In today’s times, relying on your own unique strengths and ‘inner knower’ can help you to know when to move forward, when to wait, how to cope with the challenges within the personal world and how to rise above the larger issues that cause you concern.¬† Discover some techniques you can use to improve your life and your state of mind.¬† As a spiritual adviser for over twenty years, I offer gentle guidance at affordable prices, based on who you are and what is right for you.

¬†Schedule your appointment online now or call for an appointment to learn more about and get to the heart of what’s going on in your world. You’re guaranteed to have a better sense of your future after a reading or your money back. Schedule or call today, 410-271-4963.

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Sunology: A Guide to Source Connection

In my book, the zodiacal degrees are defined using a blend of natural order and the Sabian symbols. Buy the ebook ($10) or physical book ($20) to get the detailed information about each Sabian symbol and every degree of the zodiac.

Sunology Spiritual Academy

The Sunology academy is for people who really want to learn why Sunology works and more about living in the natural order of our worldly cycle. These blogs and teaching videos outline the new ideas and tools to use for increasing your mindfulness and hacking your spiritual life.

The “moon out of network” happens every 2.5 days and can last the whole day! Time to change your focus, your tasks and your priorities. Find out what to do when the Moon-OON hits.

Sabian Symbols

The Sabian symbols have an intriguing backstory that has led to the defining of the zodiacal degrees. Find out their origin and their connection to Sunology.