19 – Lifting the Emotional for Extra Meaning

The magic carpet

Nineteen’s Naughty Nuances

Aries 3:00: The magic carpet
Taurus 4:00: A newly formed continent
Gemini 5:00: A large archaic volume
Cancer 6:00: A priest performing a marriage ceremony
Leo 7:00: A houseboat party
Virgo 8:00: A swimming race
Libra 9:00: a gang of robbers in hiding
Scorpio 10:00: A parrot listening and then talking
Sagittarius 11:00: Pelicans moving their habitat
Cappie 12:00: A child of about five with a huge shopping bag
Aquarius 1:00: A forest fire quenched
Pisces 2:00: A master instructing his pupil

What About 19?

That which was trying to be told yesterday, and fell into the vast void of too weird and hard to understand, is now too intense to tell today. Deep within us is the knowledge of the universe – how it became. These symbols are actually a path to understanding this much better. Things are explained in the imagination when one looks to understand how one thing leads to another.

I feel there is too much to tell, too much to type. That it is all just too vast. I don’t feel emotional within myself, even though we are at a Scorpio, 10:00 (emotions)-related number. I feel more as though there is some great roiling going on under the superficial words that we try to say. Deep is sortof the word but it is more like meaningful. No matter how much I write and try to deliver my message, you won’t know the half of it.

Nineteen is a perspective that foresees the peak of the cycle and wants to lift into these higher realms. However, because of a lack of actual experience (not having yet been to this place in the game), the idea of the lifting off into anything is a bit more fantastical than real. There is an optimistic sense of push, which is really needed – we’ve been climbing the cycle for a while now. With that comes a need for control.

The later the numbers, the more flexibility they are going to show in understanding and expression because there are more facets to consider. We’re into the heart of partnership, which can bring some stickiness. Nineteen means that sometimes what you see is not exactly what is. This placement also means that psychic influences are at play (they had to come in somewhere, naturally 19 is occult, along with 18 to some degree). Nineteen does seek to believe in something greater. It could be the self, if too much was lost at the Eighteen, and that results in a need to control others. It can get stuck here. The whole thing (communication) might be put aside because there is losing mental touch with what is and believing what things seem to be. This can be a reclusive placement, especially in feminine areas of the cycle (4:00, 6:00, 8:00, 10:00, 12:00 and 2:00). Wholeness comes from the effect of the emotional realization that there are powers on other planes beyond our conscious awareness that lift and transform us to new levels.

Words for the 19th Day

Scorpio, with a Neptunian decanate compulsion; repetition; need; psychic-ism; reproduction; profound emotional transformation; magic; buoyancy; regeneration; control; the power hidden within the emotional.




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18 – “Otherly” Influences and Connections Within


Eighteen’s Exciting Exemplars

Aries 3:00: An empty hammock
Taurus 4:00: A woman holding a bag out of the window
Gemini 5:00: Two Chinese men talking Chinese
Cancer 6:00: A hen scratching for her chicks
Leo 7:00: A teacher of chemistry
Virgo 8:00: Ouija board
Libra 9:00: Two men placed under arrest
Scorpio 10:00: A woods rich in autumn coloring
Sagittarius 11:00: Tiny children in sunbonnets
Capricorn 12:00: The Union Jack
Aquarius 1:00: A man unmasked
Pisces 2:00: A gigantic tent


About This Step

Here’s my personal Sun-day, a mini-birthday that comes once a month. Yay for me; I am realized – if only for a day. It is a good day (for me); everything is working in right order.

Eighteen combines the more advanced mental and social skills and activity (late Libra – 9:00) with an intense and internalization of relationship, resulting in the meaning of others in one’s life, which is early and basic Scorpio (10:00). There is also the quiet energy in-between the two that comes from being in the middle day between 9:00 and 10:00.  A cusp which is part of the energy of the degree. So, saying it a little differently, the mental energy results in a strong intellect and an ability to quickly process relationships and the connections between points. The emotional energy is feminine, fluctuating between dark feelings and emotional/psychological transformation. The place in-between is a zero-point—a place of silence and reassurance.

How do you deal with this? Do you love a lot of talk that may be a little above your head and foreign? Are you into the depths of emotional internalization? Do you just want everyone to shut-up? There’s something for everyone in this day. There are many possibilities in the “both/nothing” days (3, 13, 23 and 8, 18 and 28). Once you are able to find yourself in the overall cycle (know thyself) you will know how you naturally experience them.

Analysis of foreign ideas, philosophies, religion, and connections are developing in the mind. A twisty, figure-8, back and forth energy – known for words, communicative skills and relating nature, while keeping in mind we probably don’t completely understand them (due to still being in the game and not seeing the game as a whole at this point). It’s not always easy for others to understand what is being said. Yet much can be imagined (and it’s probably about other people, haha), due to the quiet space. Much of the primary focus is on the partner or “the other.” Listening carefully, like a breath out and then in, there is an even give and take in the exchange. This is connection between people and how it works. Also, there is sensitivity to others in that the peace is maintained as much as possible. Large concepts can be packed in simple packages.

This day sees things from a broad perspective, like Seventeen, because of having a lot to do with the mind and a focus on the details (mentality and mental splits). Whereas “the details” wasn’t mentioned a whole lot back in the 14 and 15, the 13 is when the idea first came in. This is because we had to get out of the days where things were only split in a few pieces (less details, more general early Sun-number days) to get to the details place.

Keeping boundaries is challenging here. Because of straddling the border between two signs and being in the middle of the “Partnership” mini-cycle, all kinds of connections are important to Eighteen. There is an appreciation for the creations of others (art), as well as the emotional reflection of spiritual light (symbolism). The older 9:00 energies manifest as copious mental activity and young 10:00 energies can show up as jealousy and emotional discontent when the blend is absent. Wholeness is found expanding the boundaries of the resting point between the signs to include all of life.

Words for the 18th Day

Partners and relationships; other-oriented; suspicions; people-pleasing; well-mannered; high social focus; symbolism; connections; mysteries; flirtation with darkness; love of puzzles (putting things together); analysis; issues of reciprocity; control around dark emotions; meditation; slow release; change-agent.

Are you happy here? How do you handle this?

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17 – Separate but Equal

“17” Symbols

 3:00: Two prim spinsters
4:00: A battle between the swords and the torches
5:00: The head of health dissolved into the head of mentality
6:00: The germ grows into knowledge and life
7:00: A non-vested church choir
8:00: A volcano in eruption
9:00: A retired sea captain
10:00: A woman the father of her child
11:00: An Easter sunrise service
12:00: A girl surreptitiously bathing in the nude
1:00: A watchdog standing guard
2:00: An Easter promenade

 You thought yesterday was independent for a dependent day?! Today is unique and unexpected in its independence. The Seventeen perspective would rather split than not have equality or what is fair. The unexpectedness has to do with a break from the past and how that manifests.Yes, we are now in a number focused on partnership, the person’s “other.”  This is the place that our perspective demands the same as it is and if everything doesn’t line up with what is fair and good, it’s going to say good-bye and move on. When looking over the symbols, I had this impression of, “get over it.” Right! Good idea!Obviously, this day is focused on the mental are because of being in the 9:00 realm. (this is in  contrast to the physical, emotional or spiritual). All this busy mental activity manifests to transform situations, when Day 20 comes around. It is realigning all the perspectives that have thus far built up and to dump what is not working. Again, this is a perspective itself. We are late enough in the cycle to be bouncing around perspectives. Because of the mental influence, it is broad perspective that can and will take into account most angles of personal concern. Wholeness comes through seeing the path as a dance of impartiality and love consciousness for the God in the other. After all, they are the mirror for you to know yourself better.

Words for the 17th Day

9:20 kind of day; Ideals; marriage equality; uniqueness, need for space; commitment issues; independency; freedom; unpredictable and unusual; being progressive or alternative, seeing differences between people yet still relational; intellectual or highly alert approach; detachment from identity and dependency; independence in togetherness; socially aware and impersonal. 17 rules “taboo” concepts like birth, sexuality (and homosexuality) and as well as androgyny, in a partnership kind of way.

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16 – Pursuing What is Outside Ourselves Where Opposites Attract

16 sunshine after storm

16 Symbols


3:00: Brownies dancing in the setting sun
4:00: An old man attempting vainly to reveal the mysteries
5:00: A woman suffragist orating
6:00: The man before a square with the manuscript scroll before him
7:00: Sunshine just after storm
8:00: An orangutan
9:00: The boat landing washed away
10:00: A girls face breaking into a smile
11:00: Seagulls watching a ship
12:00: Boys and girls in gymnasium suits
1:00: The big businessman at his desk
2:00: The flow of inspiration

Relating works wonders in many ways. Three come to mind. First the other person acts to reflect you and clarify your own point of consciousness. Second, they offer a way to learn about other points of consciousness, to make you more whole, to help you accept more. Third, profound personal transformation naturally comes from relating! We’ll see how that works, as we progress through the 9:00 and 10:00 cycles.

Here are two halves – 9:00, balance. At the Sixteen, the perspective takes pursuit, in order to get some experience with the other. The energy is about partnerships, socializing, issues of codependence, and having peace vs. tension. Well, of course it is getting complicated when you add the other into your mix, as if they were part of you! Clearly, you cannot have relationship before the self is developed, because you are going to need that strong self to figure out what the heck is going on. So that is an example of what is meant by natural order.

Words for the 16th Day

9:00 is a more active, thinking and social encounter with the other, and art as a one-on-one giving of God to the other through self-expression – a more complicated kind of art.

9:00-type of day; boyish and excited relational energy; co-dependency, projection and reflection; bargaining and negotiating; direct; active interest in the other; sociability; the thinking-level nature; moving from self-focus into other awareness; pursuit of relationship; seeking balance and reciprocity; directness; projection; a point of realization (aha!).

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15 – Balanced in Caring Through Service

Taurus 15 A man muffled up with a rakish silk hat

3:00: An Indian weaving a blanket
4:00: The man muffled up in a rakish silk hat (see picture)
5:00: Two Dutch children talking
6:00: A group of people who have overeaten and enjoyed it
7:00: A pageant
8:00: An ornamental handkerchief
9:00: Circular paths
10:00: Children playing around five mounds of sand
11:00: The groundhog looking for its shadow
12:00: Many toys in the children’s ward of the hospital
1:00: Two lovebirds singing on a fence
2:00: An officer preparing to drill his men

Love this gentle energy! Here we are getting this sense that “I and my brother are one.” Number 15 is positioned in a very feminine, meaning inward and holding, placement. It is here that the concept of selfhood peaks and is released for the next step in the cycle, which is about relating to others (16). The 7:00 influence that started these two in the 12-step gameboard (7:00 and 8:00) reveals itself with references to playfulness and children in many of the symbols for 15. There’s been a focus on and development of the creative and work-oriented self that is going to support you through the rest of the game.

Today, Venus is our friendly symbol that further defines today’s step. She lends an attention to details that result in beauty, routine, predictability, and strong health-orientation, relating with and being engaged by opposites, and a natural love of the beauty of nature. This with closing in on the halfway mark (representing who the other person is to you) brings a focus on others to find balance. You should see by Fifteen’s symbols that 15 shares an affinity to Venus – and interesting that we have two “Venus” days in a row (today and tomorrow), to prepare us for the four more intense days of relating that are 17 through 20. Ego – yours and others – becomes less of an issue after the 20th day. The next  five days (9:00 and 10:00) are about focusing on others and that should take care of any ego problems (haha 🙂 ). This is more of a relating focus rather than a “head-to-head of the self” kind of focus.

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14 – The Disciplined Self

Aquarius 14 A train entering a tunnel

Symbols for Day 14

3:00: A serpent coiling near a man and a woman
4:00: Shellfish groping and children playing
5:00: A conversation by telepathy
6:00: A very old man facing a vast dark space to the northeast
7:00: A soul awaiting opportunity for expression
8:00: The family tree
9:00: A noon siesta
10:00: Telephone lineman at work
11:00: The Pyramids and the Sphinx
12:00: An ancient bass relief carved in granite
1:00: A train entering a tunnel
2:00: Lady in a fox fur

It is time to be quiet now and listen better. You get to see how your perspective handles a perspective of being quiet and going inward. Any trouble here? Depends on how beyond the pale you are naturally. If you are normal, this is normal day. This day knows to stay focused. As the day grows later into the Fourteen, things get easier because you get used to being more serious. Such is the nature of the so-called “friendly” symbol (meaning it is simpatico in its expression), Saturn, which has a reputation of being the one that holds us back, restricts, restrains, disciplines, and associated with the aging of the physical body. Not so friendly in a way, as Saturn doesn’t show the true value of its qualities of responsibility and discipline until it passes the test of time. What you do now, the heart you put into it now, is going to set you up for the future. Don’t be lazy 7:00 lion at this stage. Be grounded and be real. The perspective is about accepting any restrictive challenges as something really good for you. Nose to the grindstone, and such. You better follow the rules here, even if you don’t see why you need to do so. Watch what you say. Focus..

Fourteen is a “mid-feminine” number which means its perspective is a bit picky and critical due to being more practical (less full of that fire of 7:00) – things are getting rote, boring, earthy 8:00. Being less than thrilled with what we see around ourselves. Fourteen correlates with an energy that gives a physical focus on delivering the self in practical service via work, typically with issues around organization and structure. Twelve was fun; Fourteen is some work. Which suits you? We have to admit that 14 is more realistic. It still contains a healthy dose of focus on the 7:00 that it came from but now it needs to take care (inward-look) at 7:00 for its health and for what it is going to do.

The Clock

Climbing the steepest part of the gameboard, there’s a pulling in to conserve and apply strength for the task at hand. The inner focus is on disciplining the lower selves by controlling the physical body through health consciousness and the emotional body through self-control. Wholeness is found in taming the wild nature of the lower selves using a loving, structured and authoritative influence.

Key Words For the 14th Day

8:00-type of day; a back and forth tightness; coming to terms with hardship; focus and concentration; silence; feeling confined by boundaries; need for patience; conservative side accepts the animal/lower nature and its needs to be human; duty; tools and techniques; responsibility; health; service to others; healing the physical and emotional.

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13 – Absolute Fire Turns In On Itself

“13” Symbols

Aries 3:00: An unsuccessful bomb explosion
Taurus 4:00: A man handling baggage
Gemini 5:00: A great musician at his piano
Cancer 6:00: One hand slightly flexed with a very prominent thumb
Leo 7:00: An old sea captain rocking
Virgo 8:00: A strong hand supplanting political hysteria
Libra 9:00: Children blowing soap bubbles
Scorpio 10:00: An inventor experimenting
Sagittarius 11:00: A widow’s past is brought to light
Capricorn 12:00: A fire worshiper
Aquarius 1:00: A barometer
Pisces 2:00: A sword in a museum

Definition of 13

For the 13, its strength is its ability to creatively express for the good of self and others. Thirteen is climbing in the cycle, at one of the steepest points, exerting the self, which turns introspectively inward – now that the self has revealed itself in the world. In fact, it became so self-aware that it grew up and into a place of realization – what good am I? The self can not stay too self too long. It’s fiery and burns out. Soon it sees that without a purpose, it would fizzle completely. There is a lot of focus on the details of how to interact with the tangible world of usefulness and purpose. This is seen in that many of the 13 symbols, is the reference to hands. The focus is shifted from that fire-impulse to show the self in all its glory to doing – grounding – into how the creative expression can help others, serve a purpose and take care of that wild, fiery self. Getting things done is important. This creates nervousness and anxiety sometimes. Number Thirteen achieves wholeness by knowing that when the ego’s passion is removed from the equation, creativity can speak for itself. With the healthy ego that was formed in 11 and 12 now held in check, there is time to give what you have to show as well as show what you have to give.

Key Words For the 13th Day

8:00 type of day: creative frustration; dedication to service; nervous energy; dependability; seeking dignity in service; whole-heartedness; perfectionism; loyalty; practicing personal integrity; teaching and learning lessons; purity of intention; interaction with the divine; a sense that there is something higher than the self; expression of the true self as a service; self-expression to the point of grounding down into the mundane; stability; order; purity in service.

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12 – Allow Me to Explain Myself Further!

“12” Symbols 

3:00: A flock of white geese
4:00: Window-shoppers
5:00: A topsy saucily asserting herself
6:00: A Chinese woman nursing a baby with a message
7:00: An evening lawn party
8:00: A bride with her veil snatched away
9:00: Miners emerge from a mine
10:00: An embassy ball
11:00: A flag that turns into an eagle that crows
12:00: A student of nature lecturing
1:00: People on stairs graduated upwards
2:00: An examination of initiates

Definition of 12

Noisy Twelve! This day can be heard coming down the path. Eleven “all growed up” and thinks it knows a lot, from a pretty basic level. There’s a feeling of being shot from the light into the limelight. You really are supposed to be having fun today . Fully inspired from having come from the sun-connected Eleven, Twelve is a mature Eleven – not just aware of the self, but promoting and expressing the self creatively. The symbol implies that we haven’t progressed quite as far as we think – perhaps in the ways of philosophy and strategy – while confidence brims over. This little piece of God (the day’s perspective) is in full swing and brings multifaceted talents and abilities.

Key Words For the 12

Key words: protecting those who are like children, the developed self that leads, leadership; up-beat; pride; fiery; open; self-expressive; bossy;  proving the self for the self’s sake; passion for the self; fired-up with confidence; new approaches; head-to-head; light-filled; self-assertive; kingly and queenly; fun-filled and lifted. 7:30-type day.

Today’s Symbol: Leo 12: An evening lawn party

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11 – The Self-Actualized Ego Steps Out

Cancer 11 A clown making grimaces

“11” Symbols

3:00: The president of the country
4:00: A woman sprinkling flowers
5:00: A new path of realism and experience
6:00: A clown making grimaces
7:00: Children on a swing in a huge oak tree
8:00: A boy molded in his mother’s aspirations for him
9:00: A professor peering over his glasses
10:00: A drowning man rescued
11:00: The lamp of physical enlightenment in the left temple
12:00: A large group of pheasants
1:00: Man tete-a-tete with his inspiration
2:00: Men seeking illumination

Eleven is the perspective one would take if they were assertively positioned at the point where the basic personality is fully developed and knows itself and wants to be itself. Now. And yes, if you’ve been following along, you’ll know we are at 7:00, which as an “odd” month, and therefore back in the positive way of looking at things. There’s a sense that things will get better just by having a clearer understanding of who we are. The self’s communicating faculties are ready to fully express itself. There’s a touch of innocence again. Yet be not the fool…As you know from the last 10 days, this ego has been in the making and this ego is pretty strong and stubborn about what it is. Additionally, because Eleven is masculine, there is a forthright and frank expression that knows how the self is best expressed.

Notice that Sun Number Eleven is on the upswing of the cycle. Like 2, this energy is similar to the meaning of the Sun, as it represents the wholeness of self. Here is a perspective of the self whose outlook is what the vibe of the perspective is. The personality is ready to move forward and wow the world with who it is. “Know thyself” applies here, for Eleven knows wholeness by pursuing and expressing the true self without worrying about the rest of the world too much.


Today’s Symbol: Leo 11: Children on a swing in a huge oak tree

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10 – Emotional Vulnerability and New Starts

Ten“Ten” Symbols 

3:00: A man teaching new forms for old symbols
4:00: A Red Cross nurse
5:00: An airplane falling
6:00: A large diamond not completely carved
7:00: Early morning dew
8:00: Two heads looking out and beyond the shadows (such hesitancy!)
9:00: A canoe approaching safety through dangerous waters
10:00: A fellowship supper
11:00: A golden haired goddess of opportunity
12:00: An albatross eating from the hand
1:00: A popularity that proves ephemeral
2:00: An aviator in the clouds.

Defining the 10

The perspective of Sun Number Ten is emotionally vulnerable yet steps out to help in spite of what feels like taking a risk. Correlating with the advanced feminine area around 6:40, it is similar to Nine because there is still a lot of sensitivity and emotions, but there is a maturity to it at this point. It becomes less about personal emotions and more about getting above them and finding meaning in it all. Ten works with issues of emotional healing and buttons up the development of the basics by giving meaning to experiences. Ten also symbolizes a healing, giving and nurturing-focused energy. Ten is still in the watery area of 6:00 so there’s a softness. Its receptivity moves Ten beyond earthly concerns, through confusion, and into a loving consciousness of oneness. There becomes a real femininity here which gives way to the image of roses and violets (symbolically about the divine feminine). A sense of wholeness today is found through trust and faith in the tools and talents that have been given.

Speaking to the Ten in spiritual terms, there’s an quality of the something highly conceptual here. The highest expression of this perspective is a divine mother-love that comes from the suffering of the personal heart. The suffering transforms as it considers the present situation on earth (partly Eight) and then extrapolates that into the future (Nine). Suffering transforms to compassion. The feminine expression is equated to the high symbolism of the Holy Spirit. Here, in 10, is the opportunity to see the perspective of caring for another – reflecting your personal experience of emotion onto another person, thus perpetuating empathy. It is the feminine, indwelling and drawing in energy that allows a sense of oneness with other people.

Key Words For “10”

6:40 (CANCER) type of day; forward movement; sensitive feelings; trust; self-confidence despite doubt; dependency; some depression (when experienced in duality); caution; psychic awareness; care-giving; nurturing quality; receptivity; feeding others; vulnerability; rescuing and helping; psychology; an indefinable place of grace and spiritual awareness; faith;  renewal; emotions.

Today’s Symbol: Leo 10: Early morning dew

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