature romance
5:00: A man declared bankrupt
6:00: A modern Pocahontas
7:00: Many little birds on the limb of a tree
8:00: A bald headed man
9:00: A man in the midst of brightening influences
10:00: The king of the fairies approaching his domain
11:00: An old bridge over beautiful stream
12:00: A large aviary
1:00: A tree felled and sawed
2:00: A fertile garden under the full moon
Here’s mine:
I experienced  “a large disappointed audience” but it wasn’t as bad as I expected. It is my child’s birthday.  It was a lucky, busy, delightful, smoothly-flowing day. However, the dinner was a bust – that was the 28 energy maybe – 7 little girl guests and what I would perceive from the amount of food eaten, “a large disappointed audience.” Although they did seem to like the cake and ice cream. They were full. And the day and the party were a success.
There are surprises here in this energy. It is quite bright (the bald-headed man, the man in the midst of brightening influences, the full moon…) due to the late mental. If you started at 1, you’ll know by now that the mental energies are light, in the way of brightness. The heart energies are watery and dark. It is just a way of categorizing so you can feel it. I’ve often thought if we all just thought more in the way of light and dark, extrovert vs. indwelling – basic recognition, that this would get us started to finding the third place more easily.
I saw the man declared bankrupt — it was in my own thoughts and yet I went shopping anyway. I had a very difficult time making up my mind on what to buy and I am not convinced I have made the right decision. I am not even able to express the way I feel, the complications and a desire to move forward.
I like the 7:00 symbol and it’s like I can hear the birds twittering. Just when I wrote that, my alarm rang. It was an appointment for my somewhat Pocahontas-like client who is probably a twitterer. I like the 9:00 symbol here. Too much twittering! Yet it’s highly valued. Look at 12:00. It is, “A large aviary.” It is very nice to have all these vignettes and coincidences. It wants to be summed up somehow. The 28: Trees and Birds. On the other hand, perhaps it cannot, because there are so many points.
Thoughts for 28
Twenty-Eight probably has the most complex perspective of all the steps/days. It expresses a highly mental, relational, and intuitive energy, the quiet point of center, and an emotional, boundary-less, ocean-like feel. It’s late, and hard for some to relate to. This is when people start to fall back into their own perspectives – when they can’t get as late as the number. Maybe all their personal focus are in earlier steps and month-steps. Anyway, by the time we are this far along in the game’s cycle, almost all the points have been addressed. Now that we know how to look, we can actually see the whole cycle clearly because of this lateness and because the mental body is still prominent and strong. Because this point of consciousness is so late in the cycle, the relational energy is a fast and high vibration, so that intuiting information on the higher planes is possible and likely. Yes, everyone has extra-sensory abilities but some people are born that way and others are that way at a specific time in the cycle. And still others develop this ability. The emotional aspect of the energy engenders some confusion and a desire to escape the physical world.
Keywords for 28
2:00 Day; surprise; community orientation; higher mind falling into nothing-ness; spirituality; esotericism to achieve oneness; intuition; high ideals; openness; super new-age progressive thought; the challenge of commitment; escapism; conceptual release; well-roundedness.
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27 – Shine On, Mindfulness

A harvest moon

Twenty-Seven’s Awesome Archetypes

3:00: Lost opportunity regained in the imagination

4:00:s A squaw selling beads

5:00: A gypsy coming out of the forest

6:00: A storm in a canyon

7:00: Daybreak

8:00: Grand dames at tea

9:00: An airplane hovering overhead

10:00: A military band on the march

11:00: A sculptor

12:00: A mountain pilgrimage

1:00: An ancient pottery bowl filled with violets

2:00: A harvest moon

What About the 27?

The Twenty-seven step takes a perspective of natural knowingness. Three raised to the three gets special points in the Sunology system, as we love all the three there is. Later and more advanced, this (mental) intellectual step now resonates with what is community-oriented. Here’s one that loves humanity, yet is not particularly interested in persons as individuals. A true elder in the sense that there is also beauty and play. The Heaven on earth in the heart of this perspective is old enough to know his or her own community and is so very dedicated to their own higher understandings. “Group mind” is more than a concept. Here it is a way. And the ability to tap into it is natural.

The 27 energy is a more ramped-up, sophisticated 26. It is highly intuitive and detached from its surroundings, but it is more mature and stable in its expression. Here, there is a beyond-kind of understanding and the development of having peace with what is perceived as being lost in the world. This step enjoys creating splits in the mind that express as drama yet is detached from personalizing the experiences.

Here, is also where an intuitive understanding regarding how things come back to you based on the foundation of your initial intention comes in. It is the place of high communication, thus connection. Looking back and forward is for planning purposes – mental flights of fancy want to know, for the future, what happened before.

Words for the 27th Day

1:30 kind of day; idealism mixed with reality; imagination; surprise; communication that makes sense when it is complete and not just limited to the philosophies and strategies of the 27; independent; unique; sophisticated; objective; detached; complex; intense mental energy; futuristic; community-oriented.

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26 – Breaking Bad and Free

A rainbow
Twenty-Six’s Radical Representatives

3:00: A man possessed with more gifts than he can hold
4:00: A Spaniard serenading his senorita
5:00: Winter frost in the woods
6:00: Contentment and happiness in luxury, people reading on davenports
7:00: A rainbow
8:00: A boy with a censer
9:00: An eagle and a large dove turning one into the other
10:00: Indians making camp
11:00: A flag bearer
12:00: A water sprite
1:00: A hydrometer
2:00: A new moon that divides its influences

All About 26

How do we move past the restrictions of the chains that bind us? We break out, that’s how! The benefits of being at the top are sustained—the wisdom is gained, the morality learned and applied, the physical gifts of the world are amassed. Now, we are so accustomed to letting go, it is a natural state, with a sense that letting it go will balance out having held it all so tightly. Too much of anything needs to be released. In the 24 and the 25, this was this conservative pulling back to hold on, yet we were still building in the cycle and making things more complex with new perspectives. There can be a sense of giving-up and/or letting it all hang out. The consciousness continues to be broad and overseeing, while the cycle is just about done with wide-ranging issues of tangibility like politics and structures of convention (corporations, churches, governments).

The focus shifts to intangible concepts, like community, “energies” (what is beyond the physical, in terms of how the mental body would see it), progressive ideas and the future. Both the 25 and the 26 are scientifically-focused. The difference is that the 25 is the oriented towards old-school and traditional strict science and the 26 is high tech science – electricity, computers – for the sake of the future. By the time we get to 27, things get metaphysically-oriented, beyond science. Yet it still exists. At least, in the imagination, or at the finest vibration of possibility. Is there anything new under the sun or does it all exist on one plane or another?

Actually, in the overall cycle, this is where things get a little surprising. There is a sudden turn here, and being so late in the cycle, it could be the precursor to the end of the affair – whatever it may be. Things just get complicated. This is especially true for people who are naturally born early in the game. The early folks like to keep things simple. My feeling today is that there is a lot of things I would like to say but if I say them, I might choose the wrong thing out of those many or, what I say might be taken wrong. I choose silence but it’s only 6:45 a.m. Give me time.

Key Words for the 26th Step

1:00 Step; communities; conceptualization; uniqueness; high technology; people like Lady Gaga (quirky or different that break out of the mold); mentally-focused; intangibles; objectivity; free will; radical thrust; shocking; future-oriented; sharp; detached; energetic expression; free-agent. An example of community is a sense of belonging to a group due to a common interest or aspect of personality.

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25 – The Paradigm Rules Even When Wrong

An X-ray
Twenty-five’s Upright/Uptight Citizens

3:00: A double promise
4:00: A large well-kept public park
5:00: A man trimming palms
6:00: A dark shadow or mantle thrown suddenly over the right shoulder
7:00: A large camel crossing the desert
8:00: Flag at half-mast
9:00: Information in the symbol of an autumn leaf
10:00: An X-ray
11:00: A chubby boy on a hobbyhorse
12:00: An Oriental rug dealer
1:00: A butterfly with the right wing more perfectly formed
2:00: A purging of the priesthood

About the 25th Step

Twenty-Five is similar to, but more flexible and advanced than yesterday’s 24. It is known for being responsible, hard-working and focused on setting and following the rules. There is an understanding and containment of the prior 24 concepts that results in traditionalism and conservatism. This is the ultimate position for fatherly authority. This is a good number for a policeman! Still not too far past the peak of the cycle, there continues to be a clinging to what has been earned and a particular focus on things (and people) and their maintenance. Plus there can be negativity to all that which is “not” 25 – i.e. this number can represent a high point of judgment that still may not remember that one is coming from their own perspective, which can be disciplined, narrow and restrictive. It is all based on practicality and what’s best but surely that’s not all there is, right? Here is the final complete embracing of the physical world, with a focus on cultivating nature, as well as constraining to fit and honor proper societal behavior.

Words for the 25th Day

12:00 type of day, June 15, maintaining excellence or superiority as one’s purpose; prudence; work and career-oriented; common-sensibility; integrity; business; veracity; trustworthy; equanimity; discernment; judicious; responsible; cynical; withholding; rule-based; honorable; respectable, realization that differing truths can co-exist, setting and following rules, boundaries; a sense for things being relative to their situation, maturity, wisdom, discipline.

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24 – Cautiously We Proceed Quickly

children skating
Twenty-four’s Falling Figures
3:00: An open window and a net curtain blowing into a cornucopia
4:00: A mounted Indian with scalp locks
5:00: Children skating on ice
6:00: A woman and two men on a bit of sunlit land facing south
7:00: An untidy, unkempt man
8:00: Mary and her white lamb
9:00: A third wing on the left side of a butterfly
10:00: Crowds coming down the mountain to listen to one man
11:00: A bluebird standing at the door of the house
12:00: A woman entering a convent
1:00: A man turning his back on his passion and teaching from experience
2:00: Tiny inhabited island
About the 24
Just past the top of the cycle, today’s perspective is holding, sophisticated and earthy. Believe me, it is grown-up here! Note, below in the keywords, that 24 is associated with 12:00, the last of the three earth months. There is a fear of falling, like around 4:00-5:00, but less threatening, too, as it grows into itself. I suppose at this point, there is a realization of being young/old and all the things that can be done with this knowledge. Implied in much of the 24 symbols is the idea of structure within freedom and vice versus.The foundational consciousness of 24 is very aware of the apparent chaos and order of the physical world and when tapped into this energy, uses its free will to effect concrete manifestation. The main challenge that this perspective deals with how it gets bound up with the expression of the month in which it is palced. For example, because 5:00 is a mental month, we might expect to see communication being held back or re-expressed as flow instead. There many forms of communication and the children demonstrate this. We know now that 5:00 is two – or more – at once – twins – and unpredictable unless you understand that all these different perspectives exist. Wholeness is found today by being conscious of, and true to, societal values, working hard and grounding in a stable and reliable system that respects all members of society and their requests, as well as honoring the boundaries of the communication. People want to see “responsible” today. Also, remember that judgment (finding proper balance in a too broad way, applying your perspective to others) is a tendency this late in the cycle, and is best
carefully exercised.
Words for the 24th Day

12:20 type of day; insularity; a structure within a construct; conservative; objectivity; restriction; safeguarding; conservation; need for control; boundaries; edgy testing with paybacks; tradition; pleasure in finding justification; holding on to what you have gained.

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23 – All Rise for Peak of the Clock – Midnight and Noon

A big bear sitting down and waving all its paws.jpg400x400

“23” Symbols 

Aries 3:00: A woman in pastel colors carrying a heavy and valuable but veiled load
Taurus 4:00: a jewelry shop
Gemini 5:00: Three fledglings in a nest high in a tree
Cancer 6:00: Meeting of a literary society
Leo 7:00: A horseback rider
Virgo 8:00: An animal trainer
Libra 9:00: Chanticleer
Scorpio 10:00: A bunny metamorphosed into a fairy
Sagittarius 11:00: Immigrants entering
Capricorn 12:00: Two awards for bravery in war
Aquarius 1:00: a big bear sitting down and waving all its paws
Pisces 2:00: Spiritist phenomena
This is the peak of the month, so watch for communication and interaction to come to a head. This is a step where we can have a real push-pull between what we relate to as the “top” of ourselves with the top outside ourselves (the father, the boss, God, a corporation, religion, the general public, etc.). Listen to your self-talk. Is there an authority that you have a passionate disagreement with? Do you see this as one of the ethical kind? It is still all talk here. There are two sides. And if you drill it down, each side has its fifteen different reasons that it’s side is right. “You” are going to be playing one of them. The other one may be something within yourself, someone, something, some experience.So, having finally reached the peak of the cycle, the 23rd day is at the top of the game and shining brightly. The 23 is a triple mix of energies. The first is a highly self-confident, passionate and fiery energy that is similar to a heightened 22 (loving philosophy and religion of all natures). Then there’s a break. This second is a blank space between the first and the third—something unfathomable, a quiet place of light silence and connection with the zero-point of breaks, rests and emptiness. The third is this authority figure I keep talking about. It’s strict, confined. It comes out of the expansiveness that was built at the end of the 11:00 energy. That got very heady and convinced of the viewpoint. Again! Haha. OK, God, the Father, even. The Sun at her finest of the month.
Words for the 23rd Day

Capricorn kind of day: Setting value or worth, knowing what your values are, enjoying, indulging, spending. Think determination, grounded-ness. At the peak of the cycle, the themes are full development; a constructive approach; control over the lower selves; at the top in society; the next step up; peaking; absolute responsibility; the issue of the month coming to a head; public orientation; discipline; maintaining balance; structure; status, organization, father.

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22 – Recognizing the Heights

Twenty-two’s (Almost) Top Terriers
Aries 3:00: The gate to the garden of desire
Taurus 4:00: White dove over troubled water
Gemini 5:00: A barn dance
Cancer 6:00: A woman awaiting a sailboat
Leo 7:00: A carrier pigeon
Virgo 8:00: A royal coat of arms
Libra 9:00: A child giving birds a drink at a fountain
Scorpio 10:00: Hunters starting out for ducks
Sagittarius 11:00: A Chinese laundry
Capricorn 12:00: A general accepting defeat gracefully
Aquarius 1:00: A rug placed on a floor for children to play
Pisces 2:00: A man bringing down the new law from Mount Sinai.

 Meaning of 22

From 21 to 22 takes us from the sophomoric side to even more-true wisdom symbols. They are definitely telling us that today is about getting above it all. It’s early in the yearly cycle to understand how “above it all” plays out in real life but hold yourself at the Twenty-second degree to align yourself with today’s step. You’ll find your perspective is elevated. The whole mood is lifted above. Whether you yourself join the day is free will. That is the choice. It is easier than you think!

Very well-placed in the cycle, today’s spot in the game is almost to the top of the clock, just prior to peaking. Having worked up a fervor around systems of beliefs at the 21, we’re now in the knowing and understanding place of the spiritual seeker (a sort of funny opposite in relationship to the 21, when the beliefs were so strong there is no use in seeking.) The 21 perspective alone is not enough to fill the void that naturally lives in all of us, due to not being able to be all perspectives at all times….or even in a trinity consciousness, although, like I said, this is much easier), resulting in a master-ship of a philosophical nature. All the needs are met when a philosophical outlook is taken. Think about the active engagement of unity/trinity consciousness and being above it.

It’s at this point that one can see over the top of the cycle all the way to the end, if one were only to look. Doing so is what takes us from religion to spirituality.

Remember that where we are in the year does not represent events that you experience (that’s a different planetary expression that you can also look at, if you like), so much as an overarching “feel” or sense – the creative movement of the day. I believe that when my attention is directed to something in the day with more intent than normal – in any way – additional creativity and joy result. Perhaps this is because it distracts my attention away from duality, which exists whether I think about it or not (and less if I don’t, of course). To reduce bad duality, solutions happen when you shine a light, not as the mind jogs around the hamster wheel.

I touched the water from the spring when it flowed into my glass this morning and had a Helen Keller moment when I realized that what I say about “water” in terms of the feel of the energy of such, can be applied to actual liquids, to understand them as a symbol better, or to understand the spiritual nature of the physical presence of such whatever thing. It was a 22 moment that happening on the 22nd step/day, aha!

Words for the 22nd Day

Mid-Sag kind of day; travel; general mastery; a light spirit; “unity consciousness”; the imminent finding of what is being sought; sophistication; overview; giving a structure to higher understanding; philosophical approach to dealing with the clash of duality within your sun sign; connection with others through establishing a philosophy that rises above duality; strategy; truth-seeking and finding; fiery intention for a higher purpose; a positive and expansive approach. Being at the top yet not being so high up that you break into falling. See the clock.


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21 – A Passion to Live By

FInger pointing

Twenty-one’s Tempting Telltales

3:00: A pugilist entering the ring
4:00: A finger pointing in an open book
5:00: A labor demonstration
6:00: A prima donna singing
7:00: Chickens intoxicated
8:00: A girl’s basketball team
9:00: A crowd upon the beach
10:00: A soldier derelict in duty
11:00: A child and a dog with borrowed eyeglasses
12:00: A relay race
1:00: A woman disappointed and disillusioned
2:00: A little white lamb, a child and a Chinese servant

The best way to understand these symbols is by looking at them from the month’s perspective. What would the month look like if it was overly aggressive, believed strongly in itself as ruler almighty and actually knew just enough, as an individual, to be dangerous. There was a considerable shift in the energy today from yesterday and the day before. We went from the Scorpio way of seeing things to a Sagittarius perspective. Things certainly are not as emotionally fraught. Whereas Scorpio is sensitive and emotional, Sag is one of fire and passion. This carries forth and is going to carry-through from the sense of “self completed.”

It is a shift from emotions to spirit– one of the most extreme shifts. This “spirit” is a result of the fulfillment of self that came from finishing up the personal part of this 30-day cycle. In this case, the perspective is less personally tactical and more generally strategic. Now we have learned how to be who we are (still from our own perspective predominantly) and know “the way,” we are going to spread it around. If a movement from personal death to transpersonal life sounds familiar (think religion), there should be no surprise, as 21 is now the place that philosophy and religion are emphasized. We are getting above it.

Words for the 21st Day

Sagittarius day; Philosophy; strategy; noise; boyish frustrations; pointed concentration; structured belief in God through religion; heights and breadth; distancing due to a higher perspective; competition; establishment of a construct; mental endeavors; higher education; travel; fanciful mind trips; expansion; feisty and fiery; passion around ideas.

I feel compelled and persistent about laying things out and explaining the points. (21 can be excessive when it believes in itself too much.) In addition to the things I said yesterday, Twenty is also about completing the personal parts of things so the real work can be done. I feel a drive to explain the game as a whole even though we are still in the middle. Due to the end of that personal piece yesterday, there is a sense that the  has ended. But it really has not even yet culminated. Jabbing, like the pugilist; telling my story, like the demonstrators. I might even feel a little desperate. Here the lowly little single perspective/step is making rules for the world and having had all this experience and still appealing to a higher authority.


Is there a correlating planetary symbol? As always, with every number. Today’s planet is Jupiter. It’s big and expands the current moment and brings loftiness to the perspective.

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20 – Making Connections with All Kinds of Ways

A cafeteria
Twenty’s Tempting Telltales

3:00: A young girl feeding birds in winter
4:00: Wind, clouds and haste
5:00: A cafeteria
6:00: Gondoliers in a serenade
7:00: The Zuni sun-worshipers
8:00: An automobile caravan
9:00: A Jewish rabbi
10:00: A woman drawing two curtains aside
11:00: Men cutting through ice
12:00: A hidden choir singing
1:00: A big white dove, a message bearer
2:00: A table set for an evening meal

About the 20

It is at this point that a connection with your higher self is realized through complex dependencies and emotional transformation. There is a strong suggestion of what can be received through interaction with what’s outside of ourselves and the sheer volume of it.

There are also thoughts about how one relates to other people, how one relates to the variety of energies that exist –too much information, difficulty in deciding. Circular dependencies, projecting and sharing, giving and becoming fulfilled and exercising control are all part of the basic consciousness of Twenty. There’s a growing sense of what the “other” (symbolized as food, in this case) means to you and how you know yourself based on your relationship with this “other.” As you reach the heights of interactions with them, you begin to know the “God within” (in this case, fulfillment) as a reality. As early as 5:00, the idea is about assimilation of what’s outside of yourself into yourself.

Twenty demystifies the mystery of yesterday by knowing God through the transformation gained from blending of the variety of masculine and feminine energies within. Wholeness comes from setting a balanced stage with which to nourish and nurture the souls of others, and thus fulfill the self.

Words for the 20th Day

10:40 type of day; seeking ways to control the obsession issues of the step’s; the inner marriage of the twins, masculine and feminine sides; revelations; building empathy; transformation; light-focus in a dark place; the significance of power; diplomacy; ritual; agreement; others’ resources; hitting bottom and rising back up; shadows; intimacy; connection with one’s higher power.

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